Cycling Tours In These 3 Bike Friendly Cities Is A Must!


Copenhagenize Design Co, a bicycle culture inclined urban design company based in Denmark, released the new edition of their bike-friendly cities guide. They ranked 150 cities from around the world, according to various criteria such as perception of safety, bicycle culture, bicycle facilities, cycling tours and routes, infrastructures, social acceptance and more. Here’s a look at three of their top-rated cities.

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A row of colourful bikes on a street in Europe

Cycling Tour In Copenhagen, Denmark

About a third of the population of Copenhagen, Denmark, use a bike to commute to work, in their social life, to do errands, etc. The bike culture is deeply rooted in Copenhagen’s mentality and cycling is much facilitated by infrastructure and great urban design. One of the many initiatives taken by the Danish government to encourage cycling is that you can rent a bike for free! To use a public bike, you just need to pay a security deposit, which will be reimbursed the minute you return the bicycle.

Worth mentioning as well is that Copenhagen is home to the community of Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood, completely independent from the Danish government, where cars are banned.

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Cycling Tour In Montreal, Canada

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Enjoy stress-free cycling in the lanes of Montreal

No city in the US or in Canada made it in Copenhagenize’s top 20 bike friendly cities…except for Montreal. Quebec’s largest and most vibrant city has the honour of North America’s most bike friendly city–and with bike paths winding across all of town since as early as the ‘80s, Quebec’s metropolis has been so for a while.

There are over 2000 miles of bike lanes in Montreal, and the city is planning to expand the cycling network some more. Bicycles are widely used by Montrealers, to commute to work as well as for everyday activities. Visit Montreal during the summer and you’ll be convinced of cycling’s popularity with amazing cycle routes or bike routes!

The Montreal Bixi (a cross between ‘bicycle’ and ‘taxi’) concept, a public bicycle sharing system, has been sold to dozens of cities in the world, including Boston, Melbourne, Chicago and London.

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Cycling Tour In Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Riding a bike is a great Amsterdam experience

According to Copenhagenize, “Amsterdam does almost everything right”. The amount of bicycle traffic is quite impressive in the capital of the Netherlands. And, when compared to cities like Montreal for instance, where riding a bike can be a bit of a stressful experience, in Amsterdam, cycling tours is done in a safe atmosphere, it is relaxed and very mainstream. Thanks to a remarkably flat landscape and a wide network of in-city bike lanes that forms as a perfect cycle routes or bike routes, over 40% of Amsterdam’s population uses a bicycle as the main means of transportation.

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