Video: Feel Ladakh’s Majestic Vibe


‘The land of high passes’, Ladakh, takes your mood to unbelievable heights through bright prayer flags, great Himalayan ranges, Stupas, Gurudwara and exotic wildlife.

Sunny gardens, snowy cliffs, shimmering sunlight through the mist, Ladakh’s majestic vibes are more alluring than its Magnetic Hill. The iconic sight of Pangong Lake displaying vivid colours can’t be missed. The panoramic city view  from the Royal Leh Palace will take your breath away. And the sight of fluffy and exotic two humped Bactrian camels in Nubra Valley will make you feel delighted. Come, let the subtle and serene beauty of Ladakh make you experience one of God’s best artworks!

Here’s a glimpse of Ladakh’s natural treasure!

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