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Rolling hills, dense forests, stunning rivers, large expanses of pine trees and pristine landscapes; not a scene out of a Bollywood movie, but just a trailer to a majestic island country called New Zealand. Tucked away in the Pacific Ocean, this beautiful nation is traveler’s delight and it is fair enough to say that you simply must visit New Zealand at least once in your life. Here are few things that you cannot afford to miss in New Zealand tours. Read on Alefiya Rashiq’s take on it!

 New Zealand tours- What To do in New Zealand

Time to enliven your dream vacation!

Witness Unspoiled, Picture Perfect Landscapes

 New Zealand tours- What To do in New Zealand- Lake Tekapo

See this gorgeous landscape for yourself at Lake Tekapo in South Island

A diverse land, New Zealand overwhelms you with the beautiful sceneries and untouched sites. Auckland is an attractive city with lots to see and do. The striking skyline with the Sky Tower, the Waitakere mountain ranges and the golden sanded beaches are pretty as a postcard. Capital city of Wellington is nestled between the hills and the harbor and has many scenic spots to offer. Queenstown, located alongside the Lake Wakatipu will surprise you with its varied breathtaking vistas. Besides that, a surplus of national parks, lakes and extinct volcano sites spread across the country help in creating many drool-worthy landscapes. Remember to soak in the pristine form of nature in New Zealand tours.

Experience This Adventure Capital Of The World

 New Zealand tours- What To do in New Zealand-adventures

How about a bungee jump from a cliff for thrills?

New Zealand is the place to be if you want to bring out the adventure junkie within you. It is the only place in the world where you can experience the most unique adventure sports. You can take a plunge in the unknown by bungee jumping, or scream your lungs out as you swing between grandiose valleys or plummet in the clear blue skies while skydiving. This isn’t it. Jet boating, canyoning, skiing, surfing, hiking, rafting, zip lining… an adrenaline rush maybe an understatement to describe the kind of thrills that can be experienced in New Zealand tours.

Immerse Yourself In The Mystical Maori Culture

 New Zealand tours- What To do in New Zealand-culture experience

The Maoris have a rich legacy that will amaze you

The Maoris are the indigenous people of New Zealand and their culture defines the country’s soul and spirit. The best thing is that New Zealand offers a lot of ways in which you can immerse yourself in the Maori way of living and understand its important aspects. You can spend a night in one of the Maori villages in Rotorua (a region in the north side) and visit the marae while you are at it. A marae is the courtyard of a Maori meeting house or a sacred place where you can meet the local people and get a glimpse of some of their traditions. You can also witness artifacts and learn the legacies of this tribal race at the Te Papa museum in Wellington.

Enjoy Intriguing Wildlife Encounters In New Zealand Tours

 New Zealand tours- What To do in New Zealand-wildlife

Fun fact: the population of animals in New Zealand is more than that of humans!

New Zealand is synonymous with its native bird, the ‘Kiwi’. Being an interesting bird, the flightless and fascinating Kiwi can certainly bring out the curious side of you. Once you’ve met the Kiwis, you can go whale spotting or swimming with the dolphins or simply adore the penguins making their way back to the shore. Marine life enthusiasts, this piece of heaven is made for you!
Fret not, this isn’t the end of your wildlife encounters. You can spend days touring the many wildlife sanctuaries to glimpse rare species of animals and plants that are only found here in New Zealand tours.

The Food And The Wine. Need We Say More?

 New Zealand tours- What To do in New Zealand - top-class restaurants, cafes and bars.

New Zealand is home to abundant top-class restaurants, cafes and bars.

The cuisine of New Zealand is what you get when you combine influences from some of the best cuisines of the world. Having its roots from the British, Mediterranean and Pacific cooking styles, the food you find here is a pure delight. Be it the green-lipped mussels, lamb shank, sausage sizzle, hokey pokey or the globally renowned, Pavlova, you are definitely set to be taken on a gastronomically pleasing tour. The wine and cheese too, are of top quality and form an essential part in ensuring you undergo a culinary nirvana in New Zealand tours!

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