12 Best Bangkok Restaurants For Indian, French And Thai Cuisine


Bangkok’s cuisine is never-endingly wonderful and diverse. Here are some Bangkok restaurants that serve a range of different cuisines that Kavita recommends you try while you’re here!

The neon lit streets of Bangkok and Pattaya allure you

The neon lit streets of Bangkok and Pattaya allure you

Bangkok has a fascinating zing and contrast in its cuisine. The food here is complex, well-thought and anything but bland. If you’re here and are looking to try a variety of cuisines or are struggling to find exactly what to eat in Bangkok, here are some of the best Bangkok restaurants that you need to check out!

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Bangkok Restaurants For Steamy & Fragrant Indian Cuisine

#1 Bawarachi

bangkok restaurant indian

Finger-licking awesomeness at Bawarachi, Bangkok.

The restaurant serves classic appetizers like masala-poppadums and samosas. With the incredible vegetarian dishes the restaurant also serves mind-blowing tikkas. Not only that – They also have a nightly band all week except Monday that adds to the atmosphere.

#2 Indus

bangkok restaurant indian food indus

Have yourself a spicy, aromatic goodtime at the Indus restaurant.

Indus specializes in Mughlai cuisine and serves beautiful North-Indian food. The vegetarian Sabz Jalfrazi curry is not to be missed! The food here is known to be a little on the spicy-side which is quite a refreshing change. If you’re looking for authentic North-Indian food, this is one Bangkok restaurant that you MUST visit!

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#3 Maya

Maya is on the 29th floor of The Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit and offers a breathtaking view. The restaurant serves Indian food with a twist in a good way! Absolutely try the signature vegetarian, black-lentil dhal curry here and also the lamb chops in Peshawari spices if you are non-vegetarian.

#4 Gaggan

Babgkok restaurants tour - gaggan

Go “Ooooh” and “Aaah” at the gastronomical art at Gaggan’s.

If you love Indian cuisine and are also interested in innovative molecular experiments with food, Gaggan is one Bangkok restaurant you need  to go to. Chef Gaggan Anand, the mastermind behind the delicious food-creations at this place has cooked for Bill Clinton before and interned at the famous El Bulli in Spain. The re-imagined Indian food here will blow your mind!

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Bangkok Restaurants For Creamy & Exceptional French Cuisine

#5 Indigo

Bangkok restaurants tour trip - french cuisine

Indigo finds a way to bring authentic French cuisine to Bangkok.

Heavily packed in the weekends, Indigo serves everything French, from innovative specials to simple, freshly baked heavenly bread! The staff here is polite and the restaurant has somehow managed to bring authentic French cuisine to Bangkok.

#6La Table De Tee

This cozy little restaurant offers a private-dining atmosphere and decedent Thai-French fusion food. They restaurant uses fresh local ingredients, has a friendly little staff and changes their menu every week to keep things interesting! Definitely try the risotto here.

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#7 Café Claire

Café Claire has a great atmosphere to chill and hangout. The food here is quite varied and incredible; they serve everything from seafood to perfect pastas. If you have ever wanted to try oysters this is your chance – The seafood here is very. Do check the brunch menu here on the weekend – It’s quite spectacular!

#8 L’Atelier De Joel


Indulge in the uniqueness of the flavours

The restaurant has an open kitchen which completely changes the vibe of the whole place! The eatery’s easy-going vibe, gastronomical experiments with food and interactive atmosphere will win your heart. They have phenomenal tasting menus here which you can try if you’re feeling a little brave or just pick and choose from their fascinating menu.

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Bangkok Restaurants For Sweet-Salty-Spicy Thai Cuisine

#9 Issaya Siamese Club


There’s no flavor in the world like the mélange of tastes in a Thai cuisine

Issaya Siamese Club is a place perfect for families and friend groups. This is the best thai restaurant in bangkok as it makes sure the food is moderately spicy and presented well. Try the exotic dishes here like the Yum Hua Plee which is a crunchy banana flower salad that comes with a sweet dipping sauce. The food here is inexpensive and exceeds expectations!

#10 Sala Rim Naam at Mandarin Oriental

Sala Rim Naam is by the Chao Phraya River and is one of the most romantic restaurants in Bangkok. Here you can try the set menus at 1,700 or 2,100 baht and experience the many flavors that Thailand cuisines have to offer all together. Try the Tom Kha Hed Hua Plee (Coconut milk soup with mushrooms and banana flowers) for sure!

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#11 Baan Home Cuisine

The food here is prepared by Chef Ton who brings his childhood flavors together with his culinary experience and makes magic with only the best ingredients. The restaurant serves simple, familiar dishes like Kao Pad and Som Tum but it’s nothing like the food that you would find on the streets. Baan is closed on Tuesdays.

#12 Long Table Sky Bar

Bangkok restaurants tour trip-open view

The Long Table Sky Bar will have you happy-tipsy and fed in no time!

The weekends are the busiest at the Long Table because of its view of gorgeous sunset and many drink discounts! The bar boasts a great collection of wines, beers and cocktails. The menu here experiments with Thai cuisine fusion and it’s quite fascinating. Try the deep fried tiger prawns sprinkled with crispy lemongrass accompanied by a sweet tamarind sauce for one of the starters.


Whether you are vegetarian, non-vegetarian; adventurous with food or more into classic tastes – Bangkok restaurants opens its doors to all. The food here is kindness, thoughtfulness and power-packed flavors tossed in a wok all together! I promise, you will never leave disappointed from here.

Are we missing something in the list? Tell us about your favourite Bangkok restaurants in the comment section and we will make sure to add it here.

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