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Looking for a luxury getaway, but want to be close to nature? How about camping in the enchanting mountains of Ladakh? Wait, did we say camping? We meant glamping!

Forget camping, go glamping in Ladakh

Forget camping, go glamping in Ladakh

Glamping? What’s That?

While camping is a popular activity, there can be several hardships involved. Pitch your own tent… build a fire… fight annoying insects… battle the elements! *gasp*

Enter glamping which can sweep away all your worries! An amalgamation of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’, glamping is the perfect way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing your comfort. Tents are temperature controlled, you get served gourmet food, and some camps even have a personal butler at your beck and call.

Where Can You Experience Glamping?

TUTC’s Chamba Camps in Ladakh are just what you need!

Imagine waking up to a view like this every morning

Imagine waking up to a view like this every morning


The Ultimate Travelling Camp introduces you to exciting adventures in exceptional locations that span across the mountains, deserts, jungles and unexplored countryside of India.

At TUTC’s Chamba Camp, Thiksey and Diskit, you’ll wake up in an uber luxurious tent that opens up to a world of ancient monasteries, cobalt blue lakes, nomadic tribes and snow-capped mountains.

Not only does TUTC redefine luxury, it gets you acquainted with the Ladakhi culture through an array of rich experiences. Some of them include:

  • River rafting & archery
  • A private seance session with a Ladakhi oracle
  • A chance to witness the traditional fanfare associated with the game of Polo
  • A tour of the region’s fascinating monasteries
  • A camel safari in the Hunder sand dunes of Nubra Valley
  • A peek into the Balti culture with a visit to Turtuk, the last village before Pakistan

Still Not convinced? Take A Look…

The tents are 1088 sq.ft and come with a heating and cooling system to help you stay comfortable at all times!

TUTC Chamba Camp in Ladakh

Your own private en-suite bathroom with a shower stall that opens up to amazing views

TUTC Chamba Camp in Ladakh

Each tent has its own private veranda. A perfect spot to raise a toast to the stars!

TUTC Chamba Camp in Ladakh

Along with all modern amenities, the tents are adorned with the most luxurious fabrics and decor items

TUTC Chamba Camp in Ladakh

Oh and if you wish to celebrate a special occasion here, the camps can be customised to suit your requirements

TUTC Chamba Camp in Ladakh

So are you ready for a luxury experience beyond par?

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