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April 1, 2018


We’ve all heard the saying, “Getting there is half the fun”. But where exactly is “there”? Our Explore series tells you where to go, how to get there, and what to do when you arrive. Let’s discover Elephant Beach of Andaman Islands.

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Elephant Beach, Andaman Islands

elephant beach-andaman islands-havelock island

A picturesque landscape awaits you at the Elephant beach in Andaman islands

Backpacker’s paradise or Havelock island as we call it, tempts tourists from all over the world with snow-white beaches, a coast crammed with beach huts and some of the best diving experiences in South Asia. Encompassing all the stunning features of Havelock island, Elephant beach, radiates a beautiful and tranquil landscape. They say ‘good things in life don’t come easy’, and so, the path to Elephant beach in Andaman islands isn’t exactly smooth. The journey to this perfect getaway is filled with adventure, and involves trekking through a dense jungle or a speed boat with wind blowing through your hair. Sounds great, doesn’t it!

What To See In Elephant Beach:

Upon reaching the Elephant beach, the sight that greets you will get you planning your next visit even before you are done with this one! Enjoy the serene environment as you stand on the white sandy beach with sapphire waters playing peek-a-boo with your feet. Famous for snorkeling and glass bottom boat rides, this beautiful beach is equipped with an amazing coral reef that starts at a depth less than a metre – a feature unique only to the Andaman Islands.

elephant beach-andaman islands-havelock island-Snorkeling

Snorkeling at its absolute best at the Elephant beach. Image credit: andamans.gov.in

If you aren’t into adventure, enjoy a quiet picnic as you gaze into the horizon. When the setting sun casts a yellow-orange hue, the spellbinding image is reflected on the clear, mirror-like surface of the water. This is sure to be a sight that will be etched in your mind for a really long time…

How To Get There:

Elephant beach is located in one corner of Havelock Island, approximately 20 minutes away from the Havelock Island dock. To get to this stunning corner, catch a boat ride or if you are feeling adventurous follow a steep, but a short 30 minute trek on a jungle path.

elephant beach-andaman islands-havelock island- travelling adventure

An adventurous journey will lead you to this; definitely worth all your time! Image credit: andamans.gov.in

When To Visit:

There’s no better weather to explore Andaman than spring! Elephant beach during the months between October to May is absolutely captivating, as the flora is in full bloom. Step into this ethereal world of natural glory and calming greenery.

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