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Australia is one of the most admired travel destinations in the world. Australia tourism guarantees major backpacking, camping, road trips, improbable sightseeing, nightlife and audacious experiences to remember forever. The country is filled with unbelievable natural beauty – from Uluru to the Outback, rainforests to spotless white sand beaches, the world famous Great Barrier Reef to the vineyards speckled across the country, the list is never-ending. No wonder people who visit this country are head over heels in love with it. And if you are preparing to visit this sprawling country, here is an extensive Australia travel guide to help you plan your Australia trip.

Australia travel - australia trip - Great Ocean Road

Get lost in Australia’s charismatic exquisiteness.

Best Time To Visit Australia

Best Time To Visit Australia

Australia travel - australia trip - The Great Ocean Road

Australia is always a good idea.

Australia is one of the world’s biggest countries, so when to go depends wholly on your interest, preferences, budget and where you are going.

Summers hit in the months of December to February, which is a great time to get out in the open air to see national parks and take a dip in the beaches. Sydney and Melbourne are undoubtedly Australia’s best summer destinations. It is also the best time to visit Tasmania as the temperature is very mild and pleasing.

March to May is the Autumn season when the entire town of Canberra lights up with the sizzling flora and Melbourne gears up for Formula 1 Grand Prix. It is the ideal time to visit the Outback region, including the Uluru.

June to August marks the winter months in Australia when the country offers snow skiing amidst the Australian Alps. But if you are looking for a winter get away you can either go for snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef or to the Simpson Desert. The Spring season starts from September to November when the weather is pleasant and enjoyable and the travellers can watch out for beautiful blossoming flowers in the wineries. May to October is a dry season flaunting clear blue skies and days glinting with sunbeams. Outdoor markets, festivals and movies are a few attention-grabbing things to do during this season. The wet season from December to March has some downpours with a hot and a clammy climate. All in all there is never a bad time for your Australia tour.

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Travel Documents For Australia

Travel Documents For Australia

Tourists require the following documents to visit Australia:

  • A valid passport or any other suitable travel document.
  • A valid visa or authority to enter Australia (including electronic visa)
  • A completed and signed Incoming Passenger Card which includes health and character declaration.
  • Travel insurance for a safe and secure travel.
  • A valid air ticket to travel.

Where To Stay In Australia

Where To Stay In Australia

Australia travel - australia trip - Whitsunday Hamilton Island, Australia

You name it, Australia has it.

Australia offers every type of accommodation. From royal city hotels and lavish coastal resorts to warm comfy B&B’s and farm stays in the backwoods, there is a room to go well with every taste and budget.


If you are looking for outsized, superior quality, plush accommodation set amidst stunning ambience, staying at a resort is the best option. You can get pleasure from a massive range of services and activities to keep you craving for more.

Travel tip: These resorts are superb places to spend an idyllic honeymoon or any special occasion.


You can choose from a wide range of chic boutique Australia hotels have all major high-end international hotel brands with all kinds of facilities and comforts. Ratings vary from two to five stars and prices differ accordingly. Hotels in Australia are sure to make your stay a luxurious one.


Motels offer relaxing and comfortable mid-range lodging at reasonable prices. If you are travelling by car or even during road trips, stopping over at a motel is a better option.

Bed & Breakfasts

Australia proffers a number of family run guesthouses ranging from cottages, bungalows and townhouses. Stay at a B&B for a warm family feel and home cooked meals.

Serviced Apartments

If you are looking for ultimate, cost-effective opportunity while holidaying with family or a group, staying at a serviced apartment will suit you the most. They offer kitchen and laundry facilities and you can enjoy cooking your own meals too.

Farm Stays

Have you been longing to stay in a farm? Don’t worry, Australia will take care of your this desire too. Say goodbye to city life and enjoy simple countryside living. Make the most of ample open space and enjoy activities like fishing, horse riding, hiking and gardening. Farm stays range from basic beds underneath a tin roof to extravagant lodges on a sprawling farmhouse.

Caravans & Camping

Australia owns some of the best campsites in the world. And hiring a caravan is one of the best ways to go camping comfortably. It is an adventurous, beautiful and budget friendly way to travel around the country. Far from the maddening crowd, dining at a campfire, beneath the stars, amidst forests, what else you can ask for?


Hostels are also an economical option to stay in Australia. They offer dorm rooms, double rooms and family rooms for a comfortable stay.

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Travelling Within Australia

Travelling Within Australia

Australia travel - australia trip - A view of Sydney harbour

Enjoy Sydney’s natural beauty from recognizable landmarks to pristine beaches

Australia is a huge country with immense distances between major cities. Despite its size, it is easy to get around though it takes a little planning.


It is undoubtedly the priciest but definitely the easiest way to get around Australia. The country’s domestic airlines- Qantas, Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways and Jetstar serve most cities making it hassle free to travel between Australia’s ultimate destinations.

Travel tip: If you book early you can save on fares.


If you have time then travelling by bus is a comfortable, systematized and an economical way to do around the country. Greyhound Australia is the national bus service in the country.

Travel tip: Greyhound offers hop on hop off passes, short trip passes and flexible passes depending on the amount of kilometres you wish to travel.


Taxis are great when travelling within cities. Yellow Cabs and Black & White Cabs are the two largest taxi companies in the country. Taxis charge by the meter and the rates differ according to the time of the day. Uber is quite famous in Australia and usually cheaper than taxis. However if you are travelling between cities, it is easy with car rentals.


The best way to discover Australia is on a road trip. You will find car rental companies at airports and almost everywhere around the cities. So, hire a car, a motorbike or a caravan and blow the highway.


Australia travel - australia trip - train

Marvel at the scenic view as you travel

Travel by train to have a quintessential Australian experience. Train travel is convenient, reasonably priced and a relaxing way to explore Australia. Spectacular rail journeys in Australia are the Ghan travelling from Adelaide to Darwin and the Indian Pacific travelling from Sydney to Perth.

Travel tip: Be on a look out for rail passes covering the train network across Australia for great savings.


You will find lots of ferries dotted all over the country. In cities bound by harbours, such as Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney ferries have become an important part of the transport system. The ferry services provide a great option for travellers as city traffic is very common. Taking a ferry can make travel quicker and a lot more pleasurable.

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Things To Do In Australia

Things To Do In Australia

Australia- its beautiful, its brilliant, its stunning. One can go on and on about this incredible country. It is an amazing tourist destination offering a huge variety of attractions and activities for all tastes and ages. Whether you are looking for adventure, exploration, striking scenery, grand food and wine, events and traditions or islands and beaches to relax and unwind, there is nothing like a holiday in Australia. Still wondering what to do in Australia? Well, it is absolutely impossible to shortlist the Australia tourist places, here are a few must visit places.

Discover Marine Life In The Great Barrier Reef

Australia travel - australia trip - The Great Barrier Reef

Witness the underwater world at The Great Barrier Reef

It is the largest coral reef in the world. The colourful coral is mesmerising and one of the nature’s most astounding creations. It is a paradise for snorkelers and divers due to its incomparable array of marine life. The water is crystal clear which makes it an obvious reason to plan a visit to this natural wonder.

Travel tip: If you want to keep yourself dry, you can join a tour on a glass bottomed boat and enjoy mother nature’s beautiful creation.

Watch Stunning Sunrise At Ayers Rock, Uluru

Australia travel - australia trip - Ayers rock

Watching a sunrise over Uluru (Ayers rock) is an awe-inspiring experience

Located almost in the centre of Australia, it is the single biggest rock found in the world. It stands higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and is many times the size of the great pyramid in Egypt. Ayers Rock is the best part of the Australia’s Red Centre where you can go for a sunrise Uluru base walk or binge into an Aussie-style barbecue at sunset.

Travel tip: Ayers Rock is located in a desert, so hat, water and comfortable shoes are a must.

Witness The Magnificence Of Theatre Art At The Sydney Opera House

Australia travel - australia trip - Sydney Opera House!

Think Australia, think Sydney Opera House!

You don’t really have to be a music enthusiast to enjoy a visit to the magnificent Opera House. There are numerous ways to observe this architectural masterpiece- you can choose from a variety of guided tours, including the fantastic backstage tour, a theatre performance with dinner or dining along the waterfront before a night of ballet.

Travel tip: If you are not interested to do any of the above, the Opera House compound has restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and outdoor plazas to chill out.

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Places To Visit In Australia

Places To Visit In Australia

Choice of tourist places in Australia seem to be countless, from scenic destinations to culturally sopping sites, from cities bustling with commotion and confusion to destinations offering laid back and relaxed stays. Amidst this huge list of destinations there is always a problem of choosing a destination that is really worth a visit. Well, relieving you of this dilemma, here is a list of the best places to visit in Australia.


Australia travel - australia trip - -watersports

Sydney, a city that never sleeps.

Sydney, the largest city in Australia is filled with beautiful breath taking beaches, fun activities and loads of good food. Beaches like Coogie, Bondi and Manly are not to be missed if you are a water lover. Explore the Sydney Harbour by boat and see superb views of some of the city’s most legendary landmarks including Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and the Sydney Opera House. There are a number of museums to explore such as the Hyde Park Barracks Museum and the Art Gallery Of New South Whales while the Royal Botanic Gardens and The Rocks are perfect for a leisurely stroll.

Travel tip: If you are in Sydney around early March, do experience the colourful and lively sight of Mardi Gras.


Australia travel - australia trip - A fruit orchard in Melbourne

Marvel at the fruit orchard in Melbourne

Melbourne, the sporting and cultural capital of Australia is a vibrant and a cosmopolitan city. The city offers Victorian-era architecture, museums, art galleries, theatre and some beautifully landscaped parks and gardens. It has a sparkling craze for social eating and drinking which is reflected in all the restaurants serving up culinary experiences from all over the world. The city also has some of the best shopping and nightlife in Australia. Taste award winning craft beer, wine and spirits and explore the rich history of the city or just go cycling for an awe-inspiring landscape.

Travel tip: Melbourne is home to the free city circle tram which you can hop on and hop off anywhere along its course.

Gold Coast

Australia travel - australia trip - gold-coast

The stunning view of Gold Coast. Gorgeous, right?

Gold Coast is full of sun, surf and sand! The city is known for its sunny climate, sun kissed beaches, brilliant surfing, fantastic shopping and exciting nightlife. The glitzy nightclubs and huge casinos offer popular nightlife in Surfer’s Paradise while the nearby Hinterland offers a striking contrast with its relaxing environment and incredible views. Families love the centrally located world class theme parks, whale watching and river cruises.


Australia travel - australia trip - Cairns.

Adventure all the way to Cairns.

Cairns is Australia’s gateway to northern Queensland. Visit Cairns for the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas and Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforests. The city has some impressive cafes, bars, clubs, and eateries to suit all budgets. The Cairns City Esplanade is a picturesque boulevard that stretches for 2.5 kilometres and comprises of a swimming lagoon, waterfront boardwalks BBQ areas and a children’s water park. The city also offers exciting adventurous activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping and skydiving.

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Places To Eat In Australia

Places To Eat In Australia

Australia travel - australia trip - fish market

Give yourself a gastronomic treat.

Coming to Australia? How can you stay away from delicious mouth-watering assortment of cuisines the country offers? Australia has some local ingredients and a food culture that is persistently evolving and moulding international cuisines with an Australian twist. Try Asian street food at the Darwin Beach or a meat pie at Melbourne’s most celebrated sporting ground. If you like creative dining, do check out Qyay in Sydney and Attica in Melbourne. And if you happened to be in Australia in summers, you just can’t get away without having Australian mangoes in of course the Aussie style- by slicing the cheeks from each side, picking them up with your hands and eating the flesh inside. Seafood lovers can head to Tasmania for excellent quality seafood plucked straight from the southern Ocean. Wine lovers can set off to South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula for some best wine and restaurants. So, while you are here, experience Australia through your taste buds without worrying about your belly!

Nightlife In Australia

Nightlife In Australia

Australia travel - australia trip - Fireworks explode over Melbourne city

Fireworks explode over Melbourne city

Your trip to Australia is incomplete if you haven’t experienced its mind blowing nightlife. The country offers a plethora of party places to cater one and all. You will find the best of bars, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, strip clubs, live music and much more. There is so much fun in store for you in those alluring and glitzy streets that you will probably wish for the night to never end. Sydney is an excellent place for opera shows, karaoke bars and lounges. The city refuses to sleep with places like Grasshopper, Marquee and Chinese Laundry, which are open till midnight. Melbourne also promises to have a happening party scene with amazing places like the La Di Da. If you do not fancy loud music and noise, you can enjoy a lavish meal, under the stars on the open-air decks of Spirit of Melbourne cruise. Gold Coast is the heaven for party animals and undoubtedly has the best nightlife in Australia. From bars, pubs, clubs to quirky and eccentric lounges this place has it all. So, what are you waiting for? Go, set the world on fire!

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Communications And Connectivity In Australia

Communications And Connectivity In Australia

Can you use your mobile phone in Australia? Well, the answer is, yes, you can! There are two basic technologies in Australia used in mobile phones, GSM and CDMA. GSM is a SIM based phone and at present all Australian carriers support GSM. The major dissimilarity between both these technologies is that if you have a CDMA phone, you have no alternative but to accept the home carrier’s rates. But if you have a GSM phone, and it is unlocked, you can change the SIM to a local carrier or a dedicated travel carrier and save on roaming. Local SIMs are easily available all over the country. However, if you are travelling to another country you will not be able to use that SIM card without turning on international roaming.

Money In Australia

Money In Australia

Australia’s national currency is Australian dollars (AUD), which comes in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. Travellers are required to report any currency they are carrying of $10000 or more in Australian dollars or any foreign currency equivalent. Currency exchange is available at airports, hotels and banks. Credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express are widely recognized all over the country. It is advisable to carry multiple credit cards and little cash. Traveller’s cheques are not broadly accepted in Australia. Moreover traveller’s cheques have lost their value now that ATMs are more widespread.

Tips For Your Australia Tour

Tips For Your Australia Tour

Australia travel - australia trip

Australia is an extraordinarily beautiful place

  • Australia is very firm about getting things into their country. Fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat are not allowed.
  • If you are carrying any medicines, it is best to have a letter from your doctor stating the names of the medicines.
  • Australia is a sunny country, so carrying a hat, sunglasses, a sunscreen and light comfortable clothes is a must.
  • Australia is home to many dangerous creatures, so be careful while bush-walking , at the beach or even while watching kangaroos. They can be harmful if provoked.
  • Keep your passports and other important documents safely. It is advisable to make digital copies of all your important documents and email it to yourself or store in Google Documents.
  • Wearing a seat belt while driving is mandatory.
  • Stick to the speed limit while driving.
  • The emergency for police, ambulance and fire brigade is 000.

Wild and beautiful, Australia will stun you! Hope this Australia travel guide helps you to discover this continent conveniently!

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