5 Fascinating Things To Do In Almaty City


Glamorous shopping malls, upscale coffee lounges, elite restaurants, vibrant nightclubs – Almaty city has everything chic to offer! But is there more to this lively city? Join Vageesha Taluja as she pens down various fascinating things to do in Almaty city!

things to do in almaty city

Splendid view of hills rising above the clouds and transient time

Almaty city, the largest city in Kazakhstan, is the major commercial and cultural hub of the country. Business enthusiasts, travellers, and explorers love Almaty city as it never fails to mesmerise people. You can experience the peak of opulence, charm, and diversity in everything. You can appreciate the minor things such as artwork and paintings in Metro Station and even bask in the warm hospitality of amiable local people, whose smiling faces and helping hands make you feel at home. This city offers a lot in terms of historical landmarks, lakes and wide array of unexplored places under the sun and pristine blue sky, and while on the other hand, Almaty nightlife can blow your mind away. Come, let’s uncover Almaty.

5 Fascinating Things To Do In Almaty City

#1 Take A Walk In The Beautiful Medeu Skating Rink

things to do in almaty city - skating ring

Medeu in winter is filled with fluffy white snow, freestyle skating and adventurous humans

Medeu, an outdoor skating rink built to hold around 1000 skaters, is known for its distinction as the highest Olympic sized skating rink in the world. This breathtakingly beautiful location has trained many champion skaters, but one need not be an expert to skate there. Not only tourists but also locals visit here to enjoy the cool breeze in the lap of nature, 1691 meters above the sea level. Medeu is one of the most popular winter outings for people in Almaty city, but plenty of people still visit there apart from winter season for a stroll, picnic and many adventurous activities in the surrounding valleys and hills.

Be Awe-struck By Magnificent Zenkov Cathedral

things to do in almaty city - cathedral

This unique cathedral, made out of wood without nails, is an active religious building

Zenkov or Ascension Cathedral, one of the most magnificent buildings, is a Russian Orthodox Cathedral located in Panfilov Park in Almaty City. Amazingly, it is built out of wood but without nails and has survived Soviet rule, major earthquakes, robberies and stands proudly beyond the destruction of time. With its height as 56 meters, it claims to be the second tallest wooden building in the world.

Soak In The Tranquility Of The Big Almaty Lake

things to do in almaty city - big almaty lake

Brimming with beauty, the instagrammable Big Almaty Lake refreshes every life existing in the nature’s lap

One must never miss this place when visiting Almaty.  Surrounded by majestic mountains on all sides, the lakes lies within the Alatau- Eily National Park. The Big Almaty Lake lies to the south of the Almaty city in the Canyon of Bolshaya Almatinka River. Feel the calm and soothing views of nature, breathe in the freshness and soak in the serenity. This place is ultimate bliss for people of all kinds. Click pictures and create lifetime memories with your loved ones. Amazingly, it is one of the reservoirs that provide fresh water for the people in Almaty city.

Groove Into The Deep Mix Of Almaty Nightlife

things to do in almaty city - almaty nightlife

Let vibrant Almaty nightlife break all the barriers, enter your soul, energize you and fill you with inexplicable joy

You will forget the meaning of sleep as gleaming lights of the Almaty city will charm your soul. The spectacular Almaty’s nightlife will leave you spellbound. Whether you are zestful youngster or workaholic, Almaty’s nightlife has a lot to offer. Experience the unique blend of luxury, elegance, and comfort in a plush chauffeur – driven limousine.  Groove to the catchy tunes, tap your feet to the beats of live music or sing to the top of your voice in karaoke bars. Taste the joy in the air, sip in the best cocktails, shake your legs on the floor with internationally diverse crowd in Almaty city and click stunning experiences in your memory for a lifetime.

Shop At Almaty’s Famed Green Market

The marketplace has stalls piled with nuts, fried fruits, sweets, spices, juicy meat, fresh fruits and vegetables making it the best place for those who prefer outdoor market over malls. The old-school shopping provides a chance to bargain which means you can purchase all kinds of goods at a very reasonable rate. Stroll through the vibrant street, and stop to satisfy your taste buds with the tang of Central Asia in cafes located around this place.

Bright sunny days bring to you the assorted shades of the gorgeous and calm Almaty city, while the stars guide you to the luxury that the Almaty nightlife has to offer. Be it dusk or dawn, this city has the ultimate happiness in many forms. So, explore every inch of the Almaty city, while its treasures are still relatively undiscovered. Carry this list of things to do in Almaty city and pack up your bags to gear up for the one in a million destinations for your next trip!

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