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Singapore, one of the most modern countries of Asia may be geographically small, but is an absolute stunner when it comes to tourist attractions. From scintillating skyscrapers to magnificent resorts, the country offers its travellers a delightful experience.

Shakuntala Sikawat’s family chose the Singapore package by Cox & Kings to visit this extravagant destination, and they returned with quite a few happy memories.

Here are highlights from her amazing trip…

The Splendid Singapore! ; Leonid Yaitskiy,

The Splendid Singapore! ; Leonid Yaitskiy,

#1 Night Safari

I was totally fascinated by the concept of ‘Night Safari’, and couldn’t wait for the adventure to begin. We stepped on to the tram but were a little afraid as it was open from the sides, and we were about to enter into the naturally set up habitat of wild animals.

We came across several species of animals, some of them we didn’t even know existed! It was a surreal experience to ride deeper into the wilderness every minute.


My family all excited for the night safari!

My family all excited for the night safari!

#2 Merlion Park

The view from Merlion park across Marina Bay was simply engulfing. We were in complete awe of the beauty and tranquility it radiated. Everyone was in a rush to take pictures at this landmark spot of Singapore, and so were we. All we could hear at this place was, click! click! and more click!

#3 Sentosa

Oh, this place was not less than a paradise! We spent an entire day at the island, enjoying the different, fun-filled activities. A walk through the SEA Aquarium gave us a glimpse of life in the sea, which was truly splendid.

From the top of the Tiger Sky Tower, we witnessed a panoramic view of the island and the length of Singapore skyline; it was simply breathtaking! Later in the evening, we were transported to a another magical world with the show, ‘Wings of Time’.

Let me tell you, you will want to come to this corner of Singapore again and again, and yet it wouldn’t be enough!


The huge Tiger Sky Tower

The huge Tiger Sky Tower

The enchating light and water show!

The enchanting Light & Water show!

#4 Universal Studios

This was a place that took my adrenaline rush to a whole new level. I hopped onto many rides and screamed my heart out with joy and excitement. Also, we took a thrilling river raft ride that left us all drenched, but it was completely worth it!

End of the day, I was tired but didn’t want to leave the magnificent studios at all!


The real thrill begins here, at Universal Studios!

The real thrill begins here, at Universal Studios!

#5 Mustafa Centre

One day was at leisure; so we decided to visit the 24/7 shopping centre, Mustafa. From cheap branded electronics to stylish outfits, this place proved to be a haven for shopaholics. Our time vanished as soon as we walked through the doors of this behemoth shopping centre. A must-visit, for anyone who wants to buy quality items at a very reasonable price.


Purchase all you want at Mustafa Shopping Centre!; HelloFoto77,

Purchase all you want at Mustafa Shopping Centre!; HelloFoto77,

Singapore is no less than a dream destination. I’m still amazed at how well the country is planned. I was even surprised by some of its disciplinary rules like ‘chewing-gum ban’ and ‘no-honk rule’. Be aware of such rules before you swoop into the country.

This developed nation with crazy adventure scenes and skyscrapers enchanted me! Finally, I can tick off this place from my bucket list.

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