Royal forts, opulent havelis and larger than life architecture, all of this is synonymous to Rajasthan. As you explore the land of maharajas and delve deep in their lifestyle, you will be taken back to the opulent days of the royal era. While Rajasthan is known for its magnificent architecture and vibrant culture, they also spoil their guests with their royal hospitality. Being one of the best places for girls trip, Getaway Goddess is taking them to Rajasthan this winter. Read on to know the top things to do in Jaipur.

Here Are Top Things To Do In Jaipur For Women Travellers

1. Amer Fort

things to do in Jaipur for women travellers

Witness the time-honoured Amer Fort on your visit to Jaipur

Situated in Amber, the former capital of Rajasthan, Amer Fort makes for one of the most famous forts in Rajasthan. Don’t be let down by the exteriors of this fort, it truly has stood against all the tests of time and invasions. Influenced by both the Rajput and Mughal architecture, the magnificent fort boasts of an extensive complex built from pale yellow and pink sandstone contrasting with white marble. Bearing the stamp of the opulent days from the bygone era, Amer Fort is divided into 4 main sections with each of it having its individual courtyard. The significant buildings that Amer Fort houses include the ‘Diwan-i-Aam’, the ‘Sheesh Mahal’ and the ‘Sukh Mahal’, along with pavilions and halls of great interest. The Amer Fort history and architecture will leave you in awe of the lifestyle and grandeur the royals lead in the 16th century.

2. Jaipur City Palace

these are things to do in Jaipur for women travellers

Did you know the City Palace continues to house the former royal family

Located in the heart of the city, the Jaipur palace continues to house the former royal family and parts of the complex are open to the public. Divided in opulent sections like Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, Diwan-I-Khas, Diwan-I-Aam and Maharani Palace, the city palace still narrates the tales of Jaipur’s glorious past. Ideal for history buffs and photographers, Jaipur City Palace truly gives insight on the lifestyle and royal charm of Rajput rulers. Do check out the stunning crystal chandelier that beautifully complements the intricate ceiling made from semiprecious stones in Diwan-I-Aam; and pay special attention to the massive silver urns that Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II got made to carry drinking water from the river Ganga, on his trip to England in 1901. Kings and their whims, sigh!

Travel Tip For Jaipur

-Put on your most flamboyant dress to click pictures at the ornate doors of this gorgeous City Palace.
-The best time to visit the city palace is between October – March, since it’s relatively cooler.

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3. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal must top your things to do in Jaipur

Hawa Mahal – Jaipur’s star attraction

Built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, the Hawa Mahal boasts of over 950 jharokhas (sit-outs) that originally intended to be the window to the world outside for women of the royal family. Connected to the Zanana Mahal (the women’s section in City Palace), women would use the jharokhas to get a glimpse of the royal processions, festivities and the buzzing market. This five-storey building is has no stairs but the floors are connected by inclined passageway. For great views of the city, head to the top-most balcony.

Our trip covers these top 3 attractions of Jaipur

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4. Shopping In Bapu Bazaar

Things to do in Jaipur: Be sure to pick-up tie and die (bandhani) dupatta or a saree

Be sure to pick-up tie and die (bandhani) dupatta or a saree from Jaipur

Beside the plethora of havelis and forts, Jaipur also is the ultimate shopping paradise, making it the perfect solo female travel destination in India. With the variety of items this bazaar offers, no shopping list will ever seem long enough while you’re exploring it. From silver jewellery, leheriya saris/dupattas, handmade footwear to blue pottery, bags, cushions and bedspreads, the Bapu Bazaar has it all. Women travellers in Jaipur usually pick up lehriya dupattas, tie and die clothing, and oxidised jewellery; shopping in Jaipur is a lot of fun for women.

Travel Tip: Put your bargain skills to use at the Bapu Bazaar in Jaipur and pack light to get the beautiful bandhani apparels back home

Where To Eat In Jaipur?

5. Chokhi Dhani

Things to do in Jaipur- Not only can you indulge in authentic Rajasthani food but folk performance at Chokhi Dhani

Not only can you indulge in authentic Rajasthani food but folk performance at Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is synonymous with the Royal hospitality of Rajasthan and is one of the best restaurants in Jaipur. It is this one place where the vibe of village fair is created every evening, putting on display the rich cultural heritage of the glorious state. The village-themed set up serves authentic Rajasthani meal and puts up vibrant puppet shows, folk performances and stalls that sell memorabilia that promise to keep you busy. The traditional huts and designs are a gateway into the times when the grandeur was unpretentious, making Chokhi Dhani for an experience by itself. The rich warmth and rustic charm of Chokhi Dhani is its biggest draw and we at Getaway Goddess can’t wait to uncover it all in Jaipur.

6. Dinner By A 16th Century Stepwell

Things to do in Jaipur : Enjoy the ethereal experience of having dinner by a candle-lit stepwell

Enjoy the ethereal experience of having dinner by a candle-lit stepwell

While the majestic forts and opulent havelis still prevail the royalty of the bygone era, another significant aspect of Rajasthan’s rich architectural lineage is its unique stepwells. Though stepwells were created to overcome the shortage of water in this desert state, most of the stepwells reflect the Rajput rulers’ love for larger-than-life architecture. Dining at a candle-lit 16th century stepwell, amidst the grand heritage and intriguing history is the most offbeat thing to do in Rajasthan. So, in your leisure time lap the chance to cover this unique experience at Narlai village in the Pali district of Rajasthan.

As we all know, Rajasthan is all about food, forts and havelis, so is this trip with Getaway Goddess. The city’s fairy-tale grandeur and majestic past draws visitors from not only across the country but around the globe. With so many things to do in Jaipur, one is most likely to extend their holiday. So ladies, grab your flamboyant outfits and your favourite girls to explore this capital city of Rajasthan.

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Just bought a GoPro? Here’s how to get the most out of it!

Set up your GoPro right, and you can get some wonderful shots of all your adventures

Set up your GoPro right, and you can get some wonderful shots of all your adventures

GoPro cameras have changed the face of adventure photography. Designed to capture images and videos during adventure action, they have the added advantage of being remote control-enabled, compact, lightweight, waterproof and app-compatible. Is it any wonder that GoPro cameras are among the highest-selling ones today? If you are the proud owner of a GoPro camera, here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your recent purchase.

1. Frame It Right

The most popular feature of a GoPro is the wide-angle lens, which gives an almost fisheye view of your surroundings. While this can be excellent for bigger subjects (like a structure or a landscape) or for action shots, it can be tricky when taking a regular shot or a selfie. Adjust the field-of-view (FOV) to medium for capturing people, wildlife, or other such shots so that it does not get stretched in the final result. Used right, it can produce interesting results, like our celebrity donkey here.

Our celebrity donkey, shot at close range on a GoPro

Our celebrity donkey, shot at close range on a GoPro

In addition, pay attention to the resolution whenever you want to shoot a video. Higher resolutions do give crisp images, but it also means bigger files and faster battery drainage. So factor in the free space in your laptop or memory drive and availability of spare batteries while setting the resolution on your GoPro.

2. Pay Attention To Exposure

Many GoPro users find that it is best to take shots when the sun is behind you. This is because sunrays often make part of the image unclear, so keep this in mind when using your new camera outdoors on a bright, sunny day.

Check that the exposure is right, when the sun is at its brightest

Check that the exposure is right, when the sun is at its brightest

3. Explore Time Lapse

The Time Lapse mode on your GoPro device is the best way to capture some amazing action-packed moments.Set the camera to click a shot every half second to get the most wonderful images from your latest adventure activity.

Capture your adventures in time lapse with a GoPro

Capture your adventures in time lapse with a GoPro

You can also use sticky mounts to attach the camera on your helmet, kayak paddle, or your bicycle handle to click the best moments when you are at the peak of action. If you plan to use this mode, make sure you have a memory card of higher capacity.

4. Keep The Lens Fog-Free

The ability to shoot water adventures (with the camera housing) is one of the biggest draws of the GoPro camera. However, shooting in such conditions, or when you travel to places with a humid climate, means that the lens can get foggy and ruin all your thrilling videos.

GoPro is excellent for capturing shots during water sports

GoPro is excellent for capturing shots during water sports

Wipe the housing (case) to clean water droplets that may have entered. You can also use a water repellent on the camera housing before taking it on your water adventures. Another good idea is to get anti-fog inserts to prevent chances of affecting picture quality.

5. Buy The Right Accessories

GoPro cameras do not exactly come cheap, so it’s best to invest in accessories that will keep your device safe in addition to helping you get the perfect shot each time. The following are a few such accessories that you should consider buying.

The GoPro is great for capturing moments that would otherwise be difficult to document

The GoPro is great for capturing moments that would otherwise be difficult to document. Of course, with all the right accessories.

a. Safety Leash

It may be a bit risky to depend on just your grip when you are scaling a rock mountain or bungee-jumping off a bridge along with your GoPro camera. Choose a good safety leash to capture your best shots without compromising on the device’s safety or your action. A sturdy, thin 3mm accessory cord works great if you want additional length on the leash.

b. Mounts

As any GoPro user will tell you, you have to invest in the right mounts, depending on your requirements from the camera. Mounts are particularly relevant for adventure travellers who prefer going solo. While a RAM mounting system is perfect for minimalist travellers who prefer multi-functional accessories, the GoPro pole or similar selfie sticks are a must for those who cannot do without clicking selfies. When deep in the middle of a new adventure sport, accessories like a head strap and wrist strap for your GoPro camera are excellent for hands-free photos.

Pick accessories according to your intended camera usage

Pick accessories according to your intended camera usage

c. GoPro Smart Remote

A GoPro camera can be controlled via a remote, a smartphone, or voice commands (a feature available only in certain models). While travelling, draining your smartphone battery may not be a good idea, so consider investing in a GoPro remote—a small, easy-to-use accessory that you can attach to usually hard-to-reach places, and control from a distance to get the best shots.

d. Charger

Although this is kind of an obvious choice, carrying additional batteries (three is good) and a charger is a must when on adventure travel trips with a GoPro camera. Opt for a lightweight, compact one so it can even fit in your pocket when required.

6. Do Not Forget To Edit

While you can upload GoPro photos directly, it is best to edit them and enhance each image. Instagram and Snapseed are popular editing apps. This becomes more important if you are not using the GoPro app and can only see your clicks when you use your laptop.

GoPro edits

Edit your GoPro shots and videos for enhanced output

If you have just purchased a GoPro device and are gearing up for another adventurous vacation, spend some time learning the ins and outs of your GoPro camera, the accessories required, and so on before you start the journey. This will not only help you use it without any hassle, but also save precious time when you need to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments perfectly.



Have a road trip or a long-haul flight coming up? Here’s something to make your trip comfy and pain-free! By Aishwarya Menon

We all love to travel, to explore the world and experience different cultures. What we certainly don’t love are the unending flights, uncooperative passengers and uncomfortable seating. While we can’t help with all of the above, we can certainly help you get to your destination in great shape. Here are 5 yoga asanas to relieve stress, soothe aching limbs, and open up your flexes on the go. And the best part? You don’t need much space to do these in!

Bhujang Asana

To start your day on a positive note

To start your day on a positive note

How To Do The Bhujang Asana

Lie face down on the floor. Place your palms on the floor, on either side of you, slightly lower than your shoulders. Lift your upper body off the floor by pushing your palms against the floor. Get into a cobra pose by using your back and abdominal muscles. Keep your thighs firmly on the ground as you arch your back upwards. Maintain the pose for a full 10 seconds.

Start your day on a fresh note, salute the sun and feel rejuvenated the entire day.

Strengthens: Vertebral column
Pose Type: Prone
Also Known As: Cobra Pose


To relax after long drives

To relax after long drives

How To Do The Tadasana

This simple asana sets the base for all other yoga poses. Stand straight, placing both your legs slightly apart. Your hands should hang freely alongside your body. Raise your arms and stretch upwards, from feet to your head. Exhale and release. Repeat.

To relax yourself after a long flight or a car ride, Tadasana is the perfect yoga pose to wake up your muscles, limbs and joints.

Strengthens: Knee, Thigh, Ankle
Pose Type: Standing
Also Known As: Mountain Pose


After a long, tiring flight or drive

After a long, tiring flight or drive

How To Do The Garudasana

Begin by standing in the Tadasana. Move your left leg up and cross it over the right one. Try to hook your left foot behind the right calf. Bend a bit, if you must. Now bring your arms forward and bend them at the elbows. Cross the right arm over the left one and bring the palms together. Stretch your arms upwards.

Got off a long flight, or a road trip and have a stiff neck, back and limbs? A quick Garudasana will come to your rescue!

Strengthens: Ankle, Calf
Pose Type: Balance, Hip opener, Standing
Also Known As: Eagle Pose


To ease your muscles and freshen your mind

To ease your muscles and freshen your mind

How To Do The Utkatasana

In a need of some serious stretching on a road trip? Stand with your feet slightly apart, stretch your arms to the front and over your head. Bend your knees and lower yourself slightly as if you are sitting on a chair. Be comfortable.

Missing your intense gym workout but on a vacation? Compensate with this advance asana!

Strengthens: Vertebral column, Thigh, Ankle, Calf
Pose Type: Standing, Core
Also Known As: Chair pose


To rejuvenate body, mind and spirit

To rejuvenate body, mind and spirit

How To Do The Shavasana

Shavasana is perhaps one of the easiest, yet most important asanas in yoga. Lie flat on your back (make sure not to use a cushion) with your legs slightly apart. Leave your palms open, facing upward. Close your eyes, breathe deep. Relax your entire body.

Wind up your yoga session with Shavasana to develop a deep, meditative state of rest to your body.

Strengthens: Relaxes body and mind
Pose Type: Restorative
Also Known As: Corpse pose