5 Things To Do In Egypt For The Happiest Little Vacation


Egypt is a mélange of all things vintage and enchanting. Kavita Sarmah writes about the 5 things to do in Egypt that you absolutely shouldn’t miss while you’re in this wonderful country.

things to do in egypt

Let the magic in the breezes of Egypt take you away

If there was just one word that would sum up what Egypt is all about, it would be ‘magnificent’. Egypt is a box of magic that will turn your life around! Its unostentatious pyramids, Pharaoh Temples and sand-covered tombs will have you buzzing with curiosity. There are many big and small things to do in Egypt. From fascinating museums, rugged desserts and the vast red sea to swirly corals, serene lakes and lush delta – Egypt will envelope you in its surreal magnificence. Here’s everything that you just can’t miss on your trip to Egypt.

#1 Spend A Windy Sunset In An Air Balloon In Luxor

things to do in egypt - hot air balloon ride

Let your heart lift up and sing in a hot air balloon in Luxor

Luxor is a beautiful city, not only on ground but also from the skies above! This is an unforgettable experience that you must have. Just make sure you pick a reputable, trusted company and take off into the sunset with your loved ones or by yourself. The hot air balloon ride promises you a breathtaking panoramic view of Luxor town. From the airs of Luxor, you’ll see the monuments of Thebes, the Nile River and other specs of Egypt attractions that make the country what it is.

#2 Have A Beautiful Day At The Southern Nile Valley

things to do in Egypt- nile river

Take your time and listen to the extraordinary quiet at the Southern Nile Valley

The south of Nile is laced by the Eastern Dessert, decorated with the well preserved Graeco-Roman temples at Edfu, Esna and Kom Ombo and serene villages. Explore the Temple of Horus at Edfu and bask in the mysterious nature of the building and the country itself. Go about wandering in this beautiful agricultural town and take in every bit of culture. Then hire a taxi from Edfu and take the west-bank valley road to Gebel Silsila. Gebel Silsila used to be an important center for the ancient cult of Nile – Every year there would be sacrifices made here to ensure the fertility of the land. It’s quite a remarkable monument. If you have the time, check out the historic Sofitel Old Cataract Hotel and Spa. The original building of the Sofitel Old Cataract Hotel, now known as Palace Wing, have 76 rooms that all have a stunning Nile view.

#3 Forget About Reality In The Blue Desert

things to do in Egypt - blue desert

Take a break from the mundane realities of life and wander in the blueness of Jean Verame’s imagination

This marvelous site is situated just between Dahab and the St. Catherine Monastery in Sinai and is one of the top Egypt points of interest. This one will not take a lot of your time and is a sight that you must witness while you’re here. This beautiful piece of art was made by the Belgium artist Jean Verame in 1980 just after the remarkable Egyptian-Israeli Peace Agreement (1979). Verame chose the color blue to represent peace and used about 10 tons of paint to make this surreal landscape-art. Bring your cameras and take incredible photographs here. You can even choose to camp at the sight, definitely one of the best things to do in Egypt!

#4 Visit Cairo’s City Of The Dead For A Meaningful Experience

things to do in Egypt - city of dead

Take in the humble calmness of the people and the streets of the City of the Dead

On the outskirts of Cairo, is the el-Arafa necropolis, known as the City of the Dead in English. This area used to solely house corpses dating back to the 7th century and now is a crowded town where the dead and the living coexist. About 18 million people have made home here and understandably every bit of the roads and sidewalks seem packed to the brim. This is not a place to stay at but definitely something that you need to see for yourself to understand and have a meaningful insight into the heart of the country. There are many things to do in Cairo, and this little city will bring everything together into a bright Egyptian-chaos!

#5 So Many Things To Do In Egypt But All In Vain Without Cairo

things to do in egypt - Cairo

Cairo is a pocket of bright, undeniable positive energies

Cairo is a mega-city that’s always hustling and bustling with bright bursts of energy. It’s chaos in the best possible way! Cairo will lift your spirits, excite and delight you with its extraordinary way of doing things. It’s almost like a piece of exceptional performance art – echoes of prayers from above, the sound of traffic in sync down below; a donkey cart would go by once in a while and the sight of beautiful monuments to bring everything together. You’ll never run out of things to do in Cairo! Make sure to visit the Khan Al Khalili market for local souvenirs and trinkets; take a day trip to Pyramids of Giza. These pyramids are nearly 4000 years old and are really awe-inspiring. While you are on your spree of discovering Egypt’s magical history, make a visit to the Egyptian Museum that holds a significant collection of ancient artifacts. Wander around at the Manial Palace and take pictures at the Bab Zuweila gate! There are quite a few things to do in Egypt, but if you miss visiting Cairo, you have missed a big part of the Egypt experience.

Honestly, it’s hard to narrow the beautiful country of Egypt down to five places but these little experiences are definitely worth a visit. Among all the things to do in Egypt, these ones will blow your mind! Hope you have the best time here!

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