7 Incredible Places To Visit In Hong Kong


Look beyond Hong Kong’s sophisticated skyscrapers, neon-lit markets and crowded paths and you will discover a destination of wonderful experiences and some incredible sights. Amisha introduces us to some must-not-miss experiences and the best places to visit in Hong Kong.

Buddhist temples, Cantonese operas, amusement parks, street markets and nightlife keep this commercial hub’s soul alive. If you are planning a Hong Kong trip, picking places to visit can get confusing. Well. don’t worry! We give you a list of 7 places to visit in Hong Kong, which offer quintessential HK experiences.

7 Best Places To Visit In Hong Kong

#1 Victoria Peak

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Looking down at the city from Victoria peak, you’ll see one of the finest harbors on Earth

Victoria Peak is a mountain where the popular ‘Peak Tower’ – the highest point of Hong Kong – is located. You can take ‘the Peak Tram’ to get here, which is a great way to experience the city’s rich heritage.

The Sky Terrace 428 at the Tower is the best spot to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding islands. The complex also houses Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, where you can rub shoulders with the stars.

Travel Tip: Tsk, tsk, the right side of the tram offers the best view.

#2 The Big Buddha And Po Lin Monastery


The majestic bronze Buddha draws pilgrims from quite a distance

Experience serenity visiting the Tian Tan statue or the Big Buddha at Lantau Island. The 112-feet tall Buddha statue is a prominent Hong Kong landmark, which is visible from as far as Macau. A flight of 268 stairs leads to the base of the statue, however, there is also a small pathway for vehicles to carry the handicapped.

The Po Lin Monastery, which forms Tian Tan’s backdrop, has one of the most magnificent Buddhist temples of Hong Kong. The monastery canteen is known for divine vegetarian food that is served by monks.

#3 Ocean Park


Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine-life theme park featuring animals, thrill rides and shows.

If Hong Kong’s Disney Land is already on your itinerary, we suggest you add Ocean Park too. Awarded World’s Seventh Most Popular Amusement Park, Ocean Park houses an oceanarium, an animal theme park, and an amusement park, all spread over 226 acres of land, around a large mountain. The Park is known for having the world’s largest aquarium dome and its programs on endangered marine life and animals.

If you are travelling as a couple or solo and wondering what to do in Hong Kong, the places listed further below are your answers.

#4 Lan Kwai Fong (LKF)


Buzzing with fashionable locals and trendy tourists, LFK is all about fun

Heard a lot about Hong Kong’s nightlife? Lan Kwai Fong is where you can experience it! Here you will find some of Asia’s hottest clubs and close to a 100 bars and restaurants. The bars and speakeasies here are known for their wine pairings and signature cocktails and the restaurants for their traditional and international gourmet fare.

Tip: If you like beer, LKF’s annual Beer and Music Festival, held sometime mid-year, is something you do not want to miss.

#5 The Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade


A lovely place to walk around during the day, but it really comes into its own in the evening

The Tsim Sha Tsui (or TST) Promenade is a beautiful stretch along the Victoria harbour waterfront. Along the promenade is a showcase similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, called ‘the Avenue of Stars’. Here you can see select film memorabilia and handprints, plaques and statues of celebrities from the Hong Kong film industry.

The TST Promenade is also one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong to witness HK’s popular ‘Symphony of Lights’ show – a spectacular light and sound show over the city’s skyline. The show is held at around 8pm on almost all nights with good weather conditions. Make sure your Hong Kong tour package itinerary includes the show.

#6 Dragon’s Back Hike


The Dragon’s Back Hong Kong is the best introduction to Hong Kong hiking and paragliding

Dragon’s Back Hike is a ridge in the South-eastern part of the island city, amidst the Shek O Country Park. With a view of the sea and the sounds of birds and waterfalls, this urban trail is a wonderful contrast to the busy city.

Activities like paragliding and kite flying in the Shek O Park make the visit more exciting.

#7 Street Markets at Kowloon


It is quite the place for shoppers with numerous high-end name brand stores

Hong Kong is like heaven for shoppers. We recommend the Temple Street Night Market (also known as Men’s Market) and the Ladies Market, located barely 15 minutes apart, in Kowloon.

While the Temple Street Market is a go-to-place for artifacts, gadgets, and clothes, the Ladies Market is famous for clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, souvenirs and more. The Temple Street Night Market is also popular for street food and performances by Cantonese opera artists.

Travel Tip: Bargain well and check the product before making a deal and after buying.

Every tourist plans Hong Kong sightseeing, we suggest you plan your trip around these Hong Kong experiences. Take in the sights, make memories and change your perception of the word ‘city’. With these places to visit in Hong Kong, we are sure you will fall in love with it!

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