6 Offbeat Things To Do In Maldives


White sand beaches, pristine waters, postcard perfect views, the islands of Maldives is one of the most popular tourist and honeymoon destinations. While, many may stick to the conventional list of the things to do in Maldives, Tarana Arora comes with up something better; here are 6 offbeat things to do in Maldives and you’re in for a big surprise!

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Explore the stunning white-sand beaches and amazing underwater world of Maldives

6 Fun, Unusual & Offbeat Things To Do In Maldives

Maldives is internationally recognised for its mechanised fishing operations and for the stunning coral that draw scuba divers from across the world. Explore serene beaches and soak in the tranquility that this place has to offer, but if wanting to experience Maldives at a whole new level, try these amazing things to do in Maldives without batting an eyelid.

#1 Anyone up for Night Fishing?

Things to do in maldives - fishing

Catch some nocturnal fish under the magical starlit Maldivian sky

Watch and learn from the Maldivian experts- the fishermen. 99 percent of the Maldives Island is under water so it’s natural that the main vocation is fishing.  Get a glimpse into how the locals fish and be a part of this offbeat adventure. Many resorts offer night fishing as a part of their tourist package, so as the evening descents enjoy the sunset, wait for the crew to teach you how to make your dinner.

Tip – To maintain the coral life, fishermen of Maldives do not use nets unlike many other countries, they use hard lines to pull their catch. So, be ready for some hard work!

#2 Fine Dine 20 feet under the ocean!

Things to do in maldives - dine

Indulge in luxurious and delectable food

Dining overboard water is so passé! Instead indulge in gourmet food at Subsix 20 feet under the Indian Ocean. One of the six restaurants of PER AQUUM Niyama resort in Maldives, it’s a 40 minute speed boat ride from the capital of Maldives, Male. Don’t be fooled by the simple entrance of two door, as you descend three floors down, a clam shaped bar awaits you! The restaurant was built on land and then sunk into this abundant coral reef. Order a scrumptious meal and dine with parrotfish, eels and eels. Never thought you would say, ‘I dined with underwater.’ You can now!

Tip – Subsix also serves as venue for weddings and if you’re looking to proposal that someone special in your life, they make arrangements for that too!

#3 Explore The ‘Wrecked Life’. Try Wreck Diving!

Things to do in maldives - wreck dive

Deep in the heart of the Indian Ocean lies a fascinating underwater world

One of the most unusual and off beat things to do in Maldives would be wreck driving. Many sunken ships have made the Indian Ocean their final resting spot. Proof that nature works in amazing ways; these wrecks have been magically transformed by the marine life into beautiful underwater in habitats.  There are as many as 7 wrecks one can choose from. Arguably the most popular wreck diving site of Maldives is the Victory Wreck, situated southwest of Hulhule Reef, North Male Atoll. A cargo ship on its way from Singapore sank in 1981, a 80m/262ft-long cargo ship, divers can not only enjoy the panoramic view of the wreck but most divers also get to see the belongings of the men who lost their lives. The best time to go diving would be between December to May.

Tip – If the Victory Wreck is closed for wreck diving, the other options include- Kuda Giri, Halaveli Wreck, Fesdu Wreck, The British Loyalty, The Liffey and the Utheemu 1 and 2 and Khuda Maa. There are many tourist packages which include wreck diving; the cost for these starts as low as Rs 4000.

#4 Fancy A Fish Egg Facial?

Things to do in maldives - spa

Maldives is the perfect spa destination for all seasons

All the diving and strolling on the beautiful Maldives Island get to you. How about a facial? A Russian caviar facial just for you! The stunning resort of Baros in Maldives offers this offbeat spa. It’s a 25-minute speed boat ride from Maldives International Airport and the capital, Male. Coming back to the facial, it also uses pearl extract to treat your wrinkles! Eggs on face? Who would have thought!

#5 Take An Underwater Ride In A Submarine.

Things to do in maldives - submarine

Perfect for those wanting to witness Maldives’ magical underwater, without getting wet

Immerse yourself in the underwater life with a submarine ride. Whale Submarine is the most popular company with over 8,500 dives. There are fixed timings for the ride and pick and drop services are provided depending on the location. Once you’re comfortably seated (fret not, its air conditioned), the pilot will lower the submarine giving you the panoramic sights of the port. The first drop is at 25 meters, where you’ll witness a stunning and colourful display of coral fish and reef fish. Further, 20 meters down, the submarine will rest on a sandy surface next to a cave. Well lit exterior lights will make it easy for you to spot the fishes and other animals. A well experienced crew makes sure you have the most thrilling 45 minutes for your life.

Tip – The submarine dives start from 75 USD and payments have to made in dollars only.

#6  Visit This Glow In Dark Beach

Things to do in maldives - star beach

It’s gorgeous, to say the least

Vadhoo Island, a 15 minute boat ride from Male, is literally stars in the sea. A spectacular phenomenon, it is Instagram perfect. Caused by a natural chemical reaction known as bioluminescence, which takes place when the water is disturbed by oxygen. Pretty priceless no?

There you have it, interesting and off beat things, the myth that Maldives is just about sands and beaches are broke. So, if you’re planning a trip to Maldives anytime soon? These 6 offbeat things to do in Maldives should be on your bucket list. Enjoy what Maldives has to offer but make an effort and do something different.

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Fact File:

Location: Located in the Indian Ocean
How to Reach: There are four international airports in Maldives- Velana International Airport, Gan International Airport, Hanimaadhoo International Airport, Villa International Airport
Official Language: Dhivehi, English
Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa
Time Zone:  (UTC)+5
Climate: Tropical Climate
Food & Drink: Skipjack Tuna, Masroshi, Maliku, Mas huni


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