Experience Indian Cuisine With A Twist In Delhi


Over the last couple of decades, Indian cuisine has reached far and wide, and is appreciated across the world. Restaurants across the world serve variants of Indian dishes, which are so rich and so diverse in nature, that there are countless culinary delights and cooking styles. If you look at it technically, there is no such thing as “Indian cuisine”, as there are various methods and fundamentals of cooking which differentiate food from one region from another – By Neha Mathur

Indian cuisine and Delhi food - daal baati

The delectable Rajasthani food – Daal Baati Choorma. Dig in!

For instance, food from Rajasthan is supposed to be heavy in gram and chilly, ingredients which are easily available in a harsh desert environment. In the adjoining region, Punjab, people consume seasonal farm vegetables and foods which are rich in butter and ghee, which is needed for farmers working in the fields. Delhi food, is an amalgamation of a lot of the North Indian styles of cooking, and you will find a good mix of flavours from various regions of North India.

Delhi food must be treated as an experience in itself, as there is such a variety and authenticity of local dishes. Let’s find out how to experience Indian cooking with a twist!

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Delhi Food – At Its Best

1. Experience The Pure Goodness Of “Ghar Ka Khana” (Home Cooked Food)

Delhi food - ghar ka khan

Gorge in sumptuous ‘Ghar Ki Roti & Sabji’

Indian mothers are known for one thing – feeding kids at all times! Indians living away from home have one common complaint, that they cannot find Indian dishes like what is cooked at their home. Most Indian kids boast with pride about a particular dish that no one can make better than their mom! Indian homes give a lot of emphasis on food, and proper eating habits. Most meals have at least one daal, one vegetable or non-vegetarian dish, and freshly made rotis. Experience a traditional home cooked meal of Delhi food with a local family, and you will leave a couple of grams heavier at least! Delhiites show their love and hospitality by feeding the guests, and it really is a delight to enjoy a home cooked meal with a family!

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2. Take A Group Cooking Demo & Class

Indian cuisine - delhi food - cooking

Master the skill of cooking your favourite Indian cuisine in Delhi

Recognising the joy of Indian cuisine, there are now cooking studios around Delhi, that take you through the experience of basic cooking  techniques in an enjoyable setting. One such place, Tastesutra, is a wonderful culinary experience, conducted by a pleasant facilitator who teaches you about the basics of Indian cuisine. It takes you through the etiquette of eating Indian meals and provides an engaging ambience for a fun cooking session. As you get your hands-on Indian cooking experience, you learn about the nuances of the cuisine and the common techniques that is known to most home cooks in India!

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3. Go Shopping For Spices At A Local Spice Market


Colorful spices sometimes look so appealing, you might wonder if they are edible

Every Indian home has a spice container – a round box with little compartments, filled with the most commonly used spices needed for Indian cooking. Spices, which attracted the world to India centuries ago, and influence cooking across the world today, are what make Indian cooking what it is. A good cook understands how to make the perfect blend of different flavours, which result in delectable flavours. Home cooks are so accustomed to adding various spices, that they don’t even need to measure it, and add them with “andaaz” or an estimate. Learn about the different kinds of spices by taking a tour of a local spice market – from turmeric to cumin, from fennel seeds to asafoetida, every spice serves a purpose in Indian cooking, and it is intriguing to learn about the nuances!

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4. Watch Live Cooking At A Street Food Stall

Indian cuisine and Delhi food - Chandni Chowk

A variety of street food can be seen and tasted in Chandni Chowk

There are lots of great places to eat in Delhi and experiencing street food in Delhi is an excellent way to check out live cooking. Have gol gappe at one of the popular chaat places (Bengali Market, Chandni Chowk, Kamla Nagar are some popular places to eat in Delhi for good street food). One can easily spot a large flat pan, which is lined with aloo tikka or delicious spicy potato cutlets, cooked and served fresh from the pan! You can also try steaming hot jalebis straight from the piping hot oil kadhai. Street food in Delhi opens you to live cooking , and is usually consumed fresh off the fire. This food experience is must and will leave you wanting for more!

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5. Take A Class About Indian Cooking On A Barbeque

Delhi Barbeque

Take a class on barbeque recipes and techniques

While the Indian curries are well known, the Indian marinades and grilled dishes are still not as popular. The tandoor, which is the traditional clay oven, is used to cook a variety of breads and meats. From succulent tandoori chicken to the deliciously soft naan bread, there are a number of barbeque dishes that Delhi is known for. You can take a class on barbeque recipes and techniques at the Weber store, or just observe the expert cooks at the local dhaba as they skillfully marinate, and cook on the traditional Tandoor.

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There are plenty of places to eat in Delhi and the people will gladly and proudly take you through the unique techniques and styles of cooking. You will leave with valuable notes and a quenched appetite for sure. And the next time someone asks you about Delhi food, you will have so many more stories to tell!

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