12 Unusual Things To Do On Your USA Holiday


Want to have an exciting holiday in the USA? Amisha lists many interesting things to do in the USA, including some premium experiences that can make your US holidays like no one else’s.

US Holidays

Most US holiday packages cover the cities with iconic landmarks. However, there are plenty other experiences that you can have on the free days of your US holidays or your extended trip. Here are 12 unusual things to do in your  US holiday tour:

#1 Go On A Helicopter Tour Of The Grand Canyon (Arizona)

US Holidays - helicopter tour

The Grand Canyon Lake Powell as seen from inside the helicopter

The geological wonder is known for its panoramic views and hikes. However, nothing matches the sight of the Canyon from a helicopter. You start from Las Vegas (a destination included in most US holiday packages) and fly over the Canyon and also Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and other attractions around. The helicopter ride is safe and the quickest way to explore this natural wonder.

#2 Take The Napa Valley Wine Train (From San Francisco)

US Holidays - hot-air balloon ride at Napa Valley

Go for a hot-air balloon ride at Napa Valley

If your US holiday package includes San Francisco, you could take the vintage train from there to go to the Napa Valley (and return). Aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train, you can enjoy a gourmet meal and enjoy view of some scenic destinations before reaching one of the chosen three vineyards.

#3 Learn Surfing And Snorkelling At Oahu (In Hawaii)

US holidays - Azure waters of Waikiki beach, Oahu

Azure waters of Waikiki beach, Oahu

You can learn to surf or snorkel at any of Oahu’s beaches. You can also go on a sunset helicopter tour or on a kayaking tour to explore other attractions around. Haleiwa, Sunset beach and the Waimea Valley waterfall are some must-visit spots.

#4 Lose Yourself At The Universal Orlando Park (In Florida)

US holidays - Gaming Pavilion at the park

Gaming Pavilion at the park

The Park includes theme parks named Universal Studios Florida and the Islands of Adventure and a water park called Volcano Bay. While Volcano Bay is the perfect place to beat the heat, the theme parks are super entertaining with thematic rides and attractions from the Simpsons, Minions, Marvel Comics and others. Want to make your US holiday a fun experience, Universal Orlando Park is a must-go!

#5 Dine At ‘SkyCity At The Needle’ Restaurant (Of Seattle)

SkyCity at the Needle is located in Seattle’s iconic 605-feet tall tower – the Space Needle. The revolving restaurant completes one rotation in an hour, giving you incredible views of the city while you enjoy a fine meal. The restaurant is under renovation and reopens in spring of 2018.

#6 Feel The Niagara Falls Up-Close (USA Side, NY)

US Holidays-The Maid of the Mist under the Falls

Majestic view of the Falls

You must definitely add a visit to the Niagara Falls in your US holidays itinerary. The iconic ‘Maid of the Mist’ boat cruises the river Niagara on the US side and takes tourists up close to the roaring Falls. Standing on the deck, seeing the Falls from aboard the boat and feeling the forceful spray of the gushing water is a thrilling experience.

#7 Witness Broadway Shows First-Hand In Your US Holidays (At New York City)

Soak in the experience of watching Broadway blockbusters like Chicago, the Phantom of the Opera and the Lion King. Book your tickets in advance and immerse in these world-famous theatricals.

#8 Visit The American Museum Of National History (At New York City)

US Holidays - American Museum of National History

Marvel at the American Museum of National History

Got kids along? You must visit the American Museum of National History, which stores amusing fossils of dinosaurs and runs interesting shows on the history of oceans, the universe and more. You can opt for their 75-minute Early Access VIP guided tour to view the display without the brimming crowd.

#9 Be A VIP At The San Diego Zoo (California)

US Holidays - zoo

It is well known for its lush, naturalistic habitats and unique animal encounters

Enjoy your visit to one of USA’s most popular Zoos, the San Diego Zoo with your own VIP Experience ticket. The experience includes a guided and customized, interest-based tour inside the zoo with access to off-exhibit areas and lunch at the zoo restaurant. You can also opt for an exclusive tour at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

#10 Ski At World-Class Ski Resorts (Of Utah)

US Holidays - skii

Utah is home to big mountains and thousands of acres of skiable terrain

Close to the Salt Lake City are various ski resorts that attract both, novice and professional skiers. You can choose from plenty of upscale and budget ski resorts for accommodation and learn to ski by paying for all-day passes, while here.

#11 Set Sail On Sea Near Maine (New England, USA)

US Holidays - coast of Maine

Be drawn to the spectacular coast of Maine

Spend a day aboard a schooner and experience adventure at sea. With beverages and food galore, you can spend time relaxing, spotting seals around or learning the ropes from the sailor.

#12 Attend And Bet At The Kentucky Derby

Get entry at the Churchill Downs for a Kentucky Derby weekend with an exclusive ticket package or even a private suite booking. You can bet on a horse here and spot celebrities. Do read up on what to wear before visiting.

The Nissi tours and Travels US vacation package includes a visit to many states from the list given above.
Use the ‘on-your-own’ time from your US holiday to do any of the things given above and enjoy the USA differently.

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