5 Unusual & Unimaginable Things To Do In China


Want to know about some unheard of, crazy, and unusual things to do in China? Amisha lists 5 China attractions that are unique and amusing enough to be added to your China tour itinerary.
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5 Unusual Things To Do In China That You MUST Experience

Visiting China but don’t want to do what everyone does? We give you 5 unusual things to do in China and places to visit that will blow your mind! Our list includes some incredible China destinations and some quirky experiences, which many haven’t even heard of.

#1 Go On The The World’s Most Dangerous Hike – Huashan’s Plank Walk. Would You Dare?

things to do in china- Plank Walk

The vertigo-inducing Plank Walk,    Image credit – Imgur.com

Shaanxi province is home to the Terracotta Army Museum, however, not many have heard of Huashan or Mount Hua. Huashan has several high peaks, which you can climb using the many steep stairs. But if you think you can handle a bigger challenge, opt for the Plank Walk, which is a giddying hike, through a trail that’s often snow-covered.

So what is the Plank Walk? It involves you walking on a thin ledge around a peak, made of rickety scrap-wood planks, while held by a harness. And then there are places without these planks, where you step only on pegs, holding onto a guide chain to move across. You have to be completely insane to go for this one, which is why it is number 1 on our list.

Travel Tip:

Not suited for children at all. Best suited for Solo travellers, couples and others who wants a memorable spine-chilling adventure.
Not to miss: The Jade Spring temple and  Daoist & Buddhist temple at Huashan
Where are these temples: 2 hours from Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi (by bus)
Getting to Huashan: Take a 40-min train trip from Xi’an North station to Huashan North station and then a free, green mini bus from there to the tourist centre at Shengtai Guangchang.

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#2 How About Sliding Down The Great Wall Of China?

things to do in china - sliding down

Most fun and the fastest way to climb down the Great Wall,   image credit- atlasobscura.com

Everyone wants to stand atop the Great Wall of China. But, about 65 kms from Beijing city, at the Mutianyu section, you can experience this wonder of the world in a whole new way – by sliding down an entire stretch on a Toboggan slide.

Want to know how can you do it? Walk it up or take a chairlift till the top. Then prepare for the joyride, which zooms you downwards on a thrilling, zig-zag, 5-minute long Toboggan slide adjacent to the Wall. The same breath-taking view of the Wall and the surroundings, with probably, quadruple the excitement.

Remember Michelle Obama sliding down the Great Wall? Yes, this was it. The slide is definitely one of the best things to do in Beijing.

Travel Tip:

Cost: A trip on the slide costs about CNY 100

Time: Weekdays (5 days): 08:00-16:50, Weekends: 08:00-17:00

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#3 Around The World In Just One Day, At The Window Of The World Theme Park In Shenzen

things to do in china - mini world

The Leaning Tower of Pisa replica at the Window of the World

At the Window of the World theme park you can visit 130 replicas of world’s popular landmarks from different continents, such as the Taj Mahal, Mount Rushmore and the Great Pyramids, among others.

Want to know the best part? You can actually even experience these places like you would at the actual destinations. You can enjoy the replicated canals of Venice in a gondola or enjoy fireworks display at the L’Arc de Triomphe replica here.

You can also experience the various environs of the regions put on display here. If a particular region observes a festival, you get to be a part of the celebrations, right here at the Window of the World theme park.

Travel Tip:

Getting there: By train from the Hung Hom MTR station in Hong Kong to the Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations

Remember: You will need to fulfil border-related formalities before entering Shenzen.

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#4 Experience Futuristic Travel At The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

things to do in china - future world

The Bund Tunnel resembles Time Travel, doesn’t it?

Shanghai’s Bund area is popular for its interesting architectural sites along the Huangpu River. But beneath the Bund, through an entire stretch of the River, is a specially designed tunnel that makes your trip to the other end as interesting as time travel or a similar concept would seem.

Arrive at Puxi, look for the board – Bund Sightseeing Tunnel and you will find a mini rail car. It takes you through a futuristic version of a tunnel, one that glows and flashes patterns and designs resembling imagined abstract spaces.

A visual treat, the Bund Tunnel ride is one of the things you can do in Shanghai without much-ado. Even though the ride costs more than the city’s metro, it guarantees to leave you as amused as a child.

Travel Tip:

Cost: CNY 45, CNY 55 for a round trip

Runs between: Puxi and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower

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#5 Now Eat The Freaky At The Guo Li Zhuang Restaurant, Beijing

things to do in china tour attractions-food

Donkey genitals dish served at the restaurant. Image credit – Thetimes.co.uk

You think trying insect food in China is being bold, then you haven’t heard of the menu at the Guo Li Zhuang restaurant. Cooked genitals of animals like tiger and reindeer, fried maggots and peacock claws, deer face stew, and a whole lot of nasty dishes.

While the restaurant offers such daring delicacies, it names them in a complete baroque style. Names such as ‘Jasmine Flowers with 1,000 Layers’ and ‘Head crowned with a Jade Bracelet’ give the dishes a luxurious feel.

Do hear out the waiters as they give you information on the health benefits or disadvantages and some magical qualities of the dishes you order. Women, especially, are given warnings of unimaginable side-effects of some dishes; effects like beard growth. The insect foods will take lesser courage now, won’t they?

Travel Tip:

Address: 18 Baochan Hutong, Xicheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China.

For reservations: +86 10 6611 2088

With futuristic cities, a lesser known culture, and unimaginable foods, regular things to do in China are often completely new and obscure experiences for tourists. We still hope at least two of the above-mentioned China attractions make it to your itinerary.

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