Video – Visit Dubai For Its Gorgeous Theme Parks, Aquariums And More


With awe-inspiring architecture, luxurious and gorgeous hotels, unbelievably enormous malls and sumptuous delicacies, Dubai scores high points in the entertainment avenue!

Known for its relentless spirit and ambition, Dubai is soaring the sky with Burj Khalifa, which is thrice the height of Eifel Tower. It’ s remarkably craving society has created artificial Palm Islands, and Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. It has a colossal aquarium with vibrant marine beasts, including sharks and rays. Furthermore, its Bollywood theme park boasts of the 70s hit film, Sholay, along with the other bollywood blockbusters, packed with 3D and 4D motion rides.

How can one not admire Dubai for its ability to dream and create the unimaginable? Take a look at this enchanting land –

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