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Sandhya Balakrishnan’s wedding was a beautiful affair, but her trip to Bali with her husband was straight out of a vivid dream.

Read on to know how the newly-weds had an unforgettable holiday in paradise…


The ever- beautiful and welcoming Bali

The ever-beautiful and stunning Bali

After a three year long relationship, my boyfriend and I finally got our happy ending with a beautiful Hindu wedding ceremony at a temple. But the after-wedding rituals of our South Indian marriage lasted for about a whole week, and beat us up for good by the time we, newlyweds, were ready for our flight to Bali. On our arrival at the Bali International Airport, when our eyelids finally agreed to stay open, we headed to acquire our on-arrival visa. We then stepped out, free and flying for a week ahead in the heavenly island.

A great perk for tourists in Bali is the cab service, provided by the management of any destination you plan to visit there. We were picked up by the cab driver of Surya Inn, a simple yet elegant hotel located close to the Airport, where we temporarily bunked-in for a day. When I observed Bali from the cab, I felt her aura was more like that of our hometown, Chennai, only with a filter of retro-light laid over it.

Bali Sunrise

At sunrise, we walked to the Kuta beach, which was absolutely glorious. The sands glittered as the sun rays cascaded over the coast, and we could see the runway behind us. My husband had fun capturing candid pictures of planes flying next to my ears. The beach was rocky on its farther end, and we enjoyed hopping over the numerous crabs that dotted our path. The sunrise cast a spell of unbound beauty on the coastline.


Bali took us back to the days when watching planes on the runway was fun!

Bali took us back to the days when watching planes on the runway was fun!

Make sure you wake up early to enjoy a splendid sunrise at the Kuta Beach

Make sure you wake up early to enjoy a splendid sunrise at the Kuta Beach

Bali Rich Luxury Villa: Luxury At Its Best!

The next day, we headed to our big-budget resort which we had booked for four days – Bali Rich Luxury Villa. As its name suggests, this resort was a haven of splendour and luxury. We were greeted cordially by the staff with tropical fruit drinks at their sensational Balinese-themed lobby. We were then lead via a long cobbled pathway to our private villa, nestled amidst a neatly laid garden and a dazzling clear pool. The greenery complemented the elegant thatched roof, and mesmerized us with its grandeur. We found the room perfectly modernized with amenities catering to our various needs. The food was delicious, and we were treated like royalty!


Our big budget resort- Bali Rich Villa Resort

Our big budget resort- Bali Rich Villa Resort

A Cliff-Top Sunset

We visited the Pura Uluwatu or the Uluwatu Hindu temple located on a cliff-top, nearly 70 m above the sea. If you are at Bali, then do not miss this place, for here you can witness one of the most magnificent sunsets ever! You must be dressed appropriately, and a sarong and a sash are mandatory if you want to enter the temple’s holy premises. There are numerous monkeys on the way up, which according to legends protect the temple from evil. But these monkeys are quite mischievous, so do take care of your belongings.

The gateways and sculptures of the temple radiate the essence of Balinese architecture. We got to enjoy the Kecak dance at sunset, where performers depicted a scene from a Hindu epic via their dance. Initially they just went on “Chak chak chak”, which eventually transcended into a beautiful Balinese cadence. Watching the sunset over a cliff-top was a divine sight, and an indelible memory we cherish every day.


These little guys protect the temple from evil

These little guys protect the temple from evil

A Night With The Wild

We had booked a night expedition at the Bali zoo, and the zoo’s cab promptly picked us up from our hotel at 5 pm. It was perfect to experience the wild at night, at a safe distance. We began with feeding the elephants, and as twilight turned into nightfall our tour got more exciting. I posed with a wild species of owl perched on my hand, and my husband was part of a formation where all men bent down to let a wild hedgehog run over their backs. It was heartbreaking to see a three-legged tiger, who despite the disability looked as majestic as any tiger. This great night ended with dinner and entertainment. Artists performed an act on the ecological preservation of their habitat, and stressed the importance of our living in harmony with nature. Our night thrilling and fun-filled night in Bali zoo made us feel like kids again!

Into The Blue

The excitement we experienced upon reaching the Sanur, Denpasar beach is ineffable. We had signed up for walking in the sea, and other water sports. We got dressed in the appropriate suits that was provided by the staff, and were instructed on how to be safe throughout our jaunt of sea-walking. We were taken by a ferry to mid-sea. Just before getting into the water, huge oxygen helmets were balanced over our heads, and the next thing we saw was all blue. We were into the sea, and kept going further down till our feet touched the sea’s floor. To experience a walk amidst fishes of a million colours was almost, surreal. I was thrilled to meet Nemo in a sea anemone, just as he appears in the movie. I still get goose bumps when I reminisce that wonderful experience under the sea.


We'll never forget this surreal experience!

We’ll never forget this surreal experience!


We found Nemo!

We found Nemo!

Kissing A Happy Goodbye To Bali

We wrapped up our Bali visit with a rejuvenating afternoon at the Sundari spa. The hot stone massage and facial treatment elevated us subtly to heaven. We then shopped at the commercial marketplace around Kuta beach and stepped into the sands just in time for sunset. Yet another spectacular view of the sunset at Kuta was the best way to end our sensational Bali experience. As the sun set at the Balinese skyline, we could not help but feel the horizon emanating joyous wishes for the new life we  embarked upon together.


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