7 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Motorcycle Ride NOW!


From losing weight to making friends for life, here are 7 reasons everyone should be riding a motorcycle.

By Nishant Singh

Riding a bike is not just about going from point A to B, it is so much more than that!

Riding a bike is not just about going from point A to B, it is so much more than that!

Murder cycles, they used to be called at one point of time. But motorcycles have come a long long way since then. Actual no, they haven’t. They’ve still got 2 wheels, an engine and gallons of fuel between your legs and they still make grown up men act like teenagers. That’s not a bad thing you know. Honestly speaking, I haven’t met anyone who didn’t ride or didn’t have the passion to ride. Maybe cause I’m always around motorcyclists. Frankly speaking, what’s not to like about motorcycling? Here are 7 reasons, at the top of my mind, why you should MOST DEFINITELY be riding motorcycles. And if you already are, here are 7 feel-goods for you to continue!

#1 Weight Loss!

No, I ain’t kidding. Move aside diets and visits to the clinic, move in Sunday morning rides for breakfast. Riding a motorcycle can help you lose up to 300 calories per hour. Sure, you’ll probably have to ride all day to make a meaningful dent in your weight, but isn’t that the point? Imagine going on a 2 week ride and coming home a few kilos lighter. I know of riders who regularly end up losing weight on long motorcycle trips.

Forget gym, just ride

Forget gym, there’s a better way to lose weight

#2 Happier You

Motorcyclists are the happiest people in the world! No I don’t have research to prove this but what else will the feeling of freedom, the wind in your hair, the rain splashing on your helmet, the clear skies and abundant scenery around you result in if not happiness? Oh but wait, motorcycling does release endorphins that boost the mood and improve your overall mental health. I really just want you to be happy. So ride maybe?



#3 Inner peace

Remember all the struggles Po had to go through to achieve inner peace in Kung Fu Panda? Well, all you need to know is how to ride a motorcycle. Then let it rain or snow, let it be hot or cold, let it be a ride through traffic or through curvy open roads, zen mode on, always! What’s more, you stop being embarrassed about your messed up hair, or walking into a restaurant all geared up, or shopping for groceries with one hand holding the helmet and the other pushing a trolley, you do it with pride. Because the moment you get on your bike again, none of the stress, none of the road rage, none of the ’embarrassing’ situations matter. It’s just you and your bike, and probably a whole bunch of groceries as well.

Doing yoga for inner peace is so old school...besides this looks painful

Doing yoga for inner peace is so old school; besides this looks painful

#4 You Can Fix it!

Did you know getting your motorcycle up and running is as easy as fixing a light bulb? Yes, just replace the broken parts with new ones and you are good to go—much like installing a new light bulb isn’t it? Before you close this page, let me clarify that there’s a lot more to fixing a motorcycle. It could be as simple as cleaning off the muck and grime, lubing the chain, fixing a puncture, tightening nuts and bolts, replacing the engine oil, fixing the clutch cables, replacing brake pads…aah. I could go on… It really is easy to maintain your motorcycle by yourself. Besides, your motorcycle will always love you back, no matter where you ride it, however high or low you ride. So get down and dirty and believe me, you’ll never want anyone else to fix your motorcycle ever again! Ok, unless you really want them to. Think hard about this.

Isolated roads don't scare us because fixing a bike is easy

Isolated roads don’t scare us because fixing a bike is easy

#5 Become Fitter

No, riding a motorcycle won’t give you a Schwarzeneggeresq body but it will improve your core strength. Your motorcycle, taking a wild guess here, is considerably heavier than you are. Steering the bike, moving it at slow speeds, riding in stop-go traffic and balancing the motorcycle, really does help strengthen muscles in the abdomen, results in lower knee problems, and even improves neck strength. Look at bikers and you will notice they are visibly fitter and better able to manoeuvre their bike, are seemingly more flexible and can easily pass a stress test for motorcyclists, if there was such a thing.

Okay this is exaggeration, but you will definitely get fit. We promise!

Okay this is exaggeration, but you will definitely get fit. We promise!

#6 Make Friends For Life

How many times have you stopped at a signal and ended up chatting with a fellow motorcyclist? How many of you have already been on group rides, long or short. Or call yourself part of a brotherhood or a sisterhood? There is just something about being a motorcyclist. You connect. Easily. Effortlessly. People who meet over motorcycles, usually end up being friends for life, or at least a lot more than Facebook friends. Being a motorcyclist is real. Your friends are real. The connection you have with other motorcyclists is real. It’s not just a connection with people but with everything around you as well.

Perks of riding? You have a lot of friends!

Perks of riding? You have a lot of friends!

#7 Freedom

When was the last time you became one with the environment at 50kmph and not the climate control air conditioned environment of your car? Riding a motorcycle is all about freedom. Riding a motorcycle is all about letting go. It’s about feeling one with nature. It helps you appreciate the little things in your life. It is in fact nearly impossible to articulate the feeling of riding a motorcycle…riding through old country roads, zipping past rice paddies, riding into the sunset—there is absolutely no parallel and no way I could possibly tell you how it really feels to ride. It gives you control. Of your actions. And all your senses are attuned to the singular objective of riding. You become one with your surroundings. Riding is about Freedom. Freedom from the daily grind, freedom from struggles, freedom from expectations. Riding gives you a sense of purpose, a purpose to live life the way it’s meant to be lived!

Riding a bike is almost like flying. It gives you freedom

Riding a bike is almost like flying

Well, that was it. 7 reasons why you should really be riding a motorcycle once you are done reading this article. So don your riding gear, lock in your helmet, climb on to your motorcycle and ride out. And tell us where you’re going so we could ask you to write your own reasons.

PS: Please do not ask for research papers, I didn’t do any research. I simply live the life of a motorcyclist, as a commuter, as a tourer, as a group member, and as family. I ride.

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