5 Breathtaking Singapore Attractions You Probably Didn’t Know About


March 20, 2018


Financial superpower, anti-chewing gum city-state, land of a magical place called Sentosa, world of movies… We’ve all heard of and even seen some of these faces of Singapore. But when Sangeetha Sampath travelled there, she discovered many other beautiful Singapore attractions. Here are few places to go in Singapore if you wish to come face to face with nature and serenity.

Places to go in Singapore attractions - The Bandstand (or Gazebo) at the Botanic Gardens, an UNESCO World Heritage Site of Singapore

The Bandstand (or Gazebo) at the Botanic Gardens, an UNESCO World Heritage Site of Singapore.

Tell someone you are going to Singapore and they’ll chip in with their suggestions for must-visit Singapore attractions –  “Go to Singapore Zoo and the Singapore Flyer, don’t miss Sentosa, shop on Orchard Road”. Browse through someone’s Facebook album of their Singapore holiday and you’ll see them posing with parakeets at the Singapore Zoo, flashing a V-sign from atop the Singapore Flyer, catching a ride at Sentosa, shopping in a really swanky mall. Google for ‘things to do and see in Singapore’ and you get pages and pages suggesting the Singapore Zoo, the Singapore Flyer….You get the drift!
But Singapore is anything but predictable. There are many offbeat places to go in Singapore, some hidden in quiet lanes and some so obvious, it’s a wonder travellers miss them! Check out some of these amazing Singapore attractions that you just can’t afford to miss!

5 Stunning Singapore Attractions That You Must Visit

#1 Tropical Rainforest: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Places to go in Singapore attractions - Bukit Timah

Take a hike or bike along the trails of this hidden pocket of greenery at Bukit Timah

Looking at Singapore today, it’s difficult to imagine it as a lush rainforest, home to thousands of species of flora and fauna. But it was. And you can still see acres of it at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, one of the largest patches of remaining rainforest land in Singapore. It has over 800 species of flowering plants, and attracts a fair share of botanists. But nowadays, it attracts a fair share of non-botanists too—hikers, mountain bikers, rock climbers and more. There are plenty of flat patches of lush green grass for you to spend some relaxing time on a picnic blanket. And did we mention, enough flowers to make your children pose with—for those awkward holiday photos.

#2 Quaint Seaside Village: Palau Ubin

Places to go in Singapore attractions - Ubin

A stroll through Ubin takes you back to Singapore in the 1960’s with the simpler pleasures of life

You’ve probably never heard the words ‘camping’ and ‘Singapore’ together. The island of Palau Ubin is the place where the twain meet. It’s the last of Singapore’s kampungs (villages), and has as much in common with downtown Singapore as Farsi has with Malayalam.

Palau Ubin’s coast is peppered with tiny, but unspoilt beaches, where you can pitch your tent. The clock here is much slower than the rest of Singapore’s, and the tallest things around here are not buildings, but trees. The island is rich in tropical flora and fauna. When you feel the urge to explore, rent a bike. Or use the greatest mode of transport ever invented—your legs!

#3 Land Of Trees: MacRitchie Reservoir

Places to go in Singapore attractions -  nature reserves

Hike down nature trails and explore the wonders of a forest at Singapore’s gateway to nature reserves

It is Singapore’s oldest reservoir with about one square kilometer of dense forest within its perimeter. A boardwalk runs through it, allowing visitors to witness the dense vegetation. After an invigorating 4.5 kms hike, you’ll reach a 250 mtr long, freestanding suspension walkway. This aerial footpath connects the two highest points of the Reservoir and snakes its way around treetops. It’s a totally different world up here, and without a single building or skyscraper in sight, you will seriously wonder if you are in Singapore or in James Cameron’s imagination. You can spot over 80 species of birds, countless rare trees and frisky lemurs, making it one of the best Singapore attractions.

#4 Arabia Of The Far East: Kampong Glam

Places to go in Singapore attractions -  Masjid Sultan

It is the best place in the city-state to explore bazaars and markets with an Arabic tinge to them

Your first glimpse of Kampong Glam will surprise you. Guaranteed. You’ll stand there looking at rows of colourful two-storied shop-houses and think “Wow, and here I thought, Singapore only has skyscrapers”. A second later, the smell of spices hits you and you think “Kebabs? In Singaporean cuisine?”

Enjoy Singaoprean-Arab cuisine, and walk along the streets named Arab Street, Bussorah Street until you stumble upon Haji Lane. This narrow lane housing is known for best shopping in Singapore. The eclectic stores in Haji Lane will keep your credit card busy. Among all the places to go in Singapore, do NOT miss this one.

#5 Art-lover’s Mecca: SAM, Esplanade And Various Galleries

Places to go in Singapore attractions -Singapore Art Museum

Take a day to visit SAM, which houses the world’s largest public collection of contemporary artworks

If you love art, especially contemporary art, then you are in the right place. Singapore is head over heels in love with contemporary art.
Start your affair at Singapore Art Museum, popularly known as SAM. This gorgeous, ivory-hued 19th century school showcases the best of Singaporean art. From here, you can continue your affair in the numerous galleries that line Bugis Street. In the evening, put on your heels and head over to Esplanade—Theatres on the Bay for a show or two. Nicknamed as Durian, because of its close semblance to the fruit, Esplanade is right on the waterfront. Check the theatre’s calendar for free shows that happen outside the building, under starry nights. It’s the perfect setting to take your relationship with Singapore, to the next level.

Well, I hope this list of some offbeat Singapore attractions made you change your list of places to go in Singapore. Keep it handy and have an amazing time in this gorgeous island-city.

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