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Perfectly suited for reptiles, the lush, dense forests of India are an ideal habitat for giant snakes and their abundant prey. Among the more than 270 species of snakes found around the country, there are about 60 that are highly venomous. As India celebrates the festival of Nag Panchami, we give you a quick peek into the most interesting facts about the exciting world of dangerous snakes. 

From Indian cobra, krait, russell’s viper and saw-scaled viper, let's sneak a peek into India's most majestic of snakes

Indian cobra, krait, Russell’s viper, saw-scaled viper and more, take a look!

#1. Cobra

Found in the Western Ghats & the wet regions of West Bengal, the Cobra is one of the most venomous snakes

Found in the Western Ghats & West Bengal’s wet regions, the cobra is one of the most venomous snakes.

#2. Python

Found in the Central, Western and Southeastern regions of India, Pythons are sly and dangerous. Mostly found underwater.

Sly & dangerous, pythons are found in central, western and southeastern regions of India, especially underwater

3. Russel’s Viper

Found in the Coromandel Coast, the Russels Viper is one of the 'Big Four' and deadliest snakes in India

One of the deadliest snakes in India, the Russel’s Viper is a common sight along the Coromandel Coast

4. Saw-Scaled Viper

Found throughout the mainland regions of the Indian Subcontinent, the saw-scaled viper is known for its aggression

The easily missable, but very aggressive saw-scaled viper can be found all across the Indian Subcontinent

5. Krait

Found in the jungles of South India, as well as in the North East, the Krait is known to have caused the maximum number of snakebites in India

Found in the northeast and in South India’s jungles, the krait is the cause of most snakebites in India

6. Brahminy Worm Snake

Don't get fooled by its tiny size, the brahminy worm snake are found across the country, up to areas at an elevation of 1515 metres and can slither its way around anywhere

Don’t be fooled by its size, the Brahminy worm snake slithers across India, and can even be found at a height of 1,515m

6. Common Sand Boa

The common sand boa are found found mostly in agricultural lands of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, North India and the Western Ghats and are also considered as a delicacy in some parts of India

Found in the agricultural lands of North India and the Western Ghats,  the common sand boa is a delicacy for some folks in India.

7. Green Keelback

Found in whole of peninsular India, the Green Keelback is very similar to the mighty cobra

Found all across the Indian peninsula, the green keelback is very similar to the mighty cobra

8. Rat Snake

Most commonlyfound in forests, scrub lands, semi-desert, grasslands, mangroves and wetlands, and is common in urban areas, Rat Snakes are what accompany our snake-charmers

Rat snakes are commonly found in forests, scrub lands, semi-deserts, grasslands, mangroves and wetlands

9. Black-Headed Royal Snake

Found in the deserts and semi deserts of Northern-western, the black headed royal snake is an elegant sight to look at

An elegant sight, the black-headed royal snake is found in the deserts and semi deserts north-west India

10. Ornate Flying Snake

Found in the Western Ghats, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal, the ornate snake is beautiful, yet scary

Found in the Western Ghats, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal, the ornate flying snake is a beautiful, yet scary sight

11. Dog-Faced Water Snake

The dog-faceed water snake is found in the mangroves and mudflats, across the mainland coast as well as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The dog-faceed water snake is found in mangroves and mudflats all across the coast, and also in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

12. Vine Snake

Found all over India including the north-east states, it's mostly harmless

Found all over India, including in the northeastern states, the vine snake is mostly harmless

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