Video: Story Behind The Puppets Of Rajasthan


The Land of the Kings, Rajasthan reminds us of the fantasy palaces, extravagant forts, mirror studded saris, swaggering moustaches and lots more, but is there more to this magical place?

The vivid colours of Rajasthan expose the rich exotic culture and the dazzling hues of splendid festivals. One of the major aspects of the ‘Rajasthani’ culture is the art of puppetry. Finely carved wooden dummy dolls attached with strings are welcomed on a miniature stage with hoots and whistles. The vibrant colours, the wonderful dances, the beautiful folk songs and captivating stories, the puppets of Rajasthan have it all.

Let’s take a look at some of the stories of these colourful puppets of Rajasthan-

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