Infographic: Snow Leopard Trek


The Hemis National Park in Ladakh attracts a number of trekking and adventure enthusiasts every year. At an elevation of around 4,100m, this famed national park covers Rumbak Valley. It is also home to several rare species like Tibetan wolves, blue sheep, horned sheep, Eurasian brown bears, and even the Golden Eagle and other migratory birds. But the most majestic of the lot is the snow leopard. Join us as we cross mountains and brave the icy cold in search of the elusive snow leopard.

Here’s everything you want to know about the journey:

Snow Leopard Trek

Fact File On Ladakh

Location: Jammu & Kashmir
Official Language: Ladakhi, Tibetan, Urdu, Balti
Currency: Indian Rupee
Food & Drinks: Thukpa, Tsampa, Skyu, Gurgur Cha
Time zone: UTC+05:30

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