Bali Tour: A Family Getaway To Paradise


What makes Bali one of the most sought-after destinations in the world? Anamika Singh and her family decided to find it out together in their Bali tour. They came back with a ‘Bali-glow’ that was hard to miss, and memories that are hard to forget. Let’s take a look at their travel journal and know best of Bali attractions and experiences!

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Handcrafted luxury escapes & spa breaks, Bali is fascinating!

After being away from my family for a long time, I decided to board the Singapore Airlines flight to join them in Jakarta (their current residence). What followed this was an impromptu family trip to one of the most stunning destinations in the world – Bali. Since Bali has a visa on arrival system, the entire travelling process went on without any hassles! After some much needed family time, we decided a date and caught a two hour flight to Bali’s Capital, Denpasar.

Bali Tour Day 1: The Journey

Tired and hungry, we were all ready to dig into some yummy food at the the Jayakarta Bali Beach Residence and Spa. But fate had different plans, and we got stuck in an hour long traffic! Finally, we arrived at our hotel where we chalked out our 5 day itinerary over lunch. Later, we went for a stroll to the nearby market at the Legian beach.

Kuta Beach

bali tour-trip-attractions-kuta beach

With beautiful clean and white sand beach, Kuta Beach is just like a holiday paradise

Thankfully, all the beaches at Bali are well-connected. Soon we reached Kuta Beach and settled at the Hard Rock Cafe with some nachos and hickory smoked chicken wings, and some cool music for company.

Bali Tour Day 2: The Exploration Begins

We woke up early the next day. Breakfast comprised of English, Chinese and Indonesian spreads with tropical fruits, lots of cakes and pastries. After finishing our breakfast we took a cab to the Batubulan Village where we saw the famous Barong dance.

Batubulan Village

bali tour-trip-attractions-The absolutely magical Barong Dance

The absolutely magical Barong Dance

The Barong dance features a battle between the Barong, the king of spirits (a lion-like character) and Rangda, the demon queen and mother of all spirits guardians in Balinese mythology. The dance depicts the continuous tussle between good and evil.

After the performance we went to see stone carvings in Batubulan village. Here you can find artisans carving stone, in both traditional and modern styles.

bali tour-trip-attractions-celuk

Bali handicraft wooden horse Celuk

Celuk was next on the agenda. Celuk is famous for the artistic gold and silver items crafted by its villagers. We also visited the Batuan village, which is famous for its artists as well as beautiful traditional and modern paintings. Next up was the Mas village, which is famous for its intricate wood carvings. I made sure to pick up some pretty souvenirs from this place for my friends back home.

Mt. Batur at Kintamani

Woah! The active volcano Mt. Batur at Kintamani

A glimpse of the active volcano Mt. Batur at Kintamani

The countryside scenery that you encounter on the way to Kintamani is beautiful. Since, it is situated in the hills, the weather here is cool and pleasant. It was lunch time when we reached Kintamani and saw the active volcano of the mount of Batur. Later, we had lunch in a local restaurant with beautiful views of the mountains in the background.

Trishna Bali, Agrowisata

This is what step farming looks like!

This is what step farming looks like!

On our way back we stopped at a coffee plantation at Trishna Bali, Agrowisata. We got some Kopi Luwak, a peaberry coffee, which was made by collecting the coffee beans eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. Sounds gross, yes, but it is delicious and the most expensive coffee in the world! We passed by Tegalalang where we saw beautiful rice terrace fields. By the time we reached our hotel it was dinner time. After the dinner we went to the famous Bounty Club where we met people from different countries, danced and enjoyed the night life of Bali.

Bali Tour Day 3: Adventure Of A Lifetime

We woke up to the sight of rain on our window panes. Without letting the weather dampen our plans, we headed to Telega Waja Rafting where we changed and put on the life jackets, helmets and oars given to us by our guide. There were four of us in the boat, including our well-trained and wonderful guide.

Telega Waja Rafting

 bali tour-trip-attractions-Rafting

Enjoy the adrenaline rush while you raft

We started the journey with a big cheer. I was very excited as this was the my first attempt at river rafting. The entire path was selected in such a way that it was suitable for any age group. The scenic beauty was inexplicable! Though this was a fun ride, I found the long climb back to the rafting check at the Centre pretty tiresome. After a getting fresh, we enjoyed lunch, and the arrangement was quite good. By the time we reached our room it was evening. So we rested in our room and had Italian cuisine for dinner at the Zanzibar restaurant in Bali.

Bali Tour Day 4: The Royal Treatment

After all the exploration and adventure, we decided to treat our aching limbs with  Balinese Spa treatment. The masseuses only used natural ingredients and was truly God sent!

Ubud Palace

bali tour-trip-attractions-ubud palace

The stunning palace is regarded as the focal landmark of Ubud

Fully relaxed and content, we headed towards Ubud. On our way, we made pit-stops at the nearby villages and marveled at the rice fields. One interesting thing we noticed was the sight of women carrying offerings of food baskets on their heads to the village temple. We also visited the Ubud Palace that shows heavy influences of Balinese style architecture. Preparations were in full swing for the royal cremation which was due for next week. These cremations are considered the most magnificent in the world! We could clearly see why, with the artisans making the grand cremation tower!

Pura Tanah Lot Temple

bali tour-trip-attractions-pura tanah temple

Pura Tanah Temple has a cultural significance to the Balinese which makes it all the more awe-inspiring

Finally it was time to go and shop at the Ubud Art Market. My family then had to literally drag me away from the market, as they wanted to see the sunset from the famous Pura Tanah Lot temple. One of Bali’s attractions, Pura Tanah temple is spectacular in its own way. The tower of rock that the temple sits upon has its own authentic charm and with rich hisrory, drool-worthy sea shore and amazing sight seeing, this place is truly mesmerising.

Bali Tour Day 5: Sun & Sand, Favourite Bali Attraction

Day 5 was here, and with it came the realisation that our family trip was nearly over! With an intention to make the best of our last day in Bali, we made our way towards the Legian Beach to watch the sunrise.

Legian Beach

Sun, sand and water- A perfect formula for an amazing holiday

Sun, sand and water- A perfect formula for an amazing holiday

Painted in warm yellow hues; the beach certainly did look pretty! We spent our morning frolicking in the water, and watching the waves play peek-a-boo! For lunch, we decided to walk to Kuta Beach for some mouth-watering Indian Food at Queen’s of India. While returning to our hotel, we made a stop at the Ground Zero Memorial, a tribute to the victims of 2002 Legian bombing.

It was finally time to bid goodbye as we rushed to our hotel to collect our bags and head to the airport.

Other Things To Do In Bali Trip

  • Balinese food: If you love spicy food, try a dish called Betutu with Nasi Campur. Vegetarians must try Balinese Gado Gado.
  • Adventure: You can enjoy snorkeling, diving, walking in the sea, river rafting, surfing, sky diving, climbing Mount Batur and cycling around Ubud.
  • Entertainment: Make sure to watch the Rangda and Kecak dance at Barong.
  • Night life: Kuta, Seminayak and Legion offer everything a traveler is looking for! Bounty club, F-Lounge, Hard Rock Cafe, Bacio, etc are just some of the places which attract young travellers and Balinese youth. This place is also a popular amidst young fashion designers and artists.

Almost everything in Bali has a spiritual meaning and has a calming effect on your soul. Visit Bali, it will bedazzle you!

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