They say “the best things in life are free!”, but hey we’re talking about New York here! So, let’s have a look at some of the free things to do in New York.

Most of the state’s popular tourist attractions come with pricey tickets, be it the Empire State Building ($27 = INR 1,809), The Met ($25 = INR 1,675) or The Whitney ($20 = INR 1,340). So you end up spending more than what you plan.

To save you from the trouble of counting dollars throughout the trip, we’ve got you a list of 1o free things to do in New York that also promise a bucketful of great memories. Enjoy!

things to do in new york -visit The Statue Of Liberty, New York

The Statue Of Liberty, the global face of New York

#1 Say Aye To A Brewery Tour

Where? Brooklyn Brewery, Williamsburg

A perfect weekend hangout spot, Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Brewery offers free tours from 1-5pm on Saturday and between 1-4pm on Sunday. Now isn’t it one of the best free things to do in New York? The tour lasts around thirty minutes after which you can grab a spot and drink some of their best beers. Don’t forget to try ‘Unsung Hero’, their exclusive offering. Cheers!

free things to do in New York - Brooklyn Brewery's tour

When in New York, make sure to make the most of Brooklyn Brewery’s free tour

#2 Art-y Things To Do In New York – Art Crawl

Where? Chelsea (20th Street, Between 10th & 11th Avenues)

For an art enthusiast, a holiday without a gallery crawl is just incomplete and probably one of the MUST things to do in New York. If you too fall in this category, then a trip to Chelsea is highly recommended! Here you can visit some of New York’s most renowned art galleries, and enjoy uninterrupted time with your favourite art pieces without the pressure to buy them. Oh and try to match your visit timings with the wine-and-cheese openings on Thursday evenings. Check westchelseaarts.com or Gallery Guide for listings.

free things to do in New York - Chelsea Art Gallery

Go art-gallery hopping in Chelsea – the cultural mecca of New York’s art scene

#3 No Park Like Central Park

Where? Manhattan

If you have ever read ‘The Catcher in the Rye’, then you’ll be well-acquainted with Central Park. Constructed in the 1860’s, this park bustles with free activities throughout the year. Free concerts, top-notch dramas, mesmerising views, lush paintings and cross-country skiing and sledding activities barely scratch the surface of what Central Park has to offer. Some of the popular stops at this park are the Bethesda Fountain, the Shakespeare Garden, the Ramble and the Imagine mosaic. The park is generally crowded park with joggers, in-line skaters, musicians and tourists, but is relatively empty on weekday afternoons. Among all the free things to do in New York, visiting Central Park should definitely be on your list.

free things to do in New York - Visit Central Park

Central Park looks exceptionally charming during autumn

#4 Learn The Language Of Fashion

Where? Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Museum, NYC

Want to attend the New York Fashion Week, but think it’s out of your budget? Well, then visit the next best thing, the FIT Museum. It’s always Fashion Week in the FIT Museum and it’s absolutely free!  The museum features gorgeous rotating exhibits by its students and is home to a very elaborate and detailed collection of the country’s first gallery of fashion. The display is chosen from a collection of 50,000 garments dating from the 18th century to present. One of the most fun things to do in New York, if you ask us!

free things to do in New York - FIT's museum

FIT’s museum is the only one in New York dedicated exclusively to the art of fashion; washingtonpost.com

#5 Say Hello To Lady Liberty

Where? Staten Island Ferry, Manhattan

Considered to be New York’s best free attraction, the Staten Island ferry provides you with a gorgeous view of the Statue of Liberty. As the name suggests, the ferry is used to travel between Staten Island and New York, but due to the magnificent views, it’s a tourist favourite!  As the ferry cuts across the New York Harbour, the passengers are awarded with panoramic views of the Manhattan and New Jersey skyline, as well as the Brooklyn Bridge. Many say that it provides a better perspective of the Lady Liberty, than the Liberty Island. If you aren’t up for some island exploration then just hop back on the ferry. Sail at around these timings (7-9 am and 5-7 pm) to avoid rush.

The Staten Island Ferry - free things to do in New York

The Staten Island Ferry is probably New York’s best free attraction!

#6 Visit An Outdoor Museum

Where? Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City

A result of public co-operation, New York’s former dumpsite now exhibits the work of new and upcoming artists. This outdoor museum/public park overlooks the Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side, and welcomes artists to display their sculptures and multi-media art installations. In addition to the exhibition space, the Socrates Sculpture Park offers an arts education and artist residency program. Come here on a Wednesday evening to enjoy light shows and movies and other free things to do in New York.

Truck at Socrates Sculpture - free things to do in New York

An amazing truck art displayed at Socrates Sculpture; JJ, flickr.com

#7  Ready For Some Adventure?

Where? Public Boathouse Kayaking

Adrenaline junkies you are in luck, New York offers kayaking absolutely free of cost! Just head to public boathouses like the Downtown Boathouse and Long Island Community Boathouse in Queens for a free ride. Do not miss out on this one of the most fun things to do in New York.

Tourists enjoy free kayaking - things to do in New York

Tourists enjoy free kayaking at the Long Island Community Boathouse in Queen; licboathouse.org.com

#8 Step Into The World Of Literature

Where? New York Public Library, NYC

Among all the free things to do in New York, this is our favourite! A mini-universe of books, the 104 year old New York Public Library stands proud in the east of Times Square. A complete jaw-dropper, the entrance of the building is flanked by two huge marble lions ‘Patience’ and ‘Fortitude’ who welcome you to into the lavish universe of age-old charm and beauty. Along with impressive interiors and books by nearly every author of English literature, the library has pretty amazing exhibits too. It houses a copy of the original Declaration of Independence, a Gutenberg Bible and some 431,000 old maps. Free tours are conducted between 11am and 2pm from Monday to Saturday and 2pm on Sundays.

New York Public Library - free things to do in New York

New York Public Library entices you with free access to literature & its fascinating architecture

#9 Float Above The Streets

Where? The High Line Park, Manhattan

The High Line breaks free from the conventional ideas of parks and stands out as one of Manhattan’s most visited locations. Placed 30 feet above the ground and surrounded by gorgeous views, this elevated park is perfect for a visit on a sunny day. The High Line park is basically an abandoned rail track resurrected as a 1.45-mile-long green space running from the Meatpacking District to the northern edge of Chelsea (remember Chelsea galleries?). Today it’s an urbanite’s playground adorned with wildflowers. One of the most amazing things to do in New York would surely be lying on the lush green grass.

things to do in New York - the public park in Manhattan

This charming public park is built on a historic freight rail and offers amazing views of Manhattan

#10 Explore The Heart Of New York Harbour

Where? Governors Island, NYC

Formerly an off-limit military base, the Governors Island was opened for public in 2012 after a rigorous redevelopment process. The 172 acre island is perfect for family outings with its 2.2-mile bike path, mini-golf course and picnic areas. It also has military sites, such as the Admiral’s House, a ‘ghost town’ of sorts at Nolan Park, and its own one weekend art fest – Figment.

things to do in New York -The Governors Island

The Governors Island offers walking tours, art installations, fairs, drone races & a lot more!

New York will surprise you with its diversity and uniqueness. These are some of the free things to do in New York, but there are lot more to explore and experience.

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“India exists in her stories. Every sight has a tale to offer. And so do places.” Let’s set out to discover South Indian food at a whole new level. Let’s delve into the stories of Indian street food in South India, and lend our ears to the epic taste of flavourful tales.

Image credit: Storytrails.in

south indian food-indian street food Chennai-places to visit in pondicherry, madurai

Discover stories & flavours of local food in South India; Image credit: Storytrails.in

Love South Indian food and the stories behind it? Join Storytrails as they take you on three amazing food trails across the best of South India: Chennai, Madurai & Puducherry. Get a taste of the local and street South Indian food, along with stories of the people, their lives, their cities and their cuisine!

Street Food In Chennai

south indian food-indian street food Chennai

If you are an adventurous foodie, and very, very hungry, go on the Chennai Storytrail

Pav bhaji, pal kova, thattu idli, muruku sandwiches – the street food in Chennai can make your mouth water. How’d you like it served with a pinch of spicy tales? Uncover tales of the locals and their passion for food, ranging from food fixations, some that are as funny as brain wracking, and of grandmother’s recipes that are world’s best kept secrets!

The alley ways of Sowcarpet (a sprawling neighborhood in the northern part of Chennai and one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city) is swamped with shops selling crispy snacks, from the exotic to the everyday. Join Storytrails for a walk that lets you sample some of Chennai’s best South Indian food delicacies. And, that’s just for starters. Learn how a morsel of food could hide a million pointers to the way of life for its people. Delve into profoundly philosophical questions that matter, like – why is Indian food so spicy or why are we so sweet obsessed? With all it has to offer, the food trail through Sowcarpet is guaranteed to be an assault on your senses.

Places To Visit In Madurai For South Indian Food

south indian food-indian street food Chennai-places to visit in madurai

Get acquainted with the people of Madurai, their way of life and their delicious food!

Want to get acquainted with this city? Going on a food trail here is the best way to mingle with the locals, experiment and treat your taste buds to some awesome flavours, and of course, get to know the city!

The street food in Madurai forms an amazing backdrop for spicy stories about the city, about the people who came to Madurai years ago, some to make a fortune, a few to rule, and others who were just visiting. Find the answers to questions that always puzzled you; how did Muslims nurture their love for iced drinks in a city as hot as Madurai? Why is Indian food eaten with fingers and not spoons & forks? What use are the poppy seeds seen in popular South Indian sweets?

Join us on a food crawl across Madurai, and taste the best foods in the city as our storyteller dishes out delectable stories that will both whet your appetite and leave you satiated!

Places To Visit In Puducherry For South Indian Food

south indian food-indian street food-places to visit in pondicherry

Join us as we eat our way across Pondicherry, uncovering delicious tales at every turn

On this food trail, you’ll talk about Puducherry, meet the people who make it a cheerful city to live in, and taste the foods that have tagged along with travellers for centuries. Uncover the mysteries and forgotten stories of people who have built this white-and-yellow town, as you try the different cuisines that make this city famous.

Find out how ancient Indians made frozen desserts under the sweltering sun? What most hard-working politician eat for brunch in South India? What kind of meals are served to prisoners? How does the caste system determine the kind of food we eat? Dig into this and much more while you indulge in a variety of South Indian food and treats. Join us as we eat our way across Puducherry, uncovering the most delicious stories at every turn.

Special Instructions

Since our trails may take you walking through markets, we recommend you dress conservatively, keeping your shoulders and legs covered. If you have any gluten or other food-related allergies, please check Storytrails to see if these food tours are suitable for you.

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Why waste time in wishing, says Kavita Sarmah. Why not live, laugh and love? And one of the most amazing places to visit is Azerbaijan. Here are few things to do in Azerbaijan that will make you stop wishing and start living!

Things to do in Azerbaijan

The rugged landscapes and endless blue skies of Azerbaijan make you live life a little more

Azerbaijan, set in the Caucuses range, is a country that showcases a blend of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, which makes it a vibrant concoction of diverse cultures and people. From serene seaside resorts to ancient, historical mosques and monuments, this country has an abundance of wonderfulness to offer its visitors. Here are just some of the amazing things to to do in Azerbaijan.

5 Things To Do In Azerbaijan

Also called the ‘Land of Fire’, Azerbaijan lives up to its name with mud volcanoes at Dasgil hills and the blazing mountain on the Absheron Peninsula. If you are visiting anytime soon, here are top 5 things to do in Azerbaijan.

#1 Spend A Mystical Evening at Ateşgah Fire Temple

Things To Do In Azerbaijan Holidays - mystic Atesgah Fire Temple

Rejoice in the vibrant history and mystic vibes at the Atesgah Fire Temple in Azerbaijan

If you have an inclination towards spirituality and a fascination for history, you should not miss out on the Ateşgah Fire Temple, one of Azerbaijan’s most marvelous and exotic sights. Located 30 km away from the center of Baku, in the suburban area of Surakhany, the 18th century temple is said to be built by Indian Shiva devotees, who set it around a natural gas vent that was sacred to Zoroastrians for many centuries.

This temple has a twisted but fascinating history. The devotees who lived in the pentagonal surrounding caravanserai were known to perform monastic rituals such as dragging extremely heavy chains and lying down on hot coals. These outlandish acts are depicted with many mannequins inside the museum section of the temple. However, the temple’s main attraction and centerpiece is the eternally flaming stone hearth; the natural flame was extinguished in 1969 and the fire is now fed by Baku’s main gas supply. The fire temple has a mystical, mysterious vibe to it, which is inexplicably captivating making it a must visit spot for tourists!

#2 Stroll Through The Museum Of Miniature Books

Things To Do In Azerbaijan Holidays - Museum of Miniature Books.

Stories and memories rest on bookshelves at the fascinating Museum of Miniature Books in Azerbaijan

The Museum of Miniature Books in Baku is the only museum that showcases miniature versions of books. This museum holds the private collection of Zarifa Salahova, siste of a famous Azerbaijani soviet and painter. A big portion of the books is also donated by an Ukrainian collector, who accorded his tiny books to Salahova in 2001. The museum has thousands of mini books, including miniature editions of Chukovsky, Gogol and Pushkin. The oldest book in the museum is a 17th century Quran.

If you’re looking for adventure, this may not be your best choice, but this museum is great when you have some down time for yourself. The unique museum of tiny books is not one that can be replicated, so if you are in the area, do make time to browse through the vintage architecture and heartwarming stories.

#3 Relax By The Scenic Seaside In Baku

Things To Do In Azerbaijan Holidays - seaside in Baku.

Stroll around the Baku Boulevard and spin daydreams along the picturesque seaside in Baku

The city of Baku rests perfectly in a natural cove on a peninsula, which extends out to the Caspian Sea. If you’re looking for things to do in Azerbaijan, choose to stroll around Baku Boulevard – Dənizkənarı Milli Park in Azerbaijani, which is a promenade that runs alongside the seaside. The wide pedestrian promenade looks divine bathed in the morning sunshine, when it is usually packed with carefree cyclists, dog-walkers, rollerblading enthusiasts and people taking a stroll.

Along the route, you will come across many beautiful sights that add to the entire experience! You would see the ‘Baku Eye’ ferris wheel; the petal-shaped Caspian Waterfront building, inspired by the sails of the Sydney Opera House. As simple as it sounds, this experience will fill your heart with contentment and rejuvenate your mind for the rest of your time in Azerbaijan.

#4 Indulge In The Aromatic Food Of Azerbaijan

Things To Do In Azerbaijan Holidays - exotic cuisine of Azerbaijan.

Dive into a sumptuous feast worthy of royals and savour the best of the exotic cuisine of Azerbaijan

Since 2015, Azerbaijan’s currency value has halved against the value of the British pound. As a result, food in Azerbaijan, among other things, is so cheap that even backpackers can feast like royals, and you absolutely ought to! Don’t miss out on amazing restaurants like Mayak 13 and Paris Bistro in Baku, or the Şirvanşah Muzey Restoran, which is also a beautiful ethnographic museum. Among all the sumptuous things to do in Azerbaijan, make sure you try the Qutab, where layers of dough are turned into a savory pancake, filled with minced meat, vegetables or cheese and cooked in hot butter. Dig into a generous serving of Dolma, a dish made of tomatoes, aubergines or cabbage leaves stuffed with succulent, spiced meat. Wrap up your meal with a slice of sweet, fragrant Pakhlava pastry and a nice cup of black tea!

#5 Soak In The Sunshine At Beautiful Nabran

Things To Do In Azerbaijan Holidays - Nabran.

Bask in the warm glow of sunshine and listen to the sound of the sea at wonderful Nabran in Azerbaijan

Last but not the least, visiting Nabran should definitely be on your list of things to do in Azerbaijan. Nabran is a village and resort zone just on the outskirts of Baku towards the northeast. The village lies on the banks of the Caspian Sea and is the perfect place to show off your vacation-vibes! With plenty of sunshine, a variety of open-water activities balanced by swimming pools, Nabran boasts of beautiful, perfect weather in the summer. You can spend the day in water, then put on your fancy clothes and spend a low-key evening at a bar, restaurant or even a thriving pub to make the most of Azerbaijan’s happy night-life.

Azerbaijan’s cultural diversity, fabulous weather and irresistible cuisine together make it the perfect holiday destination. These are just some of the best things to do in Azerbaijan, but obviously, there is much more to this exquisite place. Make space on your calendar and enjoy some time in Azerbaijan; we hope you have the time of your life here!

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Kavita Sarmah

Kavita Sarmah is an artist, optimism and a tea person. Life to her is writing in empty cafés, mindlessly strumming the ukulele and starry, cinematic skies. Follow her on Instagram: @kavitasarmah



Georgia’s deep, tangled history, its art culture and meaningful architecture will leave you feeling starry eyed and well-travelled. Here are the Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Georgia that Kavita Sarmah thinks you should definitely do, to delve into the Georgian-love!

Listing Out, Fun Things To Do In Georgia!

Fun Things To Do In Georgia

Bright lights, timber balconies, swirly seashores – Georgia is a wonderland.

Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia is one of the most beautiful countries and appeals to travellers of all kinds. It definitely tops our list with its vast, stretched-out streets, luscious green valleys covered with vineyards, authentic churches and all the possibilities of adventure. The locals treat visitors with great hospitality and are very high-spirited, kind and heartwarming. Here’s a quick round-up of the fun things to do in Georgia!

#1 Live The Traveller’s Dream In Tbilisi

Fun Things To Do In Georgia - tiblis

Its diverse culture, warm people and exciting events make Tbilisi unforgettable.

The cultural mélange makes Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia – one of the most fascinating places to visit in Georgia. Tbilisi carries the country’s deep history but also embraces modernity to create a perfect balance of old and new. This city maintains its traditional ways; you will not find many western chains such as McDonalds or Burger King here, but will find local stalls of scrumptious cuisine, instead. Its styled wooden balconies, well-crafted architecture, intriguing Byzantine churches and fascinating art pieces will make you fall in love with this city. One of the most fun things to do in Georgia is to visit the little markets around the Tbilisi area; even if you don’t plan to buy anything, it is quite an experience! Take a stroll down Sioni Street for a dash of modern art in the city, eat from a street shop, and sit a while in a park before you leave for your hotel.

#2 Enjoy A Surreal Experience In Batumi

Fun Things To Do In Georgia - Batumi

When in Georgia, spend time in Batumi and lose yourself in friendly unfamiliarity of this sleepy city

Batumi is a sleepy, quiet city with beautiful, inviting beaches, delicious food and wine, vibrant culture and warm people. The unique mix of mountains and a rocky seashore against the Black Sea is what makes this city seem surreal and otherworldly. Spend a day or two here; the subtropical climate keeps the summers cool and the winters warm. If that’s not the definition of perfect, what is? Climb to the top of the Alphabetic Tower, a sky-high monument decorated with the Georgian alphabet, and soak in panoramic views of the city. Take a walk through the bamboo forest in Batumi Botanic Garden, just above the Black Sea. Bask in the artsy air at Café Conte, which shares a space with the Contemporary Art Space, an art gallery. In the late evening, head down to Chacha Time and try their signature drink, the Chacha cocktail – a drink made with Georgian moonshine. It will definitely be one of the fun things to do in Georgia.

#3 Lose Yourself In Steamy Georgian Food

Fun Things To Do In Georgia - Georgian delicacies.

Warm, creamy, buttery, divine – Words fall short when it comes to Georgian delicacies.

Georgian food is just all kinds of goodness and more! The cuisine here has a fascinating blend of both European and Middle Eastern influences. Make sure to try Katchapuri, a warm soft bread filled with salty, melted cheese. Then there is an elevated version of the Katchapuri, called Adjaruli Katchapuri, which is essentially the same bread and cheese combination but with the addition of a soft-boiled egg, runny yolk and all, and a hefty dose of butter. Also try Georgia’s celebrated national dish – Khinkali. It is a juicy dumpling traditionally filled with tender pork, beef or lamb and served with a generous sprinkling of fresh peppers. Looking for fun things to do in Georgia? Try Georgian beer. It is delicious and at local downtown bars, you can get a pint for just about two dollars. So loosen your belts; drink, eat and have yourself a merry time!

#4 Uncover Legends At Gelati Monastery

Fun Things To Do In Georgia - Gelati monastery.

Spend some time to uncover the rich Georgian history at the famous Gelati monastery

Georgia has churches built in the most unusual, but scenic areas. The Gelati monastery located on a steep hillside covered in woods, is a great example. Once the cultural hub of Georgia’s medieval “golden age”, it has several past rulers buried at the site, including the 12th Century King David, who founded the monastery in 1106. King David’s grave lies inside the south gate, and although it is said that he wanted visitors to step on his tomb, people take great care not to do so.

#5 Savour A Wine Tour in Kakheti

Fun Things To Do In Georgia- Kakheti.

Drink, eat and slow dance your day away at breathtaking Kakheti, the main producing area in Georgia

Kakheti, in the eastern part of Georgia, is the main wine-producer of the country. One of the most fun things to do in Georgia is to join the fun one-day wine tours they have and visit several wine cellars and taste the unique Georgian reds and whites. Spend the day exploring the city and socialising with friendly locals and fellow travellers, while you eat loads of toasty, Georgian bread and cheese!

On your next visit to Georgia, listen to sweet local music, feast on the traditional delicacies, stroll along unfamiliar roads, cover all the fun things to do in Georgia and get happily lost in the beauty of it all!

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Kavita Sarmah

Kavita Sarmah

Kavita Sarmah is an artist, optimism and a tea person. Life to her is writing in empty cafés, mindlessly strumming the ukulele and starry, cinematic skies. Follow her on Instagram: @kavitasarmah



Ladies, come experience Greece, the land of philosophers, the birthplace of the Olympics, and home to several archaeological wonders. Head to Greece with your favourite girls and cruise across its three most popular islands. Delve deep into Athens’ rich history, lose yourself in Santorini’s contrast of blue and white, and stroll along magical beaches in Mykonos. Perfect for all Goddesses, Greece is blessed with magnificent landscapes, exotic cuisine, legendary folklore and the warmest locals. Here, spectacular sunsets are like live artwork, and cobblestone lanes deliver surprises at every turn.

Interested in visiting this gorgeous country? Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect on our fabulous women-only getaway to Greece.

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A bright sunny day calls for a visit to a food market! And the weekend food markets in South Africa are no less than delightful. Whether you are a fan of farm-fresh organic vegetables, artisan breads or a good old-fashioned cinnamon pancake, these weekend markets have something in store for all. The cuisine and setting of this Rainbow Nation is such that you can spend days eating and drinking your way around! Sounds exciting, right? So, let’s not wait and get to know everything about these weekend food markets in South Africa.

Top 5 Weekend Food Markets In South Africa

No one knows African cuisine better than the locals, so block your weekends and head to these markets for a taste of some amazing and tantalising dishes! Let’s check out 5 best weekend food markets in South Africa that you just can’t afford to miss.

#1 Neighbourgoods Weekend Food Market

weekend food markets in South Africa - Neighbourgoods market

Visit the bustling outdoor Neighbourgoods market for a wide range of international eats, cocktails & more

Cape Town is home to a plethora of food markets but your food experience is incomplete without a visit to Neighbourgoods Market, one of the best weekend food markets in South Africa! This warehouse-style market is extremely popular, so much so that it has become a social event over the years. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, fair-trade goods, artisan chocolatiers, craft beer, vegetarian fare, top-grade meats and a variety of ethnic cuisine await you at this market. Early mornings are usually the best time to visit this market if you are a major foodie, but, if you want to relax and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the market then mid-morning should be your pick. Queuing up with the locals for paper-thin crispy pizza or for a scoop from gigantic paella or the popular bacon-and-egg rosti is a different experience all together.

Where is this weekend market food in South Africa? Cape Town

What are the trading hours? Saturdays, 9am to 3pm

#2 Golden Hours Family Market

weekend food markets in South Africa - Golden Hours Family Market

Set under mango trees in Durban North, the Golden Hours Family Market offers handmade soaps, fresh fruits and vegetables, clothing & more

A market with a cause, the Golden Hours Family Market is held to raise funds for the Golden Hours School for Special Needs Children. Shaded by mango trees, the stalls here are set against a beautiful backdrop and are filled with food products, handicrafts, clothes, handmade soaps, books and so much more! After your shopping, you can settle down in the tea garden for some live music and yummy treats. The market even has a playground for children and offers plenty of activities like train rides, quad bikes, pony rides, etc., to keep your tiny tots entertained. It is one of the top weekend food markets in South Africa for family with kids.

Where is this weekend market in South Africa? Durban North

What are the trading hours? Sundays, 10am to 3.30pm

#3 Bay Harbour Weekend Market

weekend food markets in South Africa - Bay Harbour Weekend Market

The vibrant Bay Harbour Weekend Market is known for South African novelties and handicrafts shopping

Amid beer-loving visitors swapping stories over trays of tasters, jam-packed live music line-ups, and people pushing back tables to make room for dancing, weekends here are nothing less than a party! Adding to this unique vibe are the market’s over 80 stalls that sell South African novelties, baked goods, world cuisine, vintage clothing, handmade jewellery, wellness goods, soft furnishings, antiques, handicrafts and more. Doesn’t matter if you are a shopaholic, a foodie or just someone looking for a happy hour; Bay Harbour Market is where you need to be!

Where is this weekend market in South Africa? Hout Bay, Cape Town

What are the trading hours? Fridays, 5pm to 9pm; Saturdays and Sundays, 9.30am to 4pm

#4 Bryanston Organic and Natural Markets

weekend food markets in South Africa - Bryanston Organic & Natural Market

A local favourite, Bryanston Organic & Natural Market is known for freshest local produce and artisanal products

Started by a couple of farmers 38 years ago, this organic market has now become a haven of peace in the busy city of Johannesburg. Tourists can shop and experience the African cuisine in an outdoor market setting. As the name suggests, the market focuses on quality, hand-crafted goods like natural cosmetics produced from the freshest local produce. In addition to beauty products, it also sells organic fruits and vegetables, local coffee roasts, homemade preserves, raw chocolate, organic teas and more. If you are looking for an authentic experience, Bryanstion Organic Market is one of the best weekend food markets in South Africa.

Where is this weekend market in South Africa? Johannesburg

What are the trading hours? Thursdays and Saturdays, 9am to 3pm

#5 Pretoria Boeremark Weekend Food Market

weekend food markets in South Africa - Pretoria Boeremark

Pretoria Boeremark is the ultimate farmer’s market experience with homemade pies, chocolate croissants and other hand-crafted items

South Africa’s best kept secret, Pretoria Boeremark (Farmer’s Market in Afrikaans) has won multiple awards. Every Saturday, the locals are up bright and early to stock up on organic produce, artisan cheese, traditional South African fare, freshly baked breads, meats and preserves. If there’s a ‘haven for foodies’, then this is of the yummiest weekend food markets in South Africa! The aroma of fresh coffee, pies and chocolate croissants greets you as you pull up in the parking lot. Make sure to reach early though, because there’s just so much to eat and see, you don’t want to miss out on anything!

Where is this weekend food market in South Africa? Pretoria

What are the trading hours? Saturdays, 5:30am and 9am

We’re sure this list of fabulous weekend food markets in South Africa has got you drooling and making plans for some delicious weekends in South Africa. So hurry, grab your shopping list, and head to one of these markets, you’re on your way to a gastronomic high!

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Each year during the winter, Kutch in Gujarat hosts the ‘Rann Utsav’, which literally means ‘Desert Festival’. With the white saline desert of Kutch as the backdrop, the Rann of Kutch festival showcases the colourful culture and simple lifestyle of the land and its people. The annual event will end on March 4, 2018, giving you plenty of time to be plan your visit here; take a look at what Amisha says about some of the most interesting experiences at this cultural festival.

The tents at Rann Utsav are a blend of tradition and contemporary; perfect for the cultural extravaganza

The tents at Rann Utsav are a blend of tradition and contemporary; perfect for the cultural extravaganza

Rann Utsav showcases the best experiences of Rann of Kutch festival through impressive, state-of-the-art arrangements and a well-planned itinerary. Here, your days are filled with sightseeing, art workshops, fun shopping, adventure activities at the venue, brilliant desertscapes, and visits to participating villages, while a glistening moonlit desert under clear, starry skies make your nights magical. Here are a few remarkable things about Rann of Kutch festival, which make the experience a memorable one.

Modern Yet Village-Like

Huts of Kutch (bhunga) are made of mud and beautifully adorned from inside out; these make for real identities of Kutch desert areas

Huts of Kutch (bhunga) are made of mud and beautifully adorned from inside out; these make for real identities of Kutch desert areas

The venue of the Rann of Kutch festival offers visitors an opportunity to explore the region’s ethnicity while in the lap of luxury. Dhordo, where the enormous ‘tent city’ is built, is famous for its Swiss-style luxury tents, decorated using some ‘Gujarati and Kutchi’ design elements. There are also typical Kutchi ‘bhunga’ (huts), built with a traditional theme, to remind you of the simplicity of the Kutchi people.

The village-like setting in Rann of Kutch festival has a welcoming appeal, and the availability of the choicest curios across the venue give the entire place an interesting vibe. Even the sprawling dining hall and the beautiful exhibition centre are designed to look like part of a village.

Insta-Worthy Sights In Rann Of Kutch Festival

Kutch is the only place in India where flamingos congregate to breed regularly

Kutch is the only place in India where flamingos congregate to breed regularly

Each location and each event on the Rann Utsav itinerary promises awe-inspiring sights. Some of them are so gorgeous, you can never have enough pictures of them!

The grandeur of Aina Mahal at Bhuj, the colours of art at Banni, the panoramic view from ‘Kala Dungar’, the migratory birds at Narayan Sarovar, all of these are click-worthy and promise to make you instantly popular on Instagram. Besides these, you will also love the sublime sunsets at Mandvi Beach and the range of collectible hand-made souvenirs. The captivating performances by folk dancers and local singers at the Rann of Kutch festival will surely win your heart.

A Cultural Extravaganza At Rann Utsav

The rich profusion of culture and tradition at Rann Utsav will leave you craving for more

The rich profusion of culture and tradition at Rann Utsav will leave you craving for more

The evenings at Rann Utsav are the best time; lit bonfires and energetic performances by local folk singers and dancers make for an enthralling festive experience. The appealing sounds of traditional musical instruments like ‘bhorrindo’ and ‘manjira’, and the sight of Kutchi men and women clad in colourful costumes, dancing to rhythmic folk songs, will envelope you in a world of splendour and awe, where you are oblivious to everything else.

Besides this cultural concert, you can also stroll around the exhibition centre at the Rann of Kutch festival venue, which is a beautiful showcase of the ethnic customs and rich history of Kutch.

Adrenaline-Pumping Adventures

Rann of Kutch festival allows you to enjoy its desert setting in all possible ways; with adventures at the venue and in the desert being one of the main activities. Imagine soaring into clear skies in a hot-air balloon, para-motoring with some breathtaking views, or explore the unending desert while riding a powerful Desert Patrol Vehicle.

Kids also have some unique experiences in store for them, with camel safaris in the desert and flying amazing kites during ‘Uttarayan’, the kite flying festival held on January 14th-15th every year.

Fabulous Shopping Options At Rann Of Kutch Festival

During your stay in Kutch, don't miss out on shopping for colourful embroidery garments

During your stay in Kutch, don’t miss out on shopping for colourful embroidery garments

What’s a holiday without an opportunity to go shopping! Several villages showcase their wares at the Rann of Kutch festival; you can buys some amazing items from villages like Bhirandiyra, Hodka, Bhujodi, and Khavda. At this shopper’s paradise, you can also attend workshops and learn how they design textiles.

You can buy ethnic silver ornaments and hand-crafted jewellery, interesting curios and even leather items, which are made and sold here. Beautiful block-printed fabrics and purses, ballet flats (mojdi) and clothes with Kutchi embroidery are some of the best-selling items here. Pick some wearables or curios for yourself and take home souvenirs that remind you of your exciting Rann of Kutch festival experience.

Not Only Gujarati Food

Food, yet another area where the Rann of Kutch festival excels! Most guests come expecting the wonderful Gujarati thali for meals, and they aren’t disappointed, but many are often taken by surprise when they find continental fare on the menu.

The Rann Utsav venue also houses sprawling dining halls, where guests can come, relax and enjoy an elaborate Kutchi meal. If you are not in the mood for an elaborate thali, you can also opt for dishes from the international menu or visit the many ‘Food Corners’. These are open at all times and sell some of the popular regional snacks, like ‘Kutchi Dabeli’ and ‘Lasaniya Bataka’.

The Rann of Kutch festival welcomes tourists from all over the world and is the best way to experience Kutch and the desert! Experience it first-hand with your friends or family; Rann of Kutch festival started in November 2017 and will go on till March 4, 2018.

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Amisha Motiwala

Amisha Motiwala

Amisha likes to explore lesser-known places and this she does by studying maps. Once at her destination, she digs out eateries serving local food and soaks in the culture through the region’s cuisine. Being a sea person, most of her trips are to beach destinations and she intends to cover destinations along India’s coastline.



Ladakh is beautiful! It lets you discover yourself and connect with nature as you disconnect from the tech-savvy world outside. If you happen to visit or plan to holiday in this Mystical Land of Lamas, then here are 9 places to visit in Ladakh for an ultimate experience.

Ladakh trip - places to visit in Ladakh and connect with nature

Discover yourself and connect with nature in the Mystical Land of Lamas – Ladakh!

#1 The Magnetic Hill

Ladakh’s Magnetic Hill almost always features on articles about ‘obscure places in India‘. Tourists flock here to see the ‘magic’ of this hill, but its reality is way more interesting. The layout of the land surrounding the hill creates an optical illusion, which makes a slight downhill slope appear uphill. The result – you see vehicles moving up at a speed of 20km/hour with the engines off.

Did You Know? The locals believe that the Magnetic Hill is a pathway to heaven. While the deserving people get pulled ahead, the less-fortunate ones will not.

Ladakh trip - places to visit in Ladakh - Magnetic Hill

The locals believe that the Magnetic Hill is a pathway to heaven

#2 The Beauty Of Pangong Tso lake

Ask people to list the places to visit in Ladakh and Pangong Lake will certainly find a spot there, such is the beauty of this lake! FYI: Pangong in Tibetan stands for “long, narrow, enchanted lake”. Apt, don’t you think?

Did You Know? During the winter season, a gala ice skating festival is organised on the surface of the frozen Pangong Tso lake.

 Ladakh trip - places to visit in Ladakh - Pangong Lake

Pangong in Tibetan stands for “long, narrow, enchanted lake”

#3 The View From Tsemo Fort

When you’re in Leh, you just cannot miss the sight of the Leh Palace (you’ll know what we mean once you’re there). It is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh. But try to look a bit higher and you’ll notice the Tsemo fort. Perched right above the palace, this fragile looking edifice was originally built in the year 1430 by King Tashi Namgyal and many centuries since. So just in case you haven’t yet had your fill of some of Ladakh’s best views, then a climb up the Tsemo Fort may just do the trick!

Did You Know? Beneath the Tsemo Fort lies a Tsemo Gompa that house an eight meter tall gold-faced statue of Maitreya Buddha.

Ladakh trip - places to visit in Ladakh- Tsemo Fort!

For Ladakh’s best views climb up to the Tsemo Fort!

#4 Butter Tea!

There’s tea and then there is Yak Butter Tea! This Ladakhi favourite is prepared with tea leaves, yak butter, water and salt. It has plenty of caloric energy, particularly suited for the high altitudes.

Did You Know? Yak Butter Tea is known as ‘gur gur’ chai because the churner makes gur gur noise while the tea is being prepared.

Butter tea - Ladakh trip - places to visit in Ladakh

Butter tea has plenty of caloric energy, particularly suited for high altitudes

#5 Khardungla Pass; World’s Highest Motorable Road

Every person who visits Ladakh dreams of the prefect selfie at Khardungla Pass. Why should you go here? Well, other than the fact that it is the world’s highest motorable road at 18,380 feet, the Maggie here tastes absolutely delicious. Of all the places to visit in Ladakh, you cannot afford to miss this delicious pass.

Did You Know?  The word ‘La’ means pass in Tibetan language.

Ladakh trip - places to visit in Ladakh- Khardungla Pass

Every person who visits Ladakh dreams of the prefect selfie at Khardungla Pass

#6 The Prayer Wheel

Quick Fact: Every prayer wheel contains trillions of prayers rolls. So when you spin the wheel once, you are actually spinning millions of prayer rolls simultaneously. The purpose of the prayer wheel is to end the cycle of life and pray for the happiness of all central beings. The tiny bell that rings with every spin indicates the state of awareness, which teaches us to live in the present rather than the past or the future. While prayer wheels are a common sight in Ladakh, spinning one at the Alchi Monastery will be special for three reasons…

  • It is the oldest monastery and Buddhist learning centre in Ladakh
  • Easy to access as you don’t have to climb uphill. Unlike most of Ladakh’s monasteries, Alchi is situated on a flat ground.
  • The art inside this monastery has a different style, unlike any other in the whole of Ladakh. Especially the old thangka paintings, which distinguishes this place from other religious sites around and makes it one of the popular places to visit in Ladakh.

Did You Know? It is believed that even an insect that crosses a prayer wheel’s shadow will receive some benefit.

Ladakh trip - places to visit in Ladakh - prayer wheel

The purpose of the prayer wheel is to end the cycle of life and pray for happiness

#7 A Frozen Ice Trek On Zanskar River

Camping in caves and walking on the frozen river of Zanskar is truly an adventure. Thanks to the unpredictable weather (the temperature can go as low as -30 °C) and and the remoteness of this area. Besides, the spectacular views don’t hurt the eye either. This frozen ice trek is one of the famed places to visit in Ladakh.

Did You Know? The Zanskar river remains inaccessible for nearly eight months a year due to heavy snowfall.

Ladakh trip - places to visit in Ladakh frozen river of Zanskar

Walking on the frozen river of Zanskar is truly an adventure

#8 Sand Mandalas

The creation and destruction of sand mandalas are an important part of the Buddhist culture. These mandalas are constructed with extreme precision and are a representation of the world in the divine form which makes it one of the top places to visit in Ladakh. Head to the Diskit monastery and watch the monks pray over these sand mandala for the healing of its inhabitants and then ritualistically dismantle them.

Did You Know? The sand mandalas could take several weeks to build due to the intricacy of the work involved.

Ladakh trip - places to visit in Ladakh-sand mandalas

The creation and destruction of sand mandalas are an important part of the Buddhist culture

#9 River Rafting At The Indus River

The Indus river offers a spectacular rafting course amidst deep gorges, snow-capped peaks and hilltop monasteries. Adventure lovers, this is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh to pump up the adrenaline rush.

Did You Know? The Indus river is locally known as the Singhe Khababs which means ‘out of Lion’s mouth’.

Ladakh trip - places to visit in Ladakh-The Indus river

The Indus river offers a spectacular rafting course amidst deep gorges and snow-capped peaks

Among all the places to visit in Ladakh, these are some of the best ones. Ladakh’s beauty is enough to sweep you off your feet. But when you actually live and breathe its distinct characters you’ll fall in love. And we all know how addictive love can be…

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No other destination spells ‘cool’ better than Goa. And when someone shops for clothes to wear in Goa, you can feel the excitement in them. Here you can create your own style, based on your fashion sensibilities and comfort level. Be it hip evening wear or chic casuals for the day — you can play around with accessories, footwear and apparel to create that perfect Goa look! Apart from the right holiday spirit to soak in the sun and the easy relaxation that only Goa offers, there are a few things you absolutely must pack. These 10 Goa veterans speak to Avantika Bhuyan about essential items like beach dresses to wear in Goa, sunscreen, sunglasses and flip flops, which can make or break a beach holiday.

Abhishek Parab, 28

Gym Instructor, Talwalkars, Mumbai

Clothes to wear in Goa for Abhishek.

For Abhishek, it is always about colourful and fun dressing!

“My ‘must pack’ list for a Goa holiday includes lots of colourful clothing. I am a beach freak who likes to spend most of my time by sea, so its shorts, sleeveless tees, body lotion, slippers and sunglasses for me. And, of course, lots of money! It’s like they say, when preparing to travel, you should lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money!”

Ruam Mukherjee, 29

PR- Online Communications Professional, Bengaluru

Jumpsuits, playsuits, shorts and t-shirts are ideal for clothes to wear in Goa

According to Ruam Mukherjee, sunglasses and t-shirts are ideal for a Goa beach.

“Jumpsuits, playsuits, shorts and t-shirts are ideal for clothes to wear in Goa during the day. But, don’t forget to add sunscreen, sunglasses and a big straw hat to your must-pack list. I would also carry along a short dress or a maxi-dress for the evenings, when the weather is pleasant and the temperatures come down. If someone asks clothes to wear in Goa for women, I would gladly suggest beach dresses. My fashion tip would be to either pack or pick a sarong up from the local shops near the beach. Not only are they the perfect comfort-wear, sarongs can be easily draped over a swimsuit. And who says comfort wear can’t be accessorised? Large bead necklaces and silver jewellery can be paired with any outfit. Open-toe sandals, Havaianas and flip flops are ideal for a beach stroll, while a bright pair of sneakers work well for an early morning jog.”

Pooja Trehan Dhamecha,

Founder – Prestaurants, Mumbai

From beach dresses to fashion accessroes, Pooja suggests clothes to wear in Goa for ladies/women

Pooja Dhamecha’s favourites for a Goa beach holiday are tank-tops and trendy sunglasses

“One dons a whole new wardrobe in this land of beaches. My personal favourites are shorts and tank-tops, off-shoulder dresses and halter necks. However, if I had to pick one piece of apparel for comfort wear, it would have to be the simple shirt dress with sneakers. It’s ideal for walking around the beaches and can be teamed up with accessories, when partying. Or just pair it with some heels and head to the casino. The few other things that I simply must pack along with clothes to wear in Goa, are sunscreen, trendy eye-wear, flip flops and stunning swimwear! When it comes to my three-year-old son, I would carry along swim trunks, a cap, water toys and open sandals. Also, baby sunscreen is a must. I would pack shorts and cotton t-shirts for him as well.”

Amrith Padmanand, 23

PR- Communications Professional, Mumbai

When in Goa, Amrith Padmanand likes to keep it simple and comfortable .

When in Goa, Amrith Padmanand likes to keep it simple and comfortable.

“My choice of clothes to wear in Goa would be quite simple. I would pack in a couple of shorts, jerseys and three-fourths, to be paired with a good shirt. Colours like light blues, blacks and maroon reds would work very well in Goa. I’d also carry along a set of jeans and chinos for parties, and of course, my blue Hawaiian shirt to add to the feel.”

Plabita Dey Sarkar, 23

Intern, Laqshya Live Experiences, Mumbai

For Plabita, packing a sunscreen is a must with her selective clothes to wear in Goa

For Plabita Sarkar, packing a sunscreen is a must!

“The idea is to be comfortable in Goa, so I would carry along shorts, t-shirts and chappals. I have carried beach dresses in the past but ended up wearing shorts to clubs as well. Sunscreen is an absolute must-pack; anything else gets too irritating.”

Arijit Sengupta, 34

Advertising Professional, Faridabad

Arijit Sengupta swears by a good pair of sunglasses to pack for a perfect Goa trip!

Arijit Sengupta always picks comfy shirts and a good pair of sunglasses for the perfect Goa trip

“I would definitely pack my floral shirt, shorts, straw hat and my swimming trunks. Also, I would take a beach bag, a pair of cool sunglasses and mosquito repellent. And of course, lots of Gelusil to help digest all the irresistible seafood.”

Ashrrita Chinchankar, 29

Senior Trainee Pilot, Air India, Mumbai

A sarong or a cover-up scarf is definitely a YES for Ashrrita and a MUST for clothes to wear in Goa

A sarong or a cover-up scarf is definitely a YES for Ashrrita Chincharkar

“Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must. Also, I would carry along a huge tote bag for beaching around. I would definitely pack a beach towel, sarong or a cover-up scarf and bikini, along with an extra pair of slippers as my beach basics.”

Prutha Rajeshirke, 30

Freelance Production Manager, Mumbai

For Prutha, what matters the most are comfortable and basic essentials!

Prutha Rajeshirke loves basic essentials because comfort is what matters most

“I generally pack a lot of skirts, shorts, t-shirts, dresses — all strappy clothes — for clothes to wear in Goa trip; I would carry jeans along only if I were going in December. My personal favourites are leggings with a tank-top or with long t-shirts. Comfort is a must in Goa, hence I carry along basic flats instead of heels. You would find me chilling in chappals, with minimal accessories as most of my time is spent on the beach. Even if one is going clubbing at night, skirts work best. If I had to, I would maybe take one statement neckpiece and cool earrings. Also, I always pack my sunglasses and sunscreen as it gets really hot in Goa.”

Manavi Kapur, 28

Journalist, New Delhi

Manavi Kapur prefers baggy shirts and shorts over Bikini for Clothes to wear in Goa.

Manavi Kapur prefers baggy shirts and shorts to bikinis in Goa

“While most women that I know are busy choosing bikinis prior to their Goa trip, I mostly go to Sarojini Nagar to hunt for baggy shirts and shorts for clothes to wear in Goa. It can get really humid in Goa and cotton is my best friend during the trip. While flip flops are trendy, it’s best to get footwear with a backstrap so that you don’t lose grip on the sand. A sunscreen with minimum SPF 50 is a must for the face.”

Shweta Taneja,

Author, Bengaluru

Shweta's choice of accessories includes danglers, a few bangles/bands, a bandana and a floppy hat.

Shweta Taneja swears by shorts and t-shirts, with danglers for accessories, when in Goa

“I keep going back to the easy beaches of Goa and can’t get enough of them. I usually carry two to three pairs of shorts and lots of t-shirts and flip flops. Things keep getting sandy and wet when you are on the beach, so carry extra clothes to wear in Goa– lots of them. That includes underwear as well. I carry two swimming costumes — a sexy one that shows off the body that I have built up in the gym for the pool and one for the beach. I hate wearing the same costume in the resort pool. My choice of accessories includes danglers, a few bangles/bands, a bandana and a floppy hat.
A spooky thriller or a detective fiction is an absolute necessity for someone who feels incomplete without a book in their hands. I take my Kindle everywhere I go in Goa — be it to the beach, morning breakfast, the washroom, the hammock or to dinner. It’s always there in my bag along with the lip gloss. I also carry my sunscreen, moisturiser, shampoo and deodorant as I hate the things the resorts provide. With salty water and the sun, your skin dries and tans like crazy. And your hair becomes a mess. The bandana is of immense help there. Other than these, I carry along easygoing block-print cotton dresses for the evening. I would hate anything other than thin, fine cotton to touch my body in the tropical weather. Also a must is a notepad and pen to jot down all those million-dollar ideas that strike me; and my smartphone, of course. I love Instagram (@shwetawrites) and like my photos to be quick and hassle-free.”


Fact File

Location: Goa, India

Official Language: Konkani; Marathi, English and Hindi are popular

Currency: Indian Rupee

Food & Drink: Fried Fish, Rice, Curry, Curd-Rice, Sol Kadhi, Feni, Armada, Port Wine, etc.

Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)

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Soft, spicy and full of flavours, visit Lucknow for this tasty Kabab.

It is said that the softest kebab was first made in Lucknow for a toothless Nawab with a secret recipe full of flavours and spices. Tunday, which means ‘without an arm’ in Urdu, has authentic flavours with silky soft texture that melts in your mouth. Known for its divine taste, this ‘Lucknowi’ favourite has won hearts of all who have sampled its juicy flavours. Tunday Kabab is prepared out of minced meat of lamb mixed with yogurt and spices, making it a MUST have dish for meat lovers.

Take a look at the sumptuous video, we promise it will have you drooling!

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