5 Best Cities To Visit In China For Tourists


China showcases a beautiful contrast of the ancient and the modern, from geographical wonders to man-made futuristic buildings. But where can you go to discover this aspect of China? Amisha lists 5 best cities to visit in China. Have a look!

China attracts tourists from around the world for its natural beauty, rich culture and ancient landmarks. China also has many ‘largests’, including the world’s largest cities. We give you 5 of best places to visit in China with some of the most-loved China attractions.

5 Best Cities To Visit In China

#1 Beijing

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The Great Wall of Badaling, being the best preserved and most representative section of China Great Wall

China’s capital, Beijing is a fine example of modern-meets-olden. The Forbidden City here is the former palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties. With 980 buildings reflecting traditional Chinese architecture, this China attraction has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Temple of Heaven, a majestic imperial complex of Taoist temples. It is said that the architecture of this Temple has influenced the Oriental design of structures in this part of the world.

The National Museum of China – one of the largest museums in the world – is also in Beijing. The Great Wall of China is in close proximity to Beijing, with its most popular section Badaling being accessible from here.

#2 Guilin

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Cruise on the Li River, amidst Karst hills to enjoy the serene ethereal view

Guilin is downright an Insta-worthy location, making it one of the best cities to visit in China!

Start with the Elephant Trunk Hill, a unique hill formation on Li River, with the ancient Puxian Pagoda on top and the Water Moon Cave in between. Another place, Ludi Yan (Reed Flute Cave) here, is called the ‘Art Palace of Nature’. The Reed growing at its entrance and stalagmites and stalactites inside the Cave make for interesting sights.

The Seven Stars Park here, has seven peaks in a pattern of the Big Dipper constellation, hence the name. Attractions such as the Camel Hill, Stone Exhibit, and the Flower Bridge, inside the Park are quite scenic.

The Two-Rivers-and-Four-Lakes area is a sight to behold with its lakes and rivers merging and marble bridges above the waterway. Cruises here, especially at night, as it can be memorable. Visiting the nearby resort town, Yangshuo County, gives opportunities to enjoy the best view of the Karst hills and the Li River.

#3 Shanghai

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Serenely situated in the bustling Shanghai, it is famous for the two pieces of Jade Buddha – Sitting and Reclining Jade Buddha

China’s biggest city with incredible architecture, award-winning eateries, and a vibrant art scene, Shanghai is a must visit.

The Bund promenade here is a vantage point to admire the city’s 52 unique structures, each with a different architectural style. A cruise on the Huangpujiang River, along the Bund, is a must-do.

The stunning Jade Buddha Temple attracts visitors for its white Jade statue, idols of Shakyamuni and Buddha of the Three Ages, and 18 Luohan figures.

Soak in the views of the city from the Oriental Pearl Tower – Shanghai’s most popular landmark. The Tower has various levels with things-to-do, with the Sightseeing Floor and Space City being the best ones.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is the largest in its category in China; do not miss its exhibits on robotics and space travel.

Also go shopping at Nanjing Road and do try Shanghai’s native delicacies.

#4 Xi’an

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Beautiful Life-size statues of the Qin army depicts the rich history of China very strongly

Xi’an’s historical sites offer a glimpse into China’s past and to go back in time, Xi’an is one of the best cities to visit in China.

The famous Army of Terracotta Warriors, another UNESCO World Heritage Site in China, is in Xi’an. Expect to see numerous life-size terra cotta soldiers in battle position, as they once stood for Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Get awe-inspired seeing beautiful Buddha idols engraved on the walls of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. The Great Mosque of Xi’an is the country’s largest mosque and a unique example of coming together of Chinese architecture and Islamic practices. Spread over 12,000 square meters, the Mosque has five grand courtyards, which are open to tourists.

The Muslim Quarter here is known for interesting street food, influenced by the culinary practices of the Tang dynasty. Don’t leave Xi’an without shopping souvenirs at the Beiyuanmen Muslim Market.

#5 Hangzhou

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Marvel at the impeccably lit scenic view and almost poetic in its beauty at the West Lake

As per a Chinese saying, “Above there is heaven, below there are Hangzhou and Suzhou.”

Hangzhou’s most admired – the West Lake looks charming with its picture-postcard pretty causeways and islets. Visit the Lake’s ‘Ten Scenes’ to see its best spots. The prosperous Buddhist temple – Lingyin is appreciated for its grandness, architecture and peaceful ambiance.

Fancy sitting at a café alongside a waterway? Head straight to the Gongchen Bridge, which is a stone walkway over the Grand Canal – longest in the world – and enjoy a cuppa coffee and the view.

Also visit the Dragon Well Tea Village, eat at Grandma’s Home restaurant, and enjoy shopping and watching pop-up puppet shows at the Qīnghéfāng Old Street.

These 5 are the best cities to visit in China that can satisfy all your touristy expectations and delight you with much more. And, no matter where you go in China, it doesn’t fail to surprise.

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