Photo Blog: Majestic Views Of Kashmir


Rightfully called as heaven on earth, Kashmir is a place where icy cold river gushes through the colossal green mountains, meadows bloom into a bouquet of flowers, ice-capped mountains hug the clouds and the valleys so surreal, you’d think you are in paradise . Definitely if there’s heaven, it is here.  Take a look at my story through my camera lens – By Akbar Faruki

Gulmarg, The Spectacular Meadow


During Spring, Gulmarg is covered with a blanket of flowers of various kinds

Songmarg, The Golden Meadow


It is one of the most beautiful valleys you will ever come across

A Secret Cave Under The Sonmarg Glacier


Right under the Songmarg glacier flows a stream of icy-cold water, creating a secret cave into the glacier base

Gushing Waters Of Jhelum River


The sight and the sound of the mighty Jhelum river is truly breathtaking

White Water Rafting At Pehelgam


Feel the adrenaline rush in the rivers flowing in and around Pahalgam by rafting in its gentle gradients

The Valley Of Shepherds


Pehelgam, a peaceful place, you just want to give in to the serenity

The Beautiful Betab Valley


The famous Beta Valley, named after the movie Betab which was shot in this beautiful green valley

The Fabulous Mughal Garden


The step garden of Nisha Bagh, one of the most beautiful Mughal gardens in India, has 12 layers of beautiful Persian architecture

Kashmiri Breads – Czot, Lavasa And Katlam


Czot, Lavasa and Katlam, Kashmiri breads are truly a price of art.

Vibrant And Glorious Shikaras


These beautiful carved, sleek and colourful shikaras are your ride in the beautiful Dal Lake

The Floating Market Of Dal


The floating market of Dal Lake offers a wide range of Kashmiri art and handicrafts

Stunning Sunset At Dal Lake


The Golden sunset and its reflection on the expanse of Dal lake, make the entire valley look like a shining pot of gold.

Gorgeous Kashmir


Need I say more?

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