The Ever – Enchanting Bhutan Festivals And Cultures


Travel Bhutan, and lose yourself in the rich culture and picturesque settings! Witness the mesmerising landscapes, snow-clad mountains and experience the happy culture through Bhutan festivals and age-old customs.

Nestled between the Himalayas, and known as the Kingdom of Happiness, Bhutan attracts tourists with its picturesque setting, enchanting monasteries and intriguing culture. It is the only country in the world to follow the policy of Gross Domestic Happiness, which measures its development in terms of happiness rather than money. Though Bhutan has several monasteries, gorgeous countryside and opportunities for trekking and hiking, the real joy of travelling Bhutan lies in getting to know the locals, listening to their tales and discovering their culture.

Bhutan travel-Bhutan festival- picturesque monastery of Bhutan

One of the many picturesque monasteries in Bhutan

At first glance, Bhutan’s culture seems like that of Tibet, as they both follow Buddhism. However, Bhutan’s culture has its own grace and simplicity. It strikes a perfect balance between modern technology and age-old customs and traditions. And the best way to get to know its culture is through Bhutan festivals. Here are two festivals in Bhutan which should not be missed!

Tshechu, The Traditional Bhutan Festival Of Masks

Bhutan travel-Bhutan festival-The traditional mask dance performed by the locals

The traditional mask dance performed by the locals

One of the most important festivals in Bhutan, it is celebrated on the tenth day of a month of the lunar calendar corresponding to the birthday of Guru Rimpoche (Guru Padmasambhava). However, the month of the festival varies according to the place and monastery. Tshechu is an event where various communities come together and witness the religious mask dance, receive blessings and socialize. In addition to this, there are a lot of traditional dances and entertainment. It is said, everyone must attend a Tshechu and witness the mask dances at least once to in order to receive blessings and wash away their sins. This colourful Bhutan festival manages to attract not only the locals but also tourists from the entire world. Paro and Thimphu Tshechus are the most popular ones in the country.

Losar, The Bhutan Festival For Celebrating The New Year

Bhutan travel-Bhutan festival-Monks celebrating Tshechu

New Year celebration

Losar is the Tibetan New Year, it’s a fifteen day festival, out of which the first three days are important. This festival mixes secular and sacred practices – prayers, ceremonies, hanging prayer flags, sacred and folk dancing, partying. Losar holds great significance in the entire nation. Preparations start from a month in advance and eight auspicious symbols and signs are drawn on walls of households. On the last day, monasteries and households are decorated. The first three days are called Lama Losar, Gyalpo Losar and Choe-Kyong Losar.

Bhutan travel-Bhutan festival-A monastery decorated by prayer flags

A monastery decorated by prayer flags

Apart from these, a variety of Bhutan festivals are celebrate. Some of them are Kurjey Festival, Black Necked Crane Festival, Nimalung Bhutan Festival, Chorten Kora Festival , Nomad Festival, Wangdue Phodrang Festival, Gomphu Kora Festival, Punakha Festival, Trashigang Bhutan Festival , Pema Gatshel Festival, Jampa Lhakhang festival, Mongar Festival, Lhuentse Festival, Takin Festival, Trongsa Festival, and Ura yakchoe. So, travel Bhutan and be part of one of the world’s least disturbed cultures in the world.


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