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No other destination spells ‘cool’ better than Goa. And when someone shops for clothes to wear in Goa, you can feel the excitement in them. Here you can create your own style, based on your fashion sensibilities and comfort level. Be it hip evening wear or chic casuals for the day — you can play around with accessories, footwear and apparel to create that perfect Goa look! Apart from the right holiday spirit to soak in the sun and the easy relaxation that only Goa offers, there are a few things you absolutely must pack. These 10 Goa veterans speak to Avantika Bhuyan about essential items like beach dresses to wear in Goa, sunscreen, sunglasses and flip flops, which can make or break a beach holiday.

Abhishek Parab, 28

Gym Instructor, Talwalkars, Mumbai

Clothes to wear in Goa for Abhishek.

For Abhishek, it is always about colourful and fun dressing!

“My ‘must pack’ list for a Goa holiday includes lots of colourful clothing. I am a beach freak who likes to spend most of my time by sea, so its shorts, sleeveless tees, body lotion, slippers and sunglasses for me. And, of course, lots of money! It’s like they say, when preparing to travel, you should lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money!”

Ruam Mukherjee, 29

PR- Online Communications Professional, Bengaluru

Jumpsuits, playsuits, shorts and t-shirts are ideal for clothes to wear in Goa

According to Ruam Mukherjee, sunglasses and t-shirts are ideal for a Goa beach.

“Jumpsuits, playsuits, shorts and t-shirts are ideal for clothes to wear in Goa during the day. But, don’t forget to add sunscreen, sunglasses and a big straw hat to your must-pack list. I would also carry along a short dress or a maxi-dress for the evenings, when the weather is pleasant and the temperatures come down. If someone asks clothes to wear in Goa for women, I would gladly suggest beach dresses. My fashion tip would be to either pack or pick a sarong up from the local shops near the beach. Not only are they the perfect comfort-wear, sarongs can be easily draped over a swimsuit. And who says comfort wear can’t be accessorised? Large bead necklaces and silver jewellery can be paired with any outfit. Open-toe sandals, Havaianas and flip flops are ideal for a beach stroll, while a bright pair of sneakers work well for an early morning jog.”

Pooja Trehan Dhamecha,

Founder – Prestaurants, Mumbai

From beach dresses to fashion accessroes, Pooja suggests clothes to wear in Goa for ladies/women

Pooja Dhamecha’s favourites for a Goa beach holiday are tank-tops and trendy sunglasses

“One dons a whole new wardrobe in this land of beaches. My personal favourites are shorts and tank-tops, off-shoulder dresses and halter necks. However, if I had to pick one piece of apparel for comfort wear, it would have to be the simple shirt dress with sneakers. It’s ideal for walking around the beaches and can be teamed up with accessories, when partying. Or just pair it with some heels and head to the casino. The few other things that I simply must pack along with clothes to wear in Goa, are sunscreen, trendy eye-wear, flip flops and stunning swimwear! When it comes to my three-year-old son, I would carry along swim trunks, a cap, water toys and open sandals. Also, baby sunscreen is a must. I would pack shorts and cotton t-shirts for him as well.”

Amrith Padmanand, 23

PR- Communications Professional, Mumbai

When in Goa, Amrith Padmanand likes to keep it simple and comfortable .

When in Goa, Amrith Padmanand likes to keep it simple and comfortable.

“My choice of clothes to wear in Goa would be quite simple. I would pack in a couple of shorts, jerseys and three-fourths, to be paired with a good shirt. Colours like light blues, blacks and maroon reds would work very well in Goa. I’d also carry along a set of jeans and chinos for parties, and of course, my blue Hawaiian shirt to add to the feel.”

Plabita Dey Sarkar, 23

Intern, Laqshya Live Experiences, Mumbai

For Plabita, packing a sunscreen is a must with her selective clothes to wear in Goa

For Plabita Sarkar, packing a sunscreen is a must!

“The idea is to be comfortable in Goa, so I would carry along shorts, t-shirts and chappals. I have carried beach dresses in the past but ended up wearing shorts to clubs as well. Sunscreen is an absolute must-pack; anything else gets too irritating.”

Arijit Sengupta, 34

Advertising Professional, Faridabad

Arijit Sengupta swears by a good pair of sunglasses to pack for a perfect Goa trip!

Arijit Sengupta always picks comfy shirts and a good pair of sunglasses for the perfect Goa trip

“I would definitely pack my floral shirt, shorts, straw hat and my swimming trunks. Also, I would take a beach bag, a pair of cool sunglasses and mosquito repellent. And of course, lots of Gelusil to help digest all the irresistible seafood.”

Ashrrita Chinchankar, 29

Senior Trainee Pilot, Air India, Mumbai

A sarong or a cover-up scarf is definitely a YES for Ashrrita and a MUST for clothes to wear in Goa

A sarong or a cover-up scarf is definitely a YES for Ashrrita Chincharkar

“Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must. Also, I would carry along a huge tote bag for beaching around. I would definitely pack a beach towel, sarong or a cover-up scarf and bikini, along with an extra pair of slippers as my beach basics.”

Prutha Rajeshirke, 30

Freelance Production Manager, Mumbai

For Prutha, what matters the most are comfortable and basic essentials!

Prutha Rajeshirke loves basic essentials because comfort is what matters most

“I generally pack a lot of skirts, shorts, t-shirts, dresses — all strappy clothes — for clothes to wear in Goa trip; I would carry jeans along only if I were going in December. My personal favourites are leggings with a tank-top or with long t-shirts. Comfort is a must in Goa, hence I carry along basic flats instead of heels. You would find me chilling in chappals, with minimal accessories as most of my time is spent on the beach. Even if one is going clubbing at night, skirts work best. If I had to, I would maybe take one statement neckpiece and cool earrings. Also, I always pack my sunglasses and sunscreen as it gets really hot in Goa.”

Manavi Kapur, 28

Journalist, New Delhi

Manavi Kapur prefers baggy shirts and shorts over Bikini for Clothes to wear in Goa.

Manavi Kapur prefers baggy shirts and shorts to bikinis in Goa

“While most women that I know are busy choosing bikinis prior to their Goa trip, I mostly go to Sarojini Nagar to hunt for baggy shirts and shorts for clothes to wear in Goa. It can get really humid in Goa and cotton is my best friend during the trip. While flip flops are trendy, it’s best to get footwear with a backstrap so that you don’t lose grip on the sand. A sunscreen with minimum SPF 50 is a must for the face.”

Shweta Taneja,

Author, Bengaluru

Shweta's choice of accessories includes danglers, a few bangles/bands, a bandana and a floppy hat.

Shweta Taneja swears by shorts and t-shirts, with danglers for accessories, when in Goa

“I keep going back to the easy beaches of Goa and can’t get enough of them. I usually carry two to three pairs of shorts and lots of t-shirts and flip flops. Things keep getting sandy and wet when you are on the beach, so carry extra clothes to wear in Goa– lots of them. That includes underwear as well. I carry two swimming costumes — a sexy one that shows off the body that I have built up in the gym for the pool and one for the beach. I hate wearing the same costume in the resort pool. My choice of accessories includes danglers, a few bangles/bands, a bandana and a floppy hat.
A spooky thriller or a detective fiction is an absolute necessity for someone who feels incomplete without a book in their hands. I take my Kindle everywhere I go in Goa — be it to the beach, morning breakfast, the washroom, the hammock or to dinner. It’s always there in my bag along with the lip gloss. I also carry my sunscreen, moisturiser, shampoo and deodorant as I hate the things the resorts provide. With salty water and the sun, your skin dries and tans like crazy. And your hair becomes a mess. The bandana is of immense help there. Other than these, I carry along easygoing block-print cotton dresses for the evening. I would hate anything other than thin, fine cotton to touch my body in the tropical weather. Also a must is a notepad and pen to jot down all those million-dollar ideas that strike me; and my smartphone, of course. I love Instagram (@shwetawrites) and like my photos to be quick and hassle-free.”


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Location: Goa, India

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Currency: Indian Rupee

Food & Drink: Fried Fish, Rice, Curry, Curd-Rice, Sol Kadhi, Feni, Armada, Port Wine, etc.

Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)

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