Top 5 Romantic Things To Do In Quebec City, Canada


Since I am originally from Quebec City, it is easy for me to say that it is an outstanding destination for tourists who are fond of the French language, architectural beauty, sports events, history, culture, fine dining, and the list goes on. I have no trouble admitting it: my love for Quebec City is unconditional. I treasure this city so much as there are lot of things to do in Quebec city, Canada. But if there is one thing I am absolutely sure about, it is that Quebec City is a perfect destination for lovebirds: any couple looking for a romantic place should seriously consider going to Quebec City, at least for a full weekend!

Visit the Quebec city when in Canada

Visit the Quebec city when in Canada

5 Romantic & Relaxing Things To Do In Quebec City, Canada

The good thing about Quebec City is that it is not only visually beautiful; there are lots of things to do in Quebec city, no matter the season during which you are travelling.

#1 In The Mood For Ski?

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Enjoy best ski slopes at Quebec city, Canada

Quebec City is strategically located close to many mountains; the ski season lasts quite long in Quebec City and the snow conditions are generally quite good and steady, even when Mother Nature is in a bad mood since ski centers are equipped with efficient snow making machines that compensate for the weather’s unexpectedness.

#2 How About An Ultimate Retreat?

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Bid goodbye to persistent headaches with a professionally-done spa treatment

Among all Quebec city attractions, this place also offers many possibilities for couples speaking spa, massage and relaxation packages while they are in town. Some spa stations even become “Nordic spas” in the winter, allowing people to live a unique experience of hot-cold contrasts by alternating between warming up their body in spas, hammams or saunas and cooling it down in a natural stream or freezing waterfall. I have done that twice myself, and I can tell you that each time I left the spa, I felt more peaceful than if I had just waken up after 12 hours of sleep.

#3 Museums, Art, Food! Sounds Incredible, Eh?

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Indulge, indulge and indulge!

Quebec City is also home to various interesting museums and art galleries.Moreover, Quebec City is an undisputable hub of gastronomy; lovely restaurants and famous chefs abound. Although winter sports in enchanting settings, spas, museums and chic dining places are among the essential ingredients for a memorable sweet, romantic escape, what all of the couples who decide to make it to Quebec City will probably remember the most at the end of their trip probably is the architectural and scenic beauties they will have discovered by wandering in Old Quebec’s picturesque streets.

#4 Enjoy Luxurious Stay & Stunning View

things to do in quebec city attractions

Enjoy high-quality accommodations that offer fabulous scenic view

Staying at one of the many top hotels in Quebec City will also certainly make visiting couples feel lovey-dovey. The majestic Château Frontenac, which is emblematic of Old Quebec, is a five-star hotel that offers an incredible outlook on the St. Lawrence River on the east side. The Auberge Saint-Antoine also is another undisputable top hotel in Quebec City: located in the Old Port area, this 4-star hotel was rated among the 10 best hotels in Canada and among the best 100 hotels in the world. Its restaurant – Le Panache – also appears on the list of the very good culinary institutions in the city.

Many other hotels are worthy of our attention, such as the Le Concorde and its rotating restaurant. However, one blog post is insufficient to list all of the high-quality accommodations where a couple should consider staying. Similarly, all of Quebec City’s wonders for lovers can unfortunately not all fit in here. Despite this lack of space, I hope that these bits of information will have sparked your interest and will motivate you to make your own research about Quebec City attractions and see for yourself that this place is, indeed, a real nest of love.

#5 Discover The French Legacy Of Quebec City, Canada

things to do in quebec city attractions-hotels

Marvel at the old French-style buildings and coil of paved streets

The fact that French is described by many as the most romantic language in the world certainly gives Quebec City an edge over other cities that have a real potential to inspire love. Reading Purée de pommes de terre instead of ‘Mashed potatoes’ on a restaurant’s menu already makes the food taste better, doesn’t it? More seriously, however, the legacy of the French colonization era in Quebec City goes far beyond the language itself.

Indeed, Quebec City is North America’s only city that has kept its original fortifications. So when we enter the walled portion of the city, it is almost inevitable that a strong feeling of going back centuries ago instantly invades us. The incredibly well preserved old French-style buildings, the paved streets and the many horse carriages transporting people somehow make you feel like you are in a small Paris, without the dogs’ unpleasant sidewalk gifts. No wonder that the arrest scene in the movie Catch Me If You Can was shot at the Place Royale in Old Quebec!

Explore all these and more when you visit Quebec city. These are just the best 5 things to do in Quebec city, I am sure you will find much more.

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