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Germany is not just the birthplace of Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Martin Luther King, and many other heavyweights. This popular European destination is where one can experience a roller coaster of visual treats, feasts and temptations! Join Cox & Kings, as we explore some of Germany’s soul-stirring landscapes, culturally rich hotspots, exquisite cuisine and more…


8 places you must absolutely visit on your trip to Germany

8 places you must absolutely visit on your trip to Germany

#1 Explore Berlin & The Third Reich Tale

Trademarked with vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, happening parties and fascinating history, Berlin showcases an interesting blend of old and new. Walking around the lively streets of Berlin is like opening a 3D textbook! To uncover these tales, visit the renowned Zeughaus museum. Built is 1706 as an armoury, today this museum is used to display Germany’s rich history. En route, make your way towards Tempelhof Airport, the fifth largest building in the world. Every stone here narrates the tale of Germany’s Third Reich era.


Berlin, a classic example of 'Modern yet Traditional'

Berlin, a classic example of ‘modern yet traditional’

#2 The World’s Longest Bar?  It’s Here, At Düsseldorf!

Hidden behind the mask of sophistication, lies the true face of Düsseldorf, where locals shed their business coats and party till the wee hours of morning! The shimmering nightlife of this city also boasts of the ‘longest bar in the world’. Well, actually, the old city neighborhood of Düsseldorf is home to a string of bars that occupy an entire street. Here, customers can be seen spilling out and squeezing in together to grab their favourite drink. However, one look at it and you can barely tell where one bar ends and another begins, hence the title!

Note: If time permits, do head to Königsallee. This urban boulevard in Düsseldorf is a lively shopping paradise that must not be missed!


The restaurants and bars are line along the Rhine river boardwalk

The vibrant restaurants and bars are lined along the Rhine river boardwalk

#3 It’s All About Food At Stuttgart!

Visiting Stuttgart is akin to entering food heaven! No matter which corner you turn, the streets are lined with classy restaurants, quaint pubs, stylish cafes and animated bars. Tourists can indulge in authentic German cuisine available at various restaurants like Délice, Olivo and Speisemeisterei. Good food is a criteria always met at Stuttgart.

Note: If you’re up for some dancing, this place also has some exclusive bars and clubs.

#4 Soak In Hamburg’s Undeniable Charm

Infused with an alluring spirit, Hamburg shines through the map of Germany. This port city welcomes its tourists with a scene right out of a postcard; swanky shopping arcades, unique landmarks, picturesque bridges, multicultural eateries and an exciting nightlife. The architecture, the menu, the environment of Hamburg is absolutely enticing. Here, make sure to explore the city’s numerous beautiful bridges and unique landmarks, such as the Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

Note: Do not miss reveling in the vibrant nightlife of Hamburg after sundown.


If this isn't postcard scenery, then we don't know what is!

A picture-perfect view of Hamburg

#5 Rejuvenate At Baden-Baden

What’s a vacation without some pampering? The little spa town of Baden-Baden located on the edge of the Black Forest is renowned for its splendid setting, old-world luxury and curative waters. Adorned with classic buildings, timeless villas, open air cafes, chic boutiques and pristine gardens, this town has hosted the likes of Obama, Bismarck, Queen Victoria and Victoria Beckham. In addition to the hot mineral springs, Baden-Baden also houses an impressive casino.

Note: Mountain Merkur, the highest point in Baden Baden offers breathtaking views of the Rhine River Valley and the Black Forest.

Little but tourist's favourite Baden- Baden

A tourist favourite Baden-Baden

#6 Oktoberfest & More At Bavaria!

A stroll around Bavaria is nothing less than stepping into a fairy tale, with its stunning castles, picturesque forests and flower-filled meadows. Featuring a backdrop of the majestic alpine mountains, it’s one of the most vibrant and culturally rich hotspots in Germany. In addition to its idyllic setting, Bavaria has a rich history, gorgeous wines, quirky attractions and, of course, the Oktoberfest which draws every type of traveller.

Note: This year, Oktoberfest will take place between September 19th to October 4th in Munich, Bavaria. Look forward to a fun carnival atmosphere, elaborate beer tents and about 80 rides!

The Oktoberfest is one of the most popular events in the world

The Oktoberfest is one of the most popular events in the world

#7 Visit Mountain Merkur For Picture Perfect Scenery

You need not worry about climbing this 2,191 foot mountain; the Merkur Funicular Railway will transport you to the top, in less than five minutes. As you reach the spot, soak in the breathtaking views of the Rhine River Valley and the Black Forest as you dine on the hilltop restaurant. Hiking enthusiasts also have an option of summiting the mountain by foot.

Note: On an excursion to Mt. Merkur, make sure to check out the game reserve, home to Fallow deer, Roe deer, and wild boars.

#8 Visit Friedrichsplatz For A Memorable Trip

Located in Mannheim and characterised with manicured lawns, lovely flower beds and Art Nouveau fountains; Friedrichsplatz is one of the largest and the most beautiful town squares of Europe. It is perfect for a stroll, to celebrate, relax and of course to be amazed too! If you find the town square mesmerizing in the day wait until the sun goes down. The 60m-high Wasserturm (Water Tower) comes alive with bright lights and colours, enchanting every passerby. Other than the water fountain, Mannheim is also home to high end fashion stores, along with exclusive pubs and bars.

With Manicured laws, dazzling fountains and picturesque scenery Friedrichsplatz aims for the heart

With manicured laws, dazzling fountains and picturesque scenery Friedrichsplatz aims for the heart

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