11 Places To Go Wild With Your Kid In Kenya Safari


“Anyone who wishes to surely see a lion lazing around in the wild probably knows that Kenya is where they do that. So, let’s go wild with the Kenya animals as we take a sneak peek in the Kenya safari

The Iyer family in Sagana, famous for its river rafting in Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals

The Iyer family in Sagana, famous for its river rafting

The Iyer family have a photographer in their eldest daughter and an animal-lover in their younger one. The family of four found a perfect middle ground for these two passions, when they embarked on Kenya safari this May. Armed with a Canon 600D and a Sony camera, Insha managed to capture the life of Kenyan forests and the Big 5, while her parents and her sister were busy interacting with the Kenya animals.

This is Insha’s account of 11 places in Kenya that are great to visit with your entire family, and especially kids.

#1 Mount Kenya Safari

The Mount Kenya Reserve promises a show of the BIG 5- Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard, and the Wild Buffalo. There is so much energy and fun packed in this Kenya safari adventure, that your children will thank you for it in years to come. There are different areas allotted for each animal, thus ensuring marvelous sightings of many at once! (Your luck can take a break here, it’s not like Masai Mara.)

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals- impaired rhino

This is a visually impaired rhino, quite friendly if you clap and call out his name

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals-the lions

The lions here are less fearsome and more awe-inspiring

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals The Cape Buffaloes

The Cape Buffaloes Of Africa with their English look

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals

One of the camera-ready horned animals in the African wild

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals- leopard

An orphaned leopard content in his own company

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals and birds

This bird was resting comfortably on that not-so-comfortable-looking branch, really high above the ground

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals and birds

One of the many colourful birds we encountered on the Kenya safari

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals

As is the rule in every forest reserve, no one is allowed to get off the jeep once inside the jungle, even if an animal beckons

#2 David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

David Sheldrick is an orphanage for elephants, and a paradise for us humans. The “little” balls of energy with their drooping eyes can get a laugh out of anyone observing them. They are notorious and make no apologies for rolling around in the muddy waters as and when they can. The time when the elephants are gathered for their milk-solution feeding is when visitors are allowed to engage with them. There is an entry fee for foreigners. Your naughty kids will definitely find their match in these elephants!

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals-elephant

This cute ball of laziness is barely 5 months old

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals-Elephants

Elephants being fed their milk solution in the morning

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals- elephants

There is a limited time period to view & interact with these elephants

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals-elephants

After their interacting session, these elephants make their way back to the open land of the forest

#3 Giraffe Centre

The Giraffe Centre is a refreshing place to be in. Visitors have an opportunity to crane their necks to view giraffes that don’t bend down, and feed the giraffes that do. They often tend to lick your fingers, so for all those who get tickled at even the word ‘tickle’, brace yourselves.

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals-Giraffes

Giraffes being fed by the tourists

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals- giraffes

The giraffes approach you themselves; don’t let them intimidate you cause all they want is food

#4 Mamba Village (Crocodile & Tortoise Farm)

The well-maintained gardens in this village have an unusual combination of confident crocodiles and reserved tortoises. The numbers are quite huge, and the air buzzes with energy and thrill. The guides are great and treat visitors really well. If you play your cards right, you can even get a chance to feed these animals! Are your kids begging you to pack your bags yet?

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals- tortoise

If you wish to meet this tortoise, better not wait too long; our guide claimed that it’s 192-years-old

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals- tortoise

Right beside the oldest tortoise in the village lay the youngest one, probably just weeks old

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals- crocodiles

These crocodiles are asleep; yes, they sleep with their mouth open & hope their prey will just walk in while they rest

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals-crocodile

With teeth like that, this crocodile doesn’t enjoy too much leeway with it’s movements around the village

#5 Naivasha Hippo Camp

Hippo Point is an exclusive private wildlife reserve near Lake Naivasha. If you want to experience a relatively quiet time just sitting in a restaurant by the lake and watching the hippos do what hippos usually do, then this not-so-famous-yet place is ideal. You may go boating completely at your own risk, as you never know when a hippo may get too playful. Just hold on to your kids and their hands when you are here.

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals- hippos

Banks of Lake Naivasha, where hippos play around the water for your entertainment

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals hippo

If you sense a hippo preparing to chase you, run for your dear life, cause they are really fast; my personal experience after this pic was clicked

#6 Snake Park

This place is located in the Nairobi National Museum. Informative placards support the view of the fiery and slimy snakes, some of which casually hang around trees. They also have turtles and other reptiles which are spoilt silly. Kids would definitely have a thrilling experience in the company of these laid-back creatures in this Kenya safari.

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals-snakes

Just like a few humans, animals share their food too

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals-Poisonous snakes

Poisonous snakes are kept safely behind the glass, while the harmless ones just glide around the garden

Kenya safari spotting Kenya animals-Snakes

Snakes provide quite the thrills for kids & adults alike

#7 Mount Kenya

If your kids and you love trekking, then Mount Kenya is very generous with its terrain. It is the second highest mountain in Africa, after Kilimanjaro. With glacier-clad peaks, and cave dwellings appreciated by animals and humans alike, this mountain is a great spot to camp with your kids. The climatic conditions are also quite ideal.

 Mount Kenya for Kenya safari

A view from our hotel room of the famous snow-clad peaks of Mount Kenya

#8 Sagana

Another not-so-famous-place-yet, but definitely worth your time! The river doesn’t really dry up and there is water gushing all year round. It is not uncommon to find school kids from abroad being their daredevil selves with river rafting on the Sagana river (also called the Thagana river). A breathtaking experience, this is one of nature’s most beautiful creations.

Sagana for Kenya safari

Not dirty, but muddy waters of the waterfall at Sagana

Kenya safari Sagana

River-rafting is very famous at Sagana, especially among young students from abroad

#9 Jalaram Temple In Nakuru

A two-hour drive away from Nairobi, this temple offers free accommodation and food for Indians. There are many houses scattered across this two-acre land that allow each family their own space. Your kids would definitely appreciate the open area and bird-watching opportunities present here.

Nakuru Jalaram Baba Temple for Kenya safari

Nakuru Jalaram Baba Temple is a two-hour drive from Nairobi, and it provides free food and free accommodation for Indians

The houses for Kenya safari

A glimpse of the houses that are located at a good-enough distance from each other

#10 Great Rift Valley

There are several wildlife reserves in the Rift Valley. The dramatic scenery is another point that attracts tourists from all over. It’s foggy most of the time, which does not discourage ‘mamas’ from appearing out of nowhere to sell pretty souvenirs. Look beyond the Rift Valley and you’ll see an old small church. It was built by Italian prisoners of war who were imprisoned in the Rift Valley during the Second World War.

 Great Rift Valley for Kenya safari

The several wildlife reserves as seen from the Great Rift Valley

 Rift Valley for Kenya safari

As far as the eye can see from the Rift Valley, there is greenery everywhere

church at Great Rift Valley for Kenya safari

Inside the small church at Great Rift Valley

#11 Nairobi National Museum

It is located along the Museum Hill, a few minutes drive from the City Centre. It has a lot of interesting historical background of Kenya, its culture, and the wildlife. Kids will surely be fascinated with the view around as it is panoramic and captivating.

The museumfor Kenya safari

The museum displays several sculptures of the species present in the African wild

 volcanic eruption for Kenya safari

A painting of the mountain before the volcanic eruption

Surprise your kids with Kenya safari, where there is more than just the wildlife experience to take back. Please type out your thoughts in the comments section below!


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