Planning to visit Paris? Amisha suggests a fresh, new way to go around Paris, along with a list of some of the top things to do in Paris to make your trip memorable.

best things to do in Paris

Discover Paris, it will truly steal your heart away

You ask someone who has been to Paris, ‘what to do in Paris’ and they will suggest visiting the museums and the Eiffel Tower. But there are so many other and unusual things to do in Paris! We tell you about some top things to do in Paris that are interesting and probably unheard of, and will make your trip worthwhile.

Top 7 Things To Do In Paris

#1 Explore Paris From A ‘Bateau Mouche’ On The Seine

top things to do in Paris - Paris, Notre Dame with boat on Seine

Enjoy a view of Notre Dame with a boat ride on Seine in Paris, France

Hop onto a Bateau Mouche (an open boat) and enjoy the mesmerising sights of Paris’ beautiful bridges and illuminated landmarks visible from the River Seine. While on the boat, you can even enjoy a gourmet meal with champagne and make the ride romantic and memorable.

Travel Tip: You can go for the boat ride any time between 10 am and 9:30 pm. Although, the ride lasts a few hours, you can choose to get off at any of the terminals.

#2 Find Your Pick At 150-Year Old Flea Market

best things to do in Paris

The typical souvenir you can find in this flea market

Paris’ Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen is the world’s largest international flea market that hosts 14 markets within. The market is known for old toys, books, and posters, vintage couture, luggage pieces, and silver jewellery, and just about anything antique. Visiting this market is definitely one of the top things to do in Paris for fun. If you are not up for shopping, you can go around the numerous alleys of the market, enjoying the vibe.

Travel Tip: Do check out the restaurant Ma Cocotte – one of the most happening places here.

#3 Visit The Legendary Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore

The Shakespeare & Company Bookstore is a haven for book-lovers especially, because it stocks really old and new books and also beds. Yes, the store allows aspiring writers to sleep and read there in exchange for assisting at the store and writing for the shop’s archives. The store is a popular destination for book readings and has even featured in films such as Jules & Julia and Before Sunset. Its café next door is known for its Sticky Chai, Chai Latte and some interesting British treats.

#4 Marvel At Paris’ Gothic Churches & The Notre Dame Cathedral

top things to do in paris - Sainte-Chapelle

A sumptuous, intimate chapel with remarkable stained glass windows of Sainte-Chapelle

Paris has beautiful churches, some of which remain as the biggest draws because of their impressive Gothic architecture. What not to miss – the Sainte-Chapelle, with its 15 extensive, high stained-glass windows, and the church of Saint Severin, with its signature Gothic twisted columns. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, you cannot not have this on your list of top things to do in Paris. It boasts remarkable Gothic elements, such as a large stained glass rose window, religious sculptures and interesting gargoyles.

#5 Discover Paris’ Catacombs

top things to do in Paris - Catacombs

These are the Paris Catacombs: a network of old caves, quarries and tunnels

The Paris Catacombs are tunnels from the Middle Ages, which became sites of burials after the city’s cemeteries became full. Even today these tunnels exist with bones and skulls of millions of Parisians, only now with better facilities to view them, across a stretch of about a kilometre and a half.

Travel Tip: Avoid going here if you have any health issues or have kids along as there are no washrooms until you come out of the Catacombs.

#6 Feel On Top Of The World At The Eiffel Tower Summit

best things to do in Paris - Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower on a Spring morning, Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower is magical to say the least, but standing on the topmost floor of the Tower, at a height of 276 meters, with the city beneath your feet and wind in your hair, is an unmatched feeling! It can be vertigo-inducing, no doubt, but without checking this off your list, you can’t really say, you have been to the Eiffel Tower!

Travel Tip: If you can’t go right to the top, you can also hang out on the other floors, which offer an equally beautiful view of the city. This 324-meter high Tower also houses a champagne bar, a macaroon bar, restaurants, and gift shops.

#7 Take The ‘Masterpieces Tour’ At The Louvre

Top things to do in Paris- The museum

The Louvre Museum is the world’s largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris, France

The world’s greatest art museum showcases about 35,000 art pieces at any given point of time. It is practically impossible to see all in a day, so we recommend taking the ‘Masterpieces Tour’, one of the popular thematic tours of the Louvre. The guided Tour goes on for 1 hour and 30 minutes, covering the Vénus de Milo and the Mona Lisa among others. Without a guide, you may lose your way inside, so download a helpful app on your smartphone before visiting, you can find many in your app store.

A trip to Paris can always give you a fresh perspective of the city, we hope you find yours with our list of top things to do in Paris.

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Visiting Cambodia is not just about going to new places, it’s about experiencing them. Which is why we’ve put together 5 things to do in Cambodia that are sure to win a traveller’s heart and interest.  

5 Strange Yet Fun Things To Do In Cambodia

#1 The Magnificent Sunrise At Angkor Wat

 things to do in Cambodia - Angkor Wat

The Angkor Wat complex is the world’s largest religious monument and a World Heritage site

Don’t make the mistake of sleeping late on your first day in Siem Reap. Kick off the sheets, fight the last remnants of sleep and step out to explore Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious monument and a UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll be surprised how many people come out to see the magical sunrise, so make sure you reach the ancient temple complex well in time. Watching the rising sun fill the dark sky with fantastic hues of pinks and oranges is surreal and one of the best things to do in Cambodia. And seeing the entire scene reflected in the surrounding waters makes for a majestic experience; one that will live on in a traveller’s soul for a long, long time.

#2 Local Foods: Yummy Richness or Yucky Firsts

 things to do in Cambodia - street food

Locals in Cambodia are quite passionate about their street food, which includes grilled insects

Whether it’s the fine flavour of Fish Amok, the pleasing freshness of Khmer noodles or the sight of grilled insects, sampling food in Cambodia is an adventure by itself. The locals are quite passionate about their food, and their street food is legendary. Eating it like the locals do, straight off the street stalls, will help you understand why the traditional Khmer cuisine is so special for Cambodians. Sampling versions of the Fish Amok or Khmer Red Curry from both street stalls and upscale restaurants will reveal the variations and local flavours that define the region’s cuisine. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out the exciting (or revolting, depends on how you feel) snacks that include grilled spiders, grasshoppers and other bugs. Apparently, these are high in protein and don’t really taste bad, especially if you have the courage to pop one in your mouth AND actually chew it.

#3 A Chill Down Your Spine At The Killing Fields

 things to do in Cambodia - killing fields of Cambodia

Bracelets of the victims of the killing fields of Cambodia

Most people don’t know about Cambodia’s dark history. On paper, the horror lasted about four years, but the suffering carried on for many more, continuing long after the dust settled on the road to hell. The famous Killing Fields, where thousands of victims were killed and buried in mass graves, are testament to the Khmer Rouge’s atrocities and the cruelty they brought to this otherwise peaceful land.  One of the best things to do in Cambodia would be to visit the Killing Fields of Cheoung Ek before trying to understand modern Cambodia.

In 1975, the Khmer Rouge came to power in Cambodia, and the atrocities began almost immediately. Led by Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge moved citizens from Phnom Penh and transferred them to the countryside, where everyone was expected to work for more than 12 excruciating hours a day. There was little food, and disease swept through the country, killing hundreds of thousands. And that wasn’t all. The Khmer Rouge was also responsible for genocide, killing more than 2 million people during their rule, almost a third of Cambodia’s total population. The Killing Fields has now been turned into an educational centre and a shrine, with the bones of the victims’ displayed in a glass building.

#4 The Peacefulness Of A Deserted Island

 things to do in Cambodia -Paradise Beach In Koh Rong Island Near Sihanoukville, Cambodia

The private pristine beaches of Koh Rong Island should be on your Cambodia must-do list

Koh Rang, the second-largest island of Cambodia, is a beautiful but not-so-popular destination. A 45-minute speedboat ride is all it takes to reach the island, located 25km off the Sihanoukville coast in the Gulf of Thailand. There are paradise beaches, quaint villages, private bungalows and some amazing spots to go snorkelling here. The Cambodian government has plans to turn Koh Rong into the country’s first environmentally planned resort island. But this island is still pretty deserted, with few inhabitants, no roads, cars or traffic, and no electricity for most of the day. Stay here and enjoy the sheer peacefulness of being one with nature.

#5 Surreal Feel Of Walking On Water

 things to do in Cambodia - Tonle Sap

Visit Cambodia’s floating village in Tonle Sap, the largest lake in Southeast Asia

One of the best things to do in Cambodia if you love water, is to visit Cambodia’s floating villages and meet the locals, who literally live on water, The most common floating villages and popular tourist destinations are Chong Kneas and Kompong Phluk, which are quite close to Siem Reap. However, being popular comes with a disadvantage; these places are usually crowded. So, if you have some extra time and would like an uninterrupted experience of this unique way of life, go to Kompong Khleang. More of a town than a village, this place has managed to retain its authenticity and is still untouched. If you have the resources, choose to stay in the 4-star boutique floating resorts amid virgin forests, rare orchids and fragrant frangipani. Waking up to startling colours and bird call is worth every dollar spent.

Fact File On Cambodia

Location: Cambodia, Asia
Official Language: Khmer
Currency: Cambodian riel
Food & Drinks: Try the Cambodian rice and noodles, accompanied by beer and tarantula cocktail
Time zone: UTC+07:00

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March 20, 2018


Financial superpower, anti-chewing gum city-state, land of a magical place called Sentosa, world of movies… We’ve all heard of and even seen some of these faces of Singapore. But when Sangeetha Sampath travelled there, she discovered many other beautiful Singapore attractions. Here are few places to go in Singapore if you wish to come face to face with nature and serenity.

Places to go in Singapore attractions - The Bandstand (or Gazebo) at the Botanic Gardens, an UNESCO World Heritage Site of Singapore

The Bandstand (or Gazebo) at the Botanic Gardens, an UNESCO World Heritage Site of Singapore.

Tell someone you are going to Singapore and they’ll chip in with their suggestions for must-visit Singapore attractions –  “Go to Singapore Zoo and the Singapore Flyer, don’t miss Sentosa, shop on Orchard Road”. Browse through someone’s Facebook album of their Singapore holiday and you’ll see them posing with parakeets at the Singapore Zoo, flashing a V-sign from atop the Singapore Flyer, catching a ride at Sentosa, shopping in a really swanky mall. Google for ‘things to do and see in Singapore’ and you get pages and pages suggesting the Singapore Zoo, the Singapore Flyer….You get the drift!
But Singapore is anything but predictable. There are many offbeat places to go in Singapore, some hidden in quiet lanes and some so obvious, it’s a wonder travellers miss them! Check out some of these amazing Singapore attractions that you just can’t afford to miss!

5 Stunning Singapore Attractions That You Must Visit

#1 Tropical Rainforest: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Places to go in Singapore attractions - Bukit Timah

Take a hike or bike along the trails of this hidden pocket of greenery at Bukit Timah

Looking at Singapore today, it’s difficult to imagine it as a lush rainforest, home to thousands of species of flora and fauna. But it was. And you can still see acres of it at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, one of the largest patches of remaining rainforest land in Singapore. It has over 800 species of flowering plants, and attracts a fair share of botanists. But nowadays, it attracts a fair share of non-botanists too—hikers, mountain bikers, rock climbers and more. There are plenty of flat patches of lush green grass for you to spend some relaxing time on a picnic blanket. And did we mention, enough flowers to make your children pose with—for those awkward holiday photos.

#2 Quaint Seaside Village: Palau Ubin

Places to go in Singapore attractions - Ubin

A stroll through Ubin takes you back to Singapore in the 1960’s with the simpler pleasures of life

You’ve probably never heard the words ‘camping’ and ‘Singapore’ together. The island of Palau Ubin is the place where the twain meet. It’s the last of Singapore’s kampungs (villages), and has as much in common with downtown Singapore as Farsi has with Malayalam.

Palau Ubin’s coast is peppered with tiny, but unspoilt beaches, where you can pitch your tent. The clock here is much slower than the rest of Singapore’s, and the tallest things around here are not buildings, but trees. The island is rich in tropical flora and fauna. When you feel the urge to explore, rent a bike. Or use the greatest mode of transport ever invented—your legs!

#3 Land Of Trees: MacRitchie Reservoir

Places to go in Singapore attractions -  nature reserves

Hike down nature trails and explore the wonders of a forest at Singapore’s gateway to nature reserves

It is Singapore’s oldest reservoir with about one square kilometer of dense forest within its perimeter. A boardwalk runs through it, allowing visitors to witness the dense vegetation. After an invigorating 4.5 kms hike, you’ll reach a 250 mtr long, freestanding suspension walkway. This aerial footpath connects the two highest points of the Reservoir and snakes its way around treetops. It’s a totally different world up here, and without a single building or skyscraper in sight, you will seriously wonder if you are in Singapore or in James Cameron’s imagination. You can spot over 80 species of birds, countless rare trees and frisky lemurs, making it one of the best Singapore attractions.

#4 Arabia Of The Far East: Kampong Glam

Places to go in Singapore attractions -  Masjid Sultan

It is the best place in the city-state to explore bazaars and markets with an Arabic tinge to them

Your first glimpse of Kampong Glam will surprise you. Guaranteed. You’ll stand there looking at rows of colourful two-storied shop-houses and think “Wow, and here I thought, Singapore only has skyscrapers”. A second later, the smell of spices hits you and you think “Kebabs? In Singaporean cuisine?”

Enjoy Singaoprean-Arab cuisine, and walk along the streets named Arab Street, Bussorah Street until you stumble upon Haji Lane. This narrow lane housing is known for best shopping in Singapore. The eclectic stores in Haji Lane will keep your credit card busy. Among all the places to go in Singapore, do NOT miss this one.

#5 Art-lover’s Mecca: SAM, Esplanade And Various Galleries

Places to go in Singapore attractions -Singapore Art Museum

Take a day to visit SAM, which houses the world’s largest public collection of contemporary artworks

If you love art, especially contemporary art, then you are in the right place. Singapore is head over heels in love with contemporary art.
Start your affair at Singapore Art Museum, popularly known as SAM. This gorgeous, ivory-hued 19th century school showcases the best of Singaporean art. From here, you can continue your affair in the numerous galleries that line Bugis Street. In the evening, put on your heels and head over to Esplanade—Theatres on the Bay for a show or two. Nicknamed as Durian, because of its close semblance to the fruit, Esplanade is right on the waterfront. Check the theatre’s calendar for free shows that happen outside the building, under starry nights. It’s the perfect setting to take your relationship with Singapore, to the next level.

Well, I hope this list of some offbeat Singapore attractions made you change your list of places to go in Singapore. Keep it handy and have an amazing time in this gorgeous island-city.

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Want to get your sporty fix without steering too far from the city? We’ve got you covered with easy-to-access adventures dotted across Australia’s major cities and top adventurous things to do in Australia.

Teeming with adventure, Australia is a treat for adrenaline junkies of every kind, without the need to travel far. Within and around the major cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Cairns, there are thrilling outdoor activities, perfect the adventurous at heart.

Best Adventurous Things To Do In Australia

#1 Live on the Edge — St Kilda Beach Dive — Melbourne, Victoria

things to do in Australia - beach drive

Experience the ultimate thrill in St Kilda beach dive

The only beach skydive in Melbourne, the St Kilda beach dive involves travelling over 4,200 metres up into the air for an unsurpassed bird’s-eye view of Melbourne before free-falling for 60 seconds in a tandem skydive. Release your parachute for a close to seven-minute glide that offers the best views in town. The rush you feel combined with the spectacular view of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) and beach will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Australia. St Kilda is a short 15-minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD.

#2 King (or Queen) of the World — Otway Fly Treetop Adventures, Great Otway National Park, Victoria

things to do in Australia - victoria

Enjoy a real bird’s eye view and sway with the branches when you take a walk high in the dense rainforest canopy

Rise to new heights, 30 metres above ground to be exact, at the world’s tallest treetop walk. Spanning a 600-metre length of lush rainforest in the Great Otway National Park, go on a 1.9-kilometre walk that takes approximately an hour to complete. Feel on top of the world while observing unique flora and fauna. For an even more exhilarating experience, soar effortlessly through the leafy canopy on the two and a half hour Zipline Tour. Not far from Melbourne, take a leisurely drive on the Princess Highway to reach Otway Fly Treetop Adventures in less than three hours, one of the fun things to do in Australia.

#3 What’s SUP? — Stand-up Paddling, Balmoral Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

things to do in Australia - SUP

Explore the waterways and beaches of Balmoral through SUP

Stand-up Paddling, or SUP as it’s more fondly called, is an offshoot of surfing that involves standing up on a surfboard and using a paddle to move around. Don’t be fooled by the paddle, it’s still a great way to keep fit. If you’re new to the activity, Balmoral Beach is considered one of the best places in Australia to learn its basics safely — thanks to its calm waters.

#4 For the Climb of Your Life — Sydney BridgeClimb, Sydney, New South Wales

things to do in Australia- climb

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for unrivaled views from a height of 440 feet

Instead of gazing at the Sydney Harbour Bridge from below, why not appreciate its beauty and the area’s stunning scenery from its summit? Passing through the very centre of the Harbour Bridge, at a height of 134 metres above sea level, the summit climb is one for the brave-hearted. There are many Sydney BridgeClimb options, with different climb times and durations, but the twilight climb is highly recommended as it is one of the most thrilling things to do in Australia. After a good workout, experience the transition from day to night by soaking in the sunset then enjoy the twinkling city lights of Sydney.

#5 Walk on High — Oval Roof Climb, Adelaide, South Australia

Set off on an exhilarating two-hour climb along the arched roof of the Adelaide Oval. Offering an unparalleled view of the picturesque Adelaide Hills on one end and the sparkling blue coast on the other, like the Sydney BridgeClimb, it’s also best experienced at twilight, as the sun sets on the horizon. If you’re around during the Ashes Series (23 November 2017 to 8 January 2018), you can even get house seats to watch a match from 50 metres above the ground! The Adelaide Oval is easily accessible via public transport.

#6 For the Ultimate High — Bungee Jump and then Jungle Swing, Cairns, Queensland

things to do in Australia - bungee jumping

The only multi-person Jungle Swing in Australia swoops through the rainforest from 45 metres down to 1 metre in 3.5 seconds

If you are a hardcore adrenaline-seeker, try the double thrill of a bungee jump and Minjin Jungle Swing in Queensland. First, head north of Cairns to bungee jump off a 50-metre tower nestled within lush rainforest. While you’re up there, enjoy spectacular views of Cairns’ Northern Beaches and the Great Barrier Reef before taking the plunge. Your adrenaline rush continues with the Minjin Jungle Swing — it will have you (and up to two friends if you choose) swinging from 45 metres in a massive arc at speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour. You’ll be shrieking with excitement, definitely one of the best things to do in Australia!

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Summer in the Alps is the stuff of picture-perfect postcards. Grazing meadows, glacial lakes, bucolic walks, refreshing swims, Alpine hikes and so much more. Sangeetha Sampath suggests 9 things to do in Switzerland to make your Switzerland tour absolutely perfect.

SWITZERLAND tour-switzerland attractions

Switzerland is all about once-in-a-lifetime journeys!

Sunscreen! If there’s one thing you MUST put on your packing list for Switzerland, it has to be sunscreen! Summertime in Switzerland means you’ll spend a lot of time soaking in the sun. From late June through September, the sun bathes the outdoor cafes in warm, golden light, carpets the countryside with lush, green grass and adds a million sparkles to the pristine Alpine lakes. And while winters may see people cosy up around fireplaces (after a good run down the ski slope, of course), summer brings out the exuberance of the Swiss, turning their ever-present smiles into garrulous laughter.


Skiing and snowboarding in Graubünden, Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland are winter choices

Summertime is when the Swiss come together for their festivals, it’s when operas take place under blue skies and orchestras play in the parks. A summer holiday in Switzerland gives you an insight into the community and the people. Just be sure to book early (by March-April) as hotels and flights can fill up quick (and become pretty expensive!) during the summer months. The best time to visit is during the shoulder season either side of summer—April, May and October. And while we’re sure you have a bucket list of things to do in Switzerland tour, here are some you just can’t afford to miss.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Switzerland

#1 Tune in at La Chaux-de-Fonds

SWITZERLAND tour - La Chaux -switzerland attractions

La Chaux de-Fonds counts worldwide as the cradle of watchmaking and as Switzerland’s art nouveau stronghold

Switzerland is notorious for its punctuality. Here, the 3:17 pm train departs at 3:17 pm. Get onto Swiss time by visiting La Chaux-de-Fonds, a pretty city nestled in the Jura Mountains with the reputation of being Switzerland’s timekeeper. The carillon (a free-standing musical instrument) outside the International Watchmaking Museum chimes the time every 15 minutes through an impressive medley of metallic tunes that change according to the season. Set your watch by it, and you’ll never miss a train in Switzerland.

#2 Get cultured in Zurich

SWITZERLAND tour - zurich -switzerland attractions

Zurich offers a unique mixture of attractions – over 50 museums and more than 100 art galleries

Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and the hub of global finance. But if banking is not your thing, don’t fret, Zurich also offers an insight into European living through its restaurants, museums and cultural events. On any given day, there are over 70 cultural events to choose from. Head over to the one of Switzerland attractions, opera house for some soul-stirring classics or visit one of its nine museums (or all nine, if museums do it for you). Perhaps a symphony is more your thing? After you’ve had your fix of culture, head over to Lake Zurich for a dip in its pristine waters, definitely one of the best things to do in Switzerland.

#3 Escape to Chateau de Chillon, Lake Geneva

SWITZERLAND tour - Chateau de Chillon -switzerland attractions

This water castle is the most visited historic building in Switzerland

Hands down, the most beautiful prison in the world. Yes, you read that right. “Beautiful” preceded the word “prison”. Chateau de Chillon, originally built as a castle, functioned as a dungeon for almost 260 years. Set aside an entire day to explore it. There are underground naves, great halls, watchtowers, moats, turrets, residences and more.

And while you are exploring, you can ponder over the one question everyone who has visited here asks: Surely, no prisoner would have wanted to escape this, right?

#4 Tumble down at the Reichenbach Falls

Perhaps the second-most famous address in the Sherlock Holmes series after 221B, Baker Street. Make this pilgrimage and see for yourself the waterfall (a plaque marks the spot) where Holmes and Moriarty tussled and tumbled, fictionally of course. If you are not a Holmes fan, you can still visit the region for its natural beauty. There are plenty of trails that make for breath-taking hikes.

One of the best things to do in Switzerland is to pack a picnic and a book, preferably, a Sherlock Holmes to this amazing location.

#5 Get spooked at Kindlifresserbrunnen, Bern

It’s probably a coincidence that the name of this 16th century fountain, in the center of old town, Bern, is a mouthful. Or maybe, it’s not. This spine-chilling fountain shows an ogre devouring a child, while a few children squirm uneasily in his other hand. If you feel queasy, or have kids in tow, we suggest you move on. Bern has ten other 16th century fountains depicting mythological and historic figures. You can spend the day fountain-hopping and by evening, we’re sure you’ll have forgotten all about the child-devouring ogre.

#6 Find Middle Earth at Lauterbrunnen Valley

SWITZERLAND tour -lauterbrunnen valley -switzerland attractions

With colourful alpine meadows and lonely mountain inns, the Lauterbrunnen Valley has one of the most beautiful sight in the world

In 1919, an Englishman visited this valley. He was so taken in by the deep gorges and waterfalls, that he immortalized it as Rivendell in The Lord of the Rings. Take a look for yourself and see the similarities. Walk along the grassy paths that lead from one waterfall to another. Shout out your name and see if the mountains say it back to you. Even if you are no Tolkien, you’ll find yourself spouting prose and poetry. This location tops the list of Switzerland points of interest.

#7 Get bizarre at the festivals

The Swiss are a pretty fun lot, with festivals all through the year. But they save the best for summertime. There’s the International Alpine Beard Festival in August. Name a style—goatee, curtain, zappa, soul patch, balbo—and you’ll see it here.

Then there’s the Cow Pat Festival in Valais, which is basically a day devoted to cow dung-pulverizing contests.

And then in September, comes the Alpine Olympics. Disciplines include yodeling, stone throwing and Alphorn-playing. All you need to decide is: participant or cheerleader?

#8 Get surreal at Giger Bar, Chur & Chateau St Germain

SWITZERLAND tour - Chateau -switzerland attractions

Allow yourself to be tempted by a nice walk in the Chateau St Germain

If you thought all of Switzerland was pretty, idyllic, picturesque, then…oh well, you aren’t entirely wrong. But in two tiny corners of this pastoral idyll, lie the Giger Bars. Brainchild of the gifted artist H.R. Giger, the Giger Bar in Chur and the Museum HR Giger Bar in Château St. Germain, Gruyères, are sci-fi themed bars designed by the artist reflecting his biomechanical style made famous in the movie ‘Alien’.

The museum features prosthetics and models from the movie, while the intricately designed, cavernous bars are dark, surrealistic and overwhelming. Sip a beer in the queen alien’s womb, sit in large swivel chairs designed with metallic vertebrae and eat as alien baby heads make their presence felt behind you. Mark this as one of the most interesting things to do in Switzerland!

#9 Wind your way down hills and vales by Postbus

Take your seat amongst sacks of letters and postcards and buckle up for the ride. The Postbus, operated by the Swiss mail system is a pretty unique mode of transport. These lovely yellow busses weave their way through narrow passes and sharp turns to reach isolated villages, where they deliver you and the mail. Explore these little corners of Switzerland to your heart’s content. And don’t forget to send home a postcard from there. Who knows, you might end up sitting next to it on the return journey.

Watch how fascinating Switzerland is! Click play to view the video:

The ravishing landscapes and these top things to do in Switzerland will surely make your tour amazing.

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Vibrant colours, traditional songs, beautifully decorated idols and dancing in the streets, the Gangaur festivities will truly fill your soul will love, light and hope. A celebration of the love between Gan (Lord Shiva) and his consort Gauri (Goddess Parvati), this annual festival transforms the Rajasthani states of Jaipur and Udaipur into a grand collage of traditions and culture.

Held in March and April every year, Gangaur is celebrated by women with full enthusiasm and devotion. They don traditional clothes in eye-catching colours, decorate their hands with radiant orange-red mehendi patterns, carry painted earthen pots on their heads, and make scrumptious delicacies in the purest ghee. The heady dances, social dramas and colourful fairs in Jaipur and Udaipur during this time are what make this celebration a grand affair.

Here’s a glimpse of this joyous occasion, where the women of Jaipur and Udaipur come together to celebrate as one!

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We’ve all heard the saying, “Getting there is half the fun”. But where exactly is “there”? Our Explore series tells you where to go, how to get there, and what to do when you arrive. From incredible places to visit in Leh-Ladakh, best time to visit to travelling options, we have everything here. Let’s explore Ladakh..

places to visit in leh ladakh tour- Pangong Lake

The peace and serenity at the Pangong Lake invokes wanderlust

Best Time To Visit Leh-Ladakh

The best time visit Ladakh is between June and October.

4 Places To Visit In Leh-Ladakh

Ladakh is geographically blessed with a location that extends from the lap of the Himalayas, aptly giving it the title “the land of high passes”. The largest town in Ladakh is Leh, which is famed for its stunning landscapes and captivating culture. It was also the summer seat of Ladakh during the British rule.

A few of the famous valleys in Ladakh are the Upper Indus Valley, Zanskar, Spiti, Aksai Chin, Nubra, and Khardung La. There are three important rivers in the region, in the valleys of which the majority of the population resides: Zanskar, Indus and Shayok. Let’s take a look at few beautiful places to visit in Ladakh that you must experience on your Ladakh tour.

#1 Frozen Rivers

places to visit in leh ladakh tour- Zanskar River

Trekkers walk along an almost frozen Zanskar River

Ladakh is a trekker’s paradise. Each year, when River Zanskar freezes, the famous and formidable Chadar (meaning blanket) trek is held here. Seasoned trekkers spend close to a week walking on this sheet of ice and enjoying the scenic beauty around the region. Other outdoorsy activities include the Markha Valley Trek, biking to Khardung La pass (highest motor-able road in the world) and cycling from Manali to Leh, among others. River rafting on the Indus river can also be quite an adventure with the many Grade rapids to keep you company, along with the picturesque surrounding. It’s one of the best places to visit in Leh Ladakh for enjoying camel safaris on the ‘exclusive-to-the-region’ Bactrian camels (double-humped) in Nubra Valley from Hundar to Diskit.

#2 Picturesque Lakes

places to visit in leh ladakh tour-Lake Tsomoriri

Lake Tsomoriri – Wow!

This destination is ideal for family holidays too. The climax of the blockbuster movie, 3 Idiots, commercialised the clear blue waters and the fluffy cloud reflections of Pangong Lake. The absolutely still water body is 134 km long but more than half of it belongs to China. TsoMoriri Lake in the same region is a fresh water lake. Guests are invited to stay by the lake and enjoy the views and vegetation it has to offer, one of the most popular places to visit in Leh Ladakh.

#3 Scenic Valleys

places to visit in leh ladakh tour-valleys

‘Spellbinding’ is the word

With the presence of 3 important rivers, Ladakh is a hotspot for lush green valleys. The Nubra Valley is arguably the most famous one here. It is also fondly known as the Valley of Flowers for the beautiful flora that it is home to. Located about 150 kms from Leh, the village of Nubra can be reached via Khardung La pass.

Zanskar Valley is another important destination here, but it is also one of the most isolated locations. The majority of its population (mere thousands) is Buddhist.  Zanskar Valley connects the Himalayan range to the Zanskar range of mountains through which the eponymous river flows. This valley is closed through most of the year because of heavy snowfall.

#4 Beautiful Monasteries

places to visit in leh ladakh tour- Hemis Monastery

The grand Buddha statue at the Hemis Monastery

Ladakh is the land of monasteries. It is home to some of the oldest and most intricately built prayer houses in India. The oldest Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Lamayuru Monastery, is located 127 kms from Leh. It features vibrant paintings, murals and scriptures that attract visitors, along with the “moonland-like” terrain that is one of the ideal places to visit in Leh Ladakh for camping. Alchi Monastery is possibly the only one to be located on a flat ground in the region. It is also home to beautiful and intricate wall paintings that are well-preserved. For typical Tibetan architecture, the Hemis Monastery is a must-visit. Largest in Ladakh, it is also considered the richest, thanks to its extensive antique collection and gold, silver, and cooper artefacts. This monastery is pretty vivid, in stark contrast to its geography. Families or animal lovers must also make a trip to the Hemis National Park nearby to get a glimpse of its endangered and rare inhabitants.

How To Reach Ladakh

places to visit in leh ladakh tour-trip

Fall in love with the twists and turns

By Road:

The closest tourist town to Leh is Manali at 473 kms. The road connecting the two is operational between mid-July to the beginning of October, before snowfall begins. Both the Himachal Pradesh Tourism as well as the J&K Tourism boards ply buses between the 2 destinations regularly during these months. This journey takes at least 19 hours. Further, Srinagar airport is 435 kms from Leh by road.

By Air:

Direct flights are available between Leh and Delhi, Srinagar, Chandigarh and Jammu. This is the most convenient and quick choice to reach Ladakh. However, you have to spend a day acclimatizing if you fly into the region.

By Rail:

Jammu Tawi is 700 km from Ladakh, and is the closest railway station. Trains from Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai stop here regularly.

Looking for more detailed travel guide? Check out our Tour Guide on Ladakh with all required information!

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 Karan Anand, Head, Relationships, Cox & Kings, Shri K.J. Alphons, Hon. Minister of State for Tourism, Peter Kerkar, Cox & Kings Group CEO and Mr. Anthony B.M. Good OBE, Global Chairman of Cox & Kings (L-R)

Karan Anand, Head, Relationships, Cox & Kings, Shri K.J. Alphons, Hon. Minister of State for Tourism, Peter Kerkar, Cox & Kings Group CEO and Mr. Anthony B.M. Good OBE, Global Chairman of Cox & Kings (L-R)

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Planning a holiday to the United States of America? Your journey starts here. Diana Kotwal explores the six best places to visit in the USA, and the adventure each city promises.

Here, you can gaze at a sea of twinkling stars in the unpolluted night sky while camping at the impressive Yellowstone Park. Or you could gaze at the glittering sea on the walk of fame in Hollywood Boulevard. Take a trail-blazing trek up the fierce yet scenic Rocky mountains. Or take the elevator up to the top of the Empire State Building for a dazzling view of the iconic Manhattan skyline in New York. You could relish in the homemade, soul-stirring delights of Southern cooking in the vintage delis of New Orleans. Or experience cutting-edge gastronomy at one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants across the major cities.

Best places to visit in USA

USA is a country of beautiful contradictions!

For in the USA, there is a little something for everyone. And for the seasoned tourist, it’s a cornucopia of discovery. However, if you haven’t got unlimited time, here are the best places to visit in the USA.

6 Best Places To Visit In The USA

#1 Los Angeles

Best places to visit in USA - LA

The spectacular sight of Los Angeles will leave you charmed

With perfect streets lined with rows of palm trees, cool sea breeze and bright, sunny skies, LA is a warm, inviting city that captivates you within minutes. One of the best cities in USA, Los Angeles also has an edgy, exciting vibe to it, which most movie-loving tourists are very eager to explore.

From Beverly Hills, with their posh mansions and movie star residents to the iconic ‘Hollywood’ sign, from Mann’s Chinese theatre to Sunset Boulevard, your camera memory is going to fill up with the stunning sights of LA’s fantastic cinema background.

#2 Las Vegas

best places to visit in USA

The dazzling sights and lights of Las Vegas

What started out as a gambler’s paradise has emerged into an oasis of fantastic A-list celebrity shows and concerts, world-class, fine dining restaurants and bright, shimmering lights that make Las Vegas one of the best cities to visit in the USA. The must-see sights to tick off your list include the 1,149 feet tall Stratosphere tower, the Downtown Glitter Gulch and the Fremont Street light show. Pack your sunglasses, though as Las Vegas intends to dazzle.

#3 San Francisco

best places to visit in USA

The varying gradient of the road is sure to catch your attention

There is no one way to describe San Francisco. This is the city of a timeless hippie culture. Here, eccentricity meets the eclectic. You can wear flowers in your hair, dance at an impromptu street fair and spread the love. It’s also the city of cutting-edge technology, where tech titans invent the next big thing in Silicon Valley. And the smartphone you’re taking photos on will probably be obsolete in a few weeks thanks to the engineers working here. But don’t worry about that just yet. Discover what makes SF one of the best cities to visit in the USA, instead. Take a sightseeing tour that starts on Lombard street, the most crooked street in the country. Then take in the breath-taking view of the Golden Gate bridge and head out to the Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square for some of San Francisco’s most delectable seafood.

#4 Niagara Falls

best places to visit in USA

The magnificent Niagara Falls is a must see

The majestic Niagara Falls is on every tourist’s bucket list. If it’s not on yours, add it in quickly. The world’s most famous waterfalls is one of the best places to visit in USA for a good reason. This is Mother Nature at it’s most powerful, yet most beautiful. Six million cubic feet of water pour down the falls every minute during the day, creating a cloud of gentle mist that rises up and adds an ethereal element to this spectacular sight.

#5 Washington DC

places to visit in USA -Washington DC

The seat of power, The White House in Washington DC

The political capital of USA, Washington DC, radiates power. Here, you’ll find the White house, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon and the World Bank. While the streets are filled with monuments that highlight several chapters in America’s rich history. Some bear tribute to the most famous presidents like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson memorial. Others, like the World War II memorial, stand as testimony to the spirit of the American people during troubled times.

#6 New York

best places to visit in USA - Statue of Liberty

The Big Apple is waiting for you

Like a catchy tune you just can’t get out your mind, New York buzzes incessantly. This is the city that never sleeps. From the bright lights and memorable show tunes of Broadway to the exotic delights of Chinatown to the urban, artistic vibe of Brooklyn’s streets, New York never stops to amaze you. The Big Apple has more trademark, iconic sights than any other city. Times Square, Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge, Wall street… the list just goes on. New York’s face paced, action-filled lifestyle is infectious. It’s why millions of tourist flock to this city every day. And it’s why New York is truly one of the best cities in the USA.

America is the birthplace of these dazzling cities and many more – a brimming metropolis whose name alone beautifully amalgamates culture, cuisine and entertainment. Visit these amazing places to visit in the USA and experience this blend.

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