Talking Underwater: 5 Basic Scuba Diving Hand Signals

Talking Underwater: 5 Basic Scuba Diving Hand Signals


When you go scuba diving, you enter a whole new world; one where you have to learn a whole new way to talk, walk and even breathe! Here are 5 basic hand signals every scuba diver needs to know! Have fun!

Let's dive into happiness!

Let’s dive into happiness!

Want to communicate like a fish in water? Learn these 5 basic hand signals and you can sign like a boss!

1. All Okay!


Everything is fine and smooth!

The first sign divers learn is the one for ‘okay’. This signals to your partner that you’re okay. It can also be used as a question.

Just don’t confuse the ‘thumbs-up’ sign for ‘okay’. The thumbs up means ‘to go up’, which is kinda the end of your dive.

2. The ‘Not-Okay’ Sign


Umm, there’s a problem. Something’s wrong.

Trouble in paradise? Flatten your hand with the fingers pointing away from you, then wiggle it side-to-side. Your partner will get that something’s wrong and you’re ‘Not Okay’. Then point to the source of the difficulty, using your index finger.

3. The ‘Up’ or ‘End The Dive’ Sign


That’s it! I’m done; let’s go up!

Again, the thumbs-up sign in scuba diving doesn’t mean ‘okay’, it means ‘up’ or ‘end the dive’.

One of the Golden Rules of Scuba Diving states that a diver can end the dive at any moment for whatever reason. This is to make sure of a diver’s comfort level below water.

4. The “Down” Hand Sign

Ready to descend? You bet!

Ready to descend? You bet!

The thumbs-down sign means that you’re ready to begin the descent! Don’t confuse it with the ‘not-okay’ sign.

5. The ‘Out of air’ sign


Air! air! air!

When you’re struggling to breathe because you’ve run out of air, use this signal. Flatten your hand with the fingers close together, then point your fingers to your throat and motion back and forth (you know, like you’d do if you were cutting it).

Repeat the signal to indicate urgency.

And that’s it folks! We’ve just taught you a whole new language!

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