Steal Deal: Ultimate Glamping In Ladakh


Cox & Kings wants you to explore the warmth of this summer as you go glamping in Ladakh – a magical paradise. Smile under clear blue skies, tread across dramatic mountainous terrains, and be redeemed by the euphoria of Ladakh’s summertime sunshine. Embrace the spirituality that thrives in its iconic monasteries, meet locals who inspire, and traverse the land that has smitten many.

This is TUTC's breathtaking and ultra-luxurious camp at Thiksey, Ladakh known as 'The Champ Camp' that redines 'glamping' to a whole new level.

TUTC’s breathtaking and ultra-luxurious Chamba Camp at Thiksey, Ladakh, redefines glamping

Want to go Glamping In Ladakh?

The Ultimate Travelling Camp has a lot in store for you!

Here’s how you can indulge and pamper yourself in supreme luxuries, while you explore the many legends, shades and flavours of Ladakh. Come and delve into an unparalleled luxury glamping holiday at TUTC’s Chamba Camp, Thiksey!

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The unique double-humped Bactrian camels await in the cold Nubra desert

Witness the unique double-humped Bactrian camels that can only be found in the cold deserts of the Nubra Valley at Ladakh.

Glamping In Ladakh – The Ultimate Steal Deal

TUTC Glamping Ladakh Chamba Camp

Start your day with a beautiful morning view of the Thiksey Monastery and be soothed by the sounds of prayers bells and chants of monks filling the early morning silence.

This is your chance to discover some of the most unique Ladakhi experiences at The Ultimate Travelling Camp’s lavishly laid out Chamba Camp, and then move on to uncover the many secrets of Leh. Book a three-night glamping in Ladakh holiday at The Chamba Camp, Thiksey, and we’ll extend your luxury holiday with a four-night FREE hotel stay (with buffet breakfast) and sightseeing at Leh!

Spice It Up With Something Extra!

If you choose to dine outdoors, this is what you get. And if you want something else, believe as we say this, TUTC will go out of its ways to get that done for you!

If you choose to dine outdoors, this is what you get. And if you want something else, believe me as I say this, TUTC will go out of its way to get it done for you!

Your ultimate Glamping In Ladakh experience includes your flights (ex-Delhi), a complimentary camel safari across the pristine sand dunes of the Nubra Valley, professional photography services who captures the precious moments and picturesque views that you spot on your glamping holiday. Also, a personalised butler will be at your service to ensure you the perfect luxury camping experience in Ladakh. 

And that’s not all. See for yourself!

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Try An #UnHoliday With TUTC

Imagine the feels of holidaying in the pristine, high-altitude lands of Ladakh MINUS the agonising ways of holidaying in the mountains. This is just not the kind of Ladakhi trip where you camp in minuscule camps, shivering in rigidly low temperatures, eating primeval and bland food until you struggle to fall asleep in an unaccommodating sleeping bag.

NO. This is not our idea of an ideal luxury holiday. We want you to experience the pleasures of  luxury amid nature, fused with an endless series of fun – all whisked together to create the perfect brew for an Ultimate Luxury Holiday in the highlands of Ladakh.


This would be where you unwind after a long day during your Ladakhi glamping holiday!

TUTC presents an impressive, super-luxurious holiday camp like The Chamba Camp, Thiksey in Ladakh that not only heeds to your every need. It exceed expectations in terms of luxuries that keep you indulged, entertained and well-stayed at Ladakh, only when you #UnHoliday with TUTC.

Glamp with TUTC now!

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Chase Infinite Adventures In Ladakh

Your glamping getaway also opens the doors to royal sports amid the mountains. Applaud the adrenaline-packed game of horse polo at 11,000ft or hit the bulls eye with an archery session.

TUTC Glamping Ladakh Chamba Camp

The sheer bliss of playing the game of Ladakh’s royals, Horse Polo, is as unique an experience as you can get.

Go rafting down the Indus River, have picnics in the most idyllic spots, binge on sumptuous local delicacies as well as international cuisines. You journey through Chang la – the third-highest motorable road in the world, and further get bewitched by Pangong Tso, a high-altitude lake that Nepal and India shares with pride. And if you’re in the mood for some more, hop onto a bicycle to explore the nearby villages of Ladakh.

TUTC Glamping Ladakh Chamba Camp

Relish a grand performance by the locals of Ladakh to better understand the Ladakhi culture and legends

Do you wish to visit Ladakh’s secluded Buddhist monasteries, go bird-watching on the banks of River Indus, marvel at the finest examples of Ladakhi architecture or go hike, trek, trail and raft in the diverse terrains of Ladakh.

Do everything and then some more, as you glamp with TUTC’s finest luxury camping getaway!

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Glamping At The Chamba Camp, Thiksey

Wake up to melodious calls of prayer from the Thiksey Monastery, which is what you see while you savour your first meal of the day. Fill your glamping days with majestic mountain views, gorge on world-class meals, and take home warm memories of Ladakh’s intriguing culture. Indulge in utmost luxury at The Ultimate Travelling Camp in Thiksey, complete with plush tents, handpicked excursions, private butler services and impeccable culinary offerings.

2 acres of TUTC's campsite land is demarcated to an Organic Garden. Fresh and healthy produce from here is then cooked by award-winning chefs to treat your taste buds.

Over 2 acres of TUTC’s campsite land is demarcated to an Organic Garden

TUTC Glamping Ladakh Chamba Camp

Fresh and healthy produce from the organic garden is then cooked by award-winning chefs to treat your taste buds.

Come, celebrate freedom, curiosity and absolute bliss as you venture down a path of new possibilities at Ladakh. When you #UnHoliday at Ladakh you get nothing less than the best, unlike any holiday you’ve ever been on before. With a perfectly balanced blend of luxury and culture, nature and adventure, excursions and experiences; the Chamba Camp at Thiksey, has it all!

Explore the Land Of Mystic Lamas, where every turn reveals untold stories and new shades of nature. Go glamping at Ladakh and  book your #UnHoliday with TUTC at The Chamba Camp, Thiksey and explore the magic of Ladakh on this uniquely handcrafted holiday NOW!

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